Bob Columbus, Brumlik Stephanie

In loving memory of Stephanie Brumlik

(Originally published on GEnie, Category 15, Topic 4, Message 907,
Fri Mar 27, 1992, POOH.BAH, at 19:26 EST)

[The IHR’s Greg Raven said]

“virtually everything I had been told about the Holocaust
story … in the classroom, on the television, in books …
was in error. I can’t think of any other topic about which
that can be said.”

“How many other historical events have you investigated on your own?
Perhaps ‘virtually everything’ you have been told about other events is
“in error” but you are not aware of that.

“For instance, since this is 1992 and the 500th anniversary of Columbus’
first trip to the ‘New World’ maybe we should use that as an example.

“Most schools teach that Columbus was responsible for discovering that
the earth was round. Is this true? No. It was Aristotle who proved the
world is round, pointing out during an eclipse that the earth casts a
spherical shadow on the moon. Plato popularized the concept. By
Columbus’s day it was taken for granted. The person mainly responsible
for the myth was Washington Irving. (source: _Legends, Lies & Cherished
Myths of American History_).

“Or, how about the ‘fact’ that Columbus ‘discovered’ the New World? Most
of us acknowledge that this is wrong today but it is still taught in
many schools. Not even getting into the inherent problem of saying that
someone ‘discovered’ a populated area, there is historical and
archeological evidence that Lief Ericsson did indeed come to the New
World and even set up a colony. Yet, he is never credited with being the
first European to ‘discover’ the New World.

“These are just two examples from one event. There are many more for
this as well as every other historical event.

“How many other historical events have you researched and why have you
concentrated what seems to be the lion’s share of your attention on
this particular one – the Holocaust?”

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