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This is part of a series refuting or analysing anti-Semitic quotes (or
alleged quotes) from the anti-Semitic document “1000 Quotes by and about
Jews”, available at the hate site and many others.

“Today the Gentile Christians who claim of holy right have been led in the
wrong path. We, of the Jewish Faith have tried for centuries to teach the
Gentiles a Christ never existed, and that the story of the Virgin and of
Christ is, and always has been, a fictitious lie. In the near future, when
the Jewish people take over the rule of the United States, legally under
our god, we will create a new education system, providing that our god is
the only one to follow, and proving that the Christ story is a
fake…Christianity will be abolished.” (M.A. Levy, Secretary of the World
League of Liberal Jews, in a speech in Los Angeles, California, August,

This is quote #192 from the anti-Semitic document “1000 Quotes by and about Jews”. It is
available in similar form from many sources, but not necessarily with the
same number.
David. S. Maddison ([email protected])

Here is an except from “The Facts”, B’nai B’rith, Vol III, No. 9,
September 1948:

xxx East 25th St., Los Angeles, California

[Street number for privacy of the current occupants -DSM]

Recent information has disclosed the identity of “Ray C. VAN SYNE,”*
anonymous Los Angeles anti-Semitic pamphleteer and self-styled editor of
the bigoted Van Syne’s Newsletter which has been mailed throughout the
country in recent months. He is Robert F. BERRY of Los Angeles, an
unemployed woodworker.

In addition to editing the Newsletter, it has also been ascertained that
Barry was the instigator of the sporadic one-man anti-Semitic campaigns
waged through the United States mails since 1945 under the names of
various fictitious organizations and individuals.

It was Berry who was the author of the “Synagogue Hoax” – a mimeographed
“pledge” mailed in August, 1945 by the non-existent “SYNAGOGUE COUNCIL OF
AMERICA.” ** This spurious document declared that the Jews of the United
States were pledging themselves to leave this country for Palestine before
June 30, 1948: It also contained “promises” that the Jews would henceforth
discontinue their supposedly sharp, disreputable, discriminatory

The handwriting on the envelopes of the Synagogue Council mailing proved
identical with that of the individual who flooded the mails that same year
with anti-Semitic literature emenating from the “INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE
outpourings were violently anti-Semitic. “The International Science
Committee” quoted the notorious Benjamin Franklin Forgery against the Jews
and a companion postcard sent out by “The Gentile League” made such
statements as:

*See The Facts: 1947 Survey
**See The Facts: July; 1946

“The kike-Jews are out to destroy our form of government and are well on
the way toward that goal.” Both mailings appeared during 1946 and were
postmarked Minneapolis, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and other

It is now known that Berry also masqueraded as “Morris A. LEVY” of the
non-existent “WORLD LEAGUE OF LIBERAL JEWS, “* which sent out numerous
mailings late in 1946. This fantastic campaign attempted to create the
impression that the “League’s” objective was Jewish world domination, and
contained such statements as:

“In the near future when the Jewish people take over the rule of the
United States … Christianity will be abolished … The Jewish people now
control the money system as well as the economic system yet the control
was not complete.”‘

This document, obviously the work of some irresponsible and warped
individual, was mailed to reputable organizations, including civic
groups, business bureaus, city councils and the press. They generally
recognized it for what it was. However, various sections of the hate-press
accepted “Morris A. Levy” and “The World League of Liberal Jews” at face
value, quoting them on various occasions. Thus the American Digest, of
November 20, 1946, carried a reproduction of a letter signed by “Morris A.
Levy.” This in turn was quoted in the November 15th issue of the Showers
of Blessing. Eugene FLITCRAFT’s bigoted Gentile News in November of that
same year also opened its pages to an anti-Semitic letter signed by the
same “Morris Levy.”

In addition to disguising himself as “Morris A, Levy,” Berry was also the
“Jane L. WEISMAN” of the ‘WORLD LEAGUE OF JEWISH GIRLS” which sent out
similar anti-Semitic mailings. He likewise was responsible for the
“promised” that the Jews would leave the United States for Palestine on or
before June 30, 1948.

*See The Facts: December, 1946

Apparently tiring of his previous pseudonyms the alias-loving pamphleteer
next turned up as “Ray C. VAN SYNE,” editor of The Science Newsletter.
This cheaply prepared newsletter appeared in 1947 and sporadically during
the current year.

One of the earlier issues or the Newsletter, “published for the welfare
mankind,” concerned itself exclusively with the problem of modern women.
Observing that, “as yet no women of the United States have asked to do
real fighting on the supposed field of honor during a war,” the editor
demanded that “Congress establish laws making women responsible for the
welfare and security of our nation equal to that of men,” and concluded
with the wevning that:

“Women must stop day-dreaming and start doing their share — if we are to
continue on as an honorable nation of freedom for all.”

In “Volume II, No. 16” of the Newsletter a pot-pourri of personal hatreds,
responsibility for World War II was placed at the door variously of the
oil interests, the Vatican, Protestant clergymen, international bankers
and financiers, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, “political crooks” and
sundry individuals and organizations which had somehow inspired the
“editor’s” ire. Most of the other ills of the world were attributed to
“the forcing of Christianity on children, peoples and nations that want no
part of this fraudulent religion.”

Copies of the Science Newsletter have been mailed out together with
various petitions and announcements which reflect Berry’s personal
antagonisms, One such mailing included a draft of a “House Bill” proposing
that a unified marriage-and divorce system be established along, with a
Federal National Marriage Bureau which would prohibit religious ceremonies
at weddings. The same mailing contained a violently anti-Catholic petition
addressed to the “Honorable Members of the United Nations Security Council
and all Member Nations.” This petition attributed all of the world’s
current and past woes to the machinations of the “Vatican State” and its
“World Representatives.”

Berry, who claims to be a Doctor of Science, was employed as a hardwood
finisher until February of this year at the Walter Soudwin Construction
Company in Los Angeles, California. An obviously sick individual, Berry is
in his middle forties and unmarried. So far as can be learned his formal
education did not include secondary school, and no basis can be found for
his claim of “Doctor of Science.” While the irresponsible nature of his
various campaigns of vilification mark him as an emotionally unstable
individual with clearly limited intelligence, it is not inconceivable that
some of his ideas — fantastic though they be -may have taken seed. The
fact is, he has already been quoted by the more astute professional

(Thank you to my correspondent at ADL, New York.)
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