Bimko, Bimko Ada

Harry writes:

[Dr. Ada Bimko, witness for the prosecution at the Kramer trial, speaking]
>”[a Sonderkommando member who supposedly had seen records indicating
>four million gassed] kept records also
>and he said that the number of Jews who were destroyed in this
>gas chamber would be about four million.”

Interesting that this is the supposed source of the four million figure,
instead of the Soviet War Crimes Commisson, who came to the same number
via rectified coefficients or some sort of mathematical extrapolation.

Her choice of words is also interesting — in “this gas chamber”?
Presumably what was said was “these gas chambers,” and Dr. Bimko probably
misunderstood. But then she may have misunderstood the context of the
“four million” number as well.

>Oddly enough, none of the Defense Counsel make any inquiries
>regarding this number in their cross-examination.

Well, obviously because the defense was in on the Zionist Conspiracy!

>My impression is that Dr. Bimko is repeating hearsay. I cannot believe
>that she actually saw, as the opening statement by the Prosecution said:
>”[…] that from records she has seen there were no less than 4,000,000
>people cremated in that camp.”

Of course she did not see it, because no such records existed.

It would be interesting to try to track down Dr. Ada Bimko — has she
testified at any other trials?

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