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David Duke moves to the traditional homeland of “White Nationalists”

April 15, 2003 | BIG SPRING, Texas (AP) — Former Ku Klux Klan leader
David Duke turned himself in to a federal prison Tuesday to begin serving a
15-month sentence for mail and tax fraud.

Duke, who was driven to the west Texas prison in a pink Jeep, did not appear
to acknowledge about eight admirers outside who waved signs that read “Duke
for President” and “Free David Duke.”


Duke pleaded guilty to falsely reporting a gross income of $18,831 in 1998,
rather than the actual $65,034, and to bilking supporters. The mail fraud
charge grew out of what prosecutors described as a scheme between 1993 and
1999 to swindle thousands of followers out of hundreds of thousands of
dollars through a direct mail campaign.


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Charles Don Hall, Licensed Philosopher
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