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Books, Music, Collectibles and Rare Book Search

P.O. Box 85403, Los Angeles, CA 90072-0403
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Ordering Instructions & Notices
Book List One – 142 books
Book List Two – 160 books
Rare Historic Recordings – 24 recordings

We have up to 60,000 used books in stock that we are now processing for
sale. Consequently, it is impossible for us to list all titles here. To
receive our daily up-graded lists of titles, simply send us an email
request. If your interests lie in popular music or collectible records,
please send us an email request for the updated lists. E-mail address: (
[email protected] ).

ADDRESS. Mail order address is: Belling’s Books, P.O. Box 85403, Los
Angeles, CA 90072-0403

PAYMENT. Customers may pay by check, cash, or postal money order. All orders
must add 10% surcharge for shipping and handling. Items will be shipped as
soon as check clears.All checks are to be made out to: “Cash “or “J.

BOOK ORDERS. Customers should make 2nd or 3rd selections, as most of the
items are one of a kind and may already have been sold.

RARE HISTORIC RECORDINGS. All music cassettes are $10.00 each and recorded
on high quality machinery and tape. The records are mainly of various rock,
popular, and ethnic music, many one of a kind. I also have many records
(highly collectible) and unusual recordings on tape of various world war two
music, fascist music (Extremely rare), etc. and popular music, all used
cassettes. All cassettes sold as is.

NOTICE. No refunds or exchanges on any items.

SEARCH SERVICE. The search service costs $10.00 per hour with a one hour
minimum. Minimum payment of $10.00 must be submitted before search service

For further information, contact Joe Belling at: ( [email protected] )

BOOK ORDERS. Customers should make 2nd or 3rd selections, as most of the
items are one of a kind and may already have been sold.

