Belsen trial 2, Grese Irma

This is excerpted from “The Belsen Trial”, p. 254-6. The
accused is SS-woman Irma Grese; she is interrogated
by Colonel Backhouse about her crimes in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Note how she responds to the questions. Only a “revisionist”
nut would claim that this exchange could have taken place
at a “show trial”.

Colonel Backhouse: I suggest to you that you gave evidence
at an enquiry against a guard who had refused to shoot
people crossing the wire on the grounds that you had sent
them over deliberately?

Grese: You can think what you like, but it is a lie, and it
is wrong.
Colonel Backhouse: Gertrud Diament [a survivor] in her
deposition said that your favorite habit was to beat women
until they fell to the ground and then kick them as hard
as you could with your heavy boots?

Grese: That is a lie. Perhaps it is her habit to lie.

So, an accused Nazi calling the survivors, and a senior
member of the British counsel for the prosecution, “liars”.

Gee. And our “revisionist scholars” have been telling us
all along that these were “show trials”, in which the accused
Nazis were “told what to say”, bla-bla.

“Revisionists”. What a bunch of low-life Nazi liars.

-Danny Keren.

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