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In a previous article, [email protected] Ross Vicksell says:

>Documents detailing the gassing chambers? diagrams? pictures? News to me.
>As for the people that never returned from the camps, most of them wound
>up in Russia, Israel, or here.

Were Ross Vicksell a person of good faith who is merely ignorant, rather
than the professional anti-semite he has revealed himself to be, I would
reply to the astounding quotation above that he might be interested in
accessing Ken Mcvay’s archive. At the very least, he might view the
documentary, “Shoah”, and take particular note of the interview with a
former top concentration camp commandant who went into some detail, with
diagrams, by the way, of the construction and use of gas chambers.

As for the latter part of the quotation, I might ask him (once again, if
he were merely some befuddled individual who was asking genuine questions)
how it was possible to organize such a huge conspiracy, which would
involve almost every Jewish family I know lying about “missing” relatives.
But why take on pathetic net.nazis like Vissell, quoting other nazis like
Ernst Zundel, as though he is writing in good faith? His arguments are
stupid (what arguments he provides) and his assertions are just
imperfectly-disguised anti-Jewish hatred.

On the subject of the nazi high command’s intentions towards Jews, readers
of this newsgroup might be interested in the following quotation from
Joesph Goebbels delivered to 60 newspaper editors in Berlin on September
23, 1942. “There are still 48,000 [Jews] in Berlin,” he said. “They know
with deadly certainty that as the war progresses they will be packed off
to the east and delivered up to a murderous fate. They already feel the
inevitable harshness of physical extermination and therefore they harm the
Reich whenever possible whilst they yet live.”

The discovery of this text, found in the British Public Record Office in
London, was recently reported on in the World News by Denis Staunton,
Berlin correspondent for the Observer of London. Goebbel’s biographer,
Ralf G. Reuth, described the discovery of this speech as “an extremely
significant find.” And Walter Laqueur of the Center for Strategic and
International Studies in Washington confirmed that this was the first time
one of the key people in the nazi leadership spoke openly about the murder
of the Jews.

The speech text was actually signed off by then Foreign Secretary Anthony
Eden. Although (given events in Palestine) he was no friend of the Jews,
the IHR crowd would no doubt seek to include Eden in their disingenuous
claim of a world Jewish conspiracy to hide the true warm and furry nature
of the German 3rd Reich.

–John Baglow

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