Blankenburg to Himmler

Archive/File: medical.007
Last-Modified: 1994/06/22

Letter from Blankenburg to Reichsfuehrer-SS Himmler, 29 April 1944
[ToWC, Vol. I, 723]
By order of Reichsleiter Bouhler I submit to you as an enclosure a work
of Dr. Horst Schumann on the influence of X-rays on human genital glands.

Previously you have asked Oberfuehrer Brack to perform this work, and
you supported it by providing the adequate material in the concentration
camp Auschwitz. I point especially to the second part of this work,
which shows that by those means castration of males is almost impossible
or requires an effort which does not pay. As I have convinced myself,
operative castration requires not more than 6 to 7 minutes, and therefore
can be performed more reliably and quicker than castration by X-rays.

Soon I will be able to submit a continuation of this work to you.