Book quotes, Duke David

Chapter 23 of David Duke’s book, _My Awakening: A Path to Racial
Understanding_ (Covington, LA: Free Speech Press, 1998), is
entitled “A Holocaust Inquiry.” So far, I have only browsed
through it, but it simply repeats the same tired, old denier
arguments. He even discusses the human soap allegations, which
comes straight out of Mark Weber’s article.

Two gems from his concluding chapter, “What We Must Do Now”:

p. 670 –

“Every Aryan should become computer literate, become connected to
the Internet, and learn how to use it to spread our truth and
awaken our race. Internet proficiency is as important to our
cause as was learning to use a sword in the Middle Ages, or a
long rifle in the American Revolution.

Every Aryan must come to realize that truly hateful rhetoric or
terrorism only fulfills the false, Jewish-created, media image of
what we are and what we stand for. Those who embarrass us with
the language or behavior of hatred work against our victory more
than the worst Jewish supremacist.”

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Subject: David Duke’s book