Boycott Giwer Matt

In the long history of this newsgroup, persistent trolls have
been rare. Even the most insulting and prolific Holocaust
deniers and supremacists soon gave the practice up as a
waste of time.

Until Mr. Giwer came along.

Mr. Giwer is, as far as I can determine, a troller whose only
interest is in causing fights. While he can sound superficially
plausible, he has lied about what has been said in exchanges (while
accusing others of lying), refused to document claims, pretended not to
see posts which contain documented refutation of his claims (even when
they have been emailed to him), engaged in actual libel, and generally
conducted himself with such complete lack of intellectual and factual
integrity that there seems to be no point in taking the time to read and
respond. For detailed and documented evidence of this, please refer to

As anyone perusing the above URL will attest, Mr. Giwer’s sole
purpose in life appears to be the flooding of alt.revisionism
to the point where the newsgroup will become useless. In this, he may
even succeed.

I believe that no purpose can be served by exchanges with Mr.
Giwer, and have stopped responding to him. I would ask others
here to give serious thought to doing precisely the same
thing; perhaps, if everyone simply ignores Mr. Giwer’s
childish and wasteful tantrums, he will declare himself
“victorious” and leave the group.

Let it be soon.

Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Boycott Giwer?