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>Would you post ALL of Blaha’s testimony for us? Or, if you can’t do that,
>would you mind informing us of the volume and page numbers where one can
>research his testimony? Also, why was Blaha confined at Dachau? Simply
>because he makes accusations does not mean that we ought to believe him-we
>need physical proof as well.

How about these tidbits taken from an earlier post by Mark Van Alstine?

27th April, 1945.
No. 548


Will you please refer to my telegram No. 299, dated 24th
April, which relates to my visit to Buchenwald camp.

2. In company with eight members of the United States
Congress, I left London for Weimar on Sunday morning, the
22nd. April. The names of the Congressmen, and of the States
for which they sit, follow:
9. A lampshade was found – and this I saw – made from tattooed
human skin.
I have the honour to be,
Your obedient servant,
[s/ Georges Vanier]

[Just in case you believe in the “goatskin” claim:]

And also the following US Army pathologist’s report:
Seventh Medical Laboratory
APO 403, c/o PK, New York, N.Y.
Section of Pathology

25 May 1945

SUBJECT: Identification of Tattoed Skin Hides


1. There were submitted to this laboratory section for
examination three tanned pieces of skin by Lt. Col. GIVIN
from Buchenwald Camp with office record designation of
Case 81 T.J.A.

2. The description follows:
PIECE C: Is truncated, measures 44 cm. at the base. The
upper portion is 30 cm. long and the sides measure 46 cm.
The skin is transparent, and shows two nipples in the upper
area. These are 16 cm. apart. From the nipple level to the
umbilicus is 23 1/2 cm. ….

MICROSCOPIC: The tissue consists of bundles of collagen
showing occasional epithelial and sweat gland remnants.
Granular black pigment granules are seen between some
of the bundles.

3. Based on the findings in paragraph 2, all three specimens
are tattooed human skin.

For the Commanding Officer,

Major M.C.
Chief of Pathology
(Note: the document quoted above was supplied by Stephan Bruchfeld who
deserves the credit for a fine bit of research)

>As to Rascher’s alleged remarks to a
>British flier, this is hearsay and inadmissible.

OK, how about Rascher’s letter to the Reichsfu”hrer SS?

The following is a translation of a letter from the Bundesarchiv Koblenz.

This translation was taken from “Concentration Camp Dachau 1933-1945”
(ISBN 3-87490-528-4), p. 169; (Plate 356 with translation.)
Dr. Sigmund Rascher Munich
Trogertr. 56, August 9, 1942
Esteemed Reichsfuhrer!
As you know, the same installation as in Linz is to be built in Daschau.
As the “invalid transports” terminate in the special chambers anyway I
wondered if it would be possible to test the effects of our different
combat gases in these chambers using the persons who are destined for
these chambers anyway. The only reports which are available so far are of
experiments on animals or of accidents which occurred in the manufacture of
the gases. Because of this paragraph I am marking this letter “Secret”.

Mike Stein The above represents the Absolute Truth.
POB 10420 Therefore it cannot possibly be the official
Arlington, VA 22210 position of my employer.

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