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Anthony Sabatini wrote:

>Who the Hell are these guys?

I have only been posting here for three weeks, but already I have
seen enough to know who the Nizkorites are.
Let me begin with the distinction Plato draws between philosophy
and rhetoric. Rhetoric, Plato writes, is the art of inducing belief in
people. There is nothing elevated about this art – Plato compares it
to cookery. Truth makes no difference to the man adept at this art.
He can induce false belief in people as readily as he can induce true
belief in them; and he feels no qualms about deliberately inducing
false belief in people.
Philosophy, on the other hand, concerns itself with truth. It is
not an art that actively, intentionally persuades. In his writings
Plato has Socrates compare himself to a midwife: rather than putting
ideas in the minds of others, the philosopher helps others give birth
to ideas that are their own. Truth has its own power of persuasion.
By nature men are attracted to truth like moths are attracted to an
outdoor lamp in the darkness of evening. The philosopher does not
persuade: he gets to the truth, and it is the truth he has gotten to
that does the persuading.
The modern term for what Plato calls “rhetoric” is “propaganda.”
What we are dealing with in the Nizkorites are propagandists. These
individuals are in the business of instilling belief in people and they
are indifferent as to whether this belief is true or false. What they
want to make people believe, of course, is the Holocaust myth. They
want people to believe this because it works in the practical interest
of the political entity they represent when people hold this belief.
What is the purpose of the Holocaust myth? What is the practical
value that has caused there to be propagandists at work instilling this
belief in people?
The Holocaust myth is a weapon of psychological warfare. There is
not one but two groups of people that this weapon of psychological
warfare is aimed at and is doing violence to the psyches of here in
America: (a) American Whites, and (b) assimilated Jews.
Let me first speak of the purpose of the Holocaust myth regarding
the assimilated Jews. (To avoid any misunderstanding caused by my
distinction between American Whites and assimilated Jews, let me insert
the statement here that so far as I am concerned Jews are racially
White enough to count as White Americans.) Now then, from the time
Napoleon “interrogated” the Jews about their newly acquired
citizenship, and a Sanhedrin was summoned in Paris in 1807 that
responded to his questions by affirming that the Jews were no longer a
nation and that the Talmudic laws of daily life were no longer in
effect because of this, until the Zionist movement began, a span of
about a century, the trend of the European Jews was to assimilate – to
cease to be Jews and to become Europeans in terms of mind and spirit,
as well as group loyalty.
This movement among the Jews in which they were assimilating with
the peoples of the various European nations where they lived (including
America) was a threat to the Jews of the old type, whom I shall call
the “Talmudic Chosenites,” who continued to think of Jewry as a nation
despite the “promise” of the Sanhedrin of 1807 to Napoleon, and who
held fast to the 3,000 year old Jewish dream of world domination. As
time went on during this century-long duration the Talmudic Chosenites
progressively diminished in their numerical percentage of the totality
of European Jews, and in their influence over the group. Unless the
trend among the Jews toward assimilation were reversed the Talmudic
Chosenites faced extinction.
Correlative with the threat posed to the Talmudic Chosenites during
the century in which assimilation was the trend among the Jews came
forces that held anti-Semitism in check. Men who believed there were
elements among the Jews who sought to weaken the nations in which they
lived and take them over were swayed by the argument that this Jewish
problem was finding a natural solution in the Jews’ assimilation, which
hostility to Jews would impede; thus, they thought that though a very
serious Jewish problem existed it was counter-productive to make an
issue of it.
The Zionist movement, which began around the turn of the century,
was a counter-movement to the Jewish assimilation movement that was
secretly instigated and driven forward by Talmudic Chosenites of Poland
and Russia. It presented itself as being, and to most non-Jews seemed
to be, an innocent project on the part of European Jews who did not
wish to assimilate because they wanted to preserve their Jewish
cultural heritage in full, to form a separate nation, a regular nation
among nations set up on land that Jews would own. But the real purpose
was to engender Jewish nationalism in all the Jews of Europe and
America, and to produce a cohesive Jewish nation within every powerful
Western nation that would progressively take these nations over – and
correlatively, to restore to the Talmudic Chosenites their prestige
among and power over all the Western Jews.
The Zionist movement was successful. As time went on it rapidly
grew stronger and the Jewish assimilation movement rapidly grew weaker.
This development negated the forces that had previously held
anti-Semitism in check, and men who a few decades before would have
thought it counter-productive to make an issue of the Jewish problem
now did so – which added fuel to the fire, as it made assimilation more
difficult for Jews and Zionism more attractive.
By the time the Second World War was in its last stages the Jewish
assimilation movement was sufficiently weak that the Talmudic
Chosenites felt they could strike a deadly blow against it without fear
of rebellion by these Jews. And they struck it this blow: they
launched the Holocaust horror story.
And lo and behold, decades of its loud broadcast has driven most of
the horses back into the corral.
Before I comment on the purpose of the Holocaust myth regarding
White Americans I wish to point out that if the story of the
liquidation of the 43 million Russians whose only crime was that they
were considered incompatible with the social system of Communism were
being brodcast over the media in the same loud manner as the Holocaust
allegation, we would certainly hear cries of “foul” from Jewish
quarters. They would say it was unjust to link Marxist ideology with
genocide – which such a media campaign would accomplish. They would
complain that this media campaign amounted to censorship of Marxist
opinions since it made those who held such opinions fearful to express
them. They would even complain that this media campaign contained an
undercurrent of anti-Semitism and caused people to distrust and hate
Jews. If the media began treating the story of the 43 million killed
by the Communists in Russia in a manner similar to its treatment of the
Holocaust story we would assuredly hear complaints from Jewish
Now then, just as the decades of loud broadcast of the Holocaust
story has created fear on a subconscious level in assimilated Jews, so
has it created guilt on a subconscious level in American Whites. On a
deep subconscious level the idea has been implanted in them that there
is something very wrong with people of their race. This subconscious
guilt feeling makes them easy prey for whoever would seek to manipulate
them. Also, it greatly undermines their cohesion as a group, their
natural camaraderie, and their ability to function with a unity of
In conclusion, the Nizkorites are not really committed to the
preservation of the memory of the alleged victims of the Nazis, as they
claim. What they are committed to preserving is the effectiveness of a
particular, very efficacious weapon of psychological warfare. Whether
or not the Holocaust actually happened makes no difference to them.
Their only concern is whether people believe it.

Ken Blewitt

“They [my impulses] do not seem to me to be such [evil]; but if I am
the devil’s child, I will live then from the devil.”

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