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>>[email protected] (Matt Giwer) writes:
>>> It is good to see that you are interested in further advertising the
>>>complete lack of physical evidence for your imagined evils.
>> Who, apart from you, has made any claims about radiation burns to
>>people’s genitals in the context of the Holocaust?

Brack, actually.
> I have merely pointed out that it is one more example of the lack
>of physical evidence. What is your problem with that?

The letter from Brack is not physical? One cannot touch it? One
cannot see it? One cannot read it? One cannot perform forensic tests on
it? One cannot show it to Brack and ask him if it is genuine? You are a
very strange person. Also a very dishonest person. The letter itself is
physical evidence. Get over it, child.

You insinuated it was an NKVD forgery. The letter was written on
Brack’s personal stationery. But you know that. It bears a “Geheime
Reichsache” stamp on the first page (“Secret Reich matter,” equivalent to
“Top Secret”). But you know that. It bears Brack’s handwritten (not
typewritten) signature on the second page. But you know that.

The letter is referred to in a reply from Himmler. But you know
that. It is also referred to by the Blankenburg letter which calls the
work worthless. But you know that.

And of course we are left with the puzzling question of why Brack
himself accepted the letter as genuine at his trial. But you know that.
And the trial was conducted by the Americans, not the Soviets. But you
know that.

If this is not sufficient to authenticate the letter, even without a
victim, I don’t know what is. I don’t yet know if a male survived, but
there have been posts referring to female survivors of the sterilization

You _do_ know all of that. Don’t you?

If you do, you are lying. If you don’t, you are showing once again
you have no real interest in the truth by Or just making up the “NKVD
forgery” thing as you go?

I have told you what you need to do to get people to stop calling you
a lying troll. Admitting openly that you have told a wilful lie, as in [broken link 1]-openly-admitted
does not exactly help your cause.

The letter itself is physical evidence. Give it up, lying child.

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