1 Encyclopedia of Third Reich Snyder $25.00 HB Naziism
2 The Good Old Days Ernst Klee $20.00 HB Holocaust
3 Seeds of Destruction Cedric Belfrage $25.00 PB/Oversize World War II
4 The Final Solution Gerald Reitlinger $25.00 HB Holocaust
5 Eyewitnesses at Nuremberg Hilary Gaskin $20.00 HB War Crimes
6 Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte Ernst Gauss $50.00 HB Revisionism
7 Ehren Buch des Deutschen Soldaten Dahl $75.00 HB World War II
8 The Unloved Germans Hermann Eich $15.00 HB World War II
9 The Sword in the Scales Hans Frittzsche $25.00 Photo-copy Only War crimes
10 Hitler and the Jews Phillippe Burrin $10.00 PB-Highlighted Holocaust
11 The Last Battle Cornelius Ryan $10.00 HB World War II
12 On the Edge of Destruction Celia Heller $9.00 PB Holocaust
13 Invasion of de Body Snatchers Del Jones $12.95 PB Black Studies
14 The Eichmann Kommandos Michael Musmanno $40.00 HB-Rare Holocaust-rare hb
15 The Occult Reich J.H. Brennan $10.00 PB/Rare Naziism
16 The Attack from Within Elwyn Jones $15.00 PB/Rare World War II
17 A World Destroyed Martin Sherwin $8.00 PB World War II
18 Die 2nd Babylonische Gefangenschaft Steffen Werner $25.00 PB Revisionism
19 The Power and the Glitter Ronald Brownsteiin $20.00 HB World War II
20 The Devil and the Jews Trachtenberg $10.00 PB Anti-Semitisim
21 Pocket Book of Quotations Davidoff $2.50 PB Quotes
22 Hell’s Angels Thompson $10.00 PB Counterculture
23 The General was a Spy Hoehne $20.00 HB World War II
24 Greece and Rome—Myths and Legends Guerber $15.00 HB Mythology
25 World’s Worst Murderers Franklin $20.00 HB-OP Crime
26 Italian in 32 Languages Adrienne $6.00 PB/OP Language
27 Eisenhower and Berlin Ambrose $5.00 PB World War II
28 Blackshirts, Fascism in Britan Ballentines Ill. His. $10.00 PB/OP/RARE
29 Encyclopedia of Military History DuPuy $25.00 HB Military History
30 American Indian Wars Tebbel $35.00 HB/OP/RARE Native Americans
31 Geography of Witchcraft Summers $20.00 HB/OP Occult
32 Crusades Treece $7.00 HB History
33 Beatlesongs Dowdling $15.00 PB Music
34 Despotism: Picorial History of Tyranny Runes $20.00 HB History
35 Chronicle of the Indian Wars Axelrod $10.00 HB Native American
36 Story of the Irish Race MacManus $10.00 HB/OP History
37 Aztecs, The Biart $50.00 HB/OP/RARE Native American
38 Apocrypha-Books of the New testament McKay $20.00 HB/OP Christianity
39 Back to Eden Kloss $5.00 PB Health
40 Life of Napoleon Bonaparte V.I & II only Abbott $75.00 HB/OP/RARE
41 Michaelangelo, the Painter (Illus) Abrams $100.00 HB/OS/OP Art
42 Signs and Symbols in Christian Art Ferguson $75.00 HB/OP/RARE Art
43 Signs of things to come Hall $6.95 HB Occult
44 Beatles Illustrated Lyrics Aldridge $50.00 HB/OP/RARE Music
45 Magic and Medicine of Plants Readers Digest $20.00 HB Health
46 Diane Arbus (Photos) Arbus $20.00 OS/PB Photography
47 Picture Book of Devils, Demons, Witch. Lehner $30.00 HB/OP Occult
48 Ancient Art of Warfare Laffont $100.00 HB/OP/2. Vol. Military History
49 Photographic history of the Civil War Blue/Gray Press $200.00 HB/5 Vol.
Military History
50 Powers of Evil Cavendish $35.00 HB/OP/RARE Occult
51 Paroles Prev’ert Pocket Poet Series $10.00 PB/OP Poetry
52 Friedrich Nietzsche-Unpublished Letters Nietzsche $10.00 HB/OP Philosophy
53 Modern Jury trials Donovan $25.00 Flexicover Law
54 Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You Do McWilliams $20.00 HB Crime
55 Jungian Analysis Stein/Editor $10.00 PB/TS Psychology
56 Jungian Dream Interpretation Hall $10.00 PB/TS Psychology
57 Seven Language Dictionary Schumaker/Editor $10.00 HB Language
58 Nazi Mass Murder Kogon $35.00 HB Holocaust
59 Prominente ohne Maske International Frey $40.00 HB Politics
60 Innocent at Dachau Halow $20.00 HB War Crimes
61 Murders at Bullenhuser Damm Schwarzberg $25.00 HB/OP Holocaust
62 Children of the Flames Lagnado $20.00 HB Holocaust
63 Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp Holocaust Museum $35.00 SHL/HB
64 Concentration Camp Dachau 1933-45 Int. Dachau Comm. $25.00 HB/LS
65 Politics of Prejudice Daniels $7.00 PB Racism
66 War Crimes & American Conscience Knoll/editor $8.00 PB War Crimes
67 Shoah-Complete Text of the Film De Beauvoir $8.00 PB Holocaust
68 Berlin: Story of a Battle Tully $20.00 HB, 1st ed. World War II
69 Goering Irving $8.00 PB/TS Naziism/Bio.
70 Hoaxers Kominsky $10.00 HB/HL/OP/AI Fascism
71 Jewish Problem Golding $6.00 PB/OP Anti-Semitism
72 Woman in Berlin Anonymous $10.00 PB World War II
73 Case against Adolf Eichmann Zeiger $8.00 PB Holocaust
74 Don’t you know there’s a war on? Lingeman $5.00 PB/OP World War II
75 Time of Stalin, The Ovseyenko $10.00 HB/MD Communism
76 Catholic Church and Nazi Germany Lewy $20.00 HB Naziism
77 Best Loved Poems Laurence/editor $10.00 HB Poetry
78 Freed to Kill Kolarik $5.00 PB Crime
79 Bulfinch’s Mythology Graves/editor $6.00 HB Mythology
80 American Infidel–Robert Ingersoll Larson $20.00 HB Atheism
81 Precious Victims Weber $5.00 PB Crime
82 Who’s who in Egyptian Mythology Mercatante $10.00 PB/TS Mythology
83 World of the Vatican Neville $5.00 HB Catholicism
84 David and Napoleonic Painting McCall Art Collect. $25.00 HB Art
85 Cult of the Seer in Ancient Middle East MacDermot $100.00 HB/OP/RARE
86 Dictionary of Wars Kohn $8.00 PB/TS/SHL Military History
87 101 Famous Poems Cook/editor $5.00 PB Poetry
88 Shepherd of Israel seeking his own Cooper $5.00 PB/MD/SHL Judaica
89 Manual for Living Epictetus $8.00 PB Philosophy
90 Two babylons, The Hislop $20.00 HB Cult
91 Chaucher’s Canterbury Tales Chaucer $3.00 PB Literature
92 History of Witchcraft Summers $10.00 HB Occult
93 Lost Books of the Bible Schepps/editor $10.00 HB/NDJ Religion
94 Cannibalism and Human Sacrifice Hogg $10.00 PB/TS Cult
95 Terror! History of Horror Illustrations Haining $20.00 PB/OS Art/Horror
96 Earth’s Mysterious Places Reader’s Digest $8.00 HB Occult
97 Roman Martyrology O’Connel/editor $30.00 HB/RB/OP Christianity
98 Encyclopedia of Death, Life in spiritworld Francis $30.00 HB/RB Occult
99 Slaughter of Terrified beasts Hyland $6.50 PB Animal Rights
100 Tao of Love and Sex Chang $9.95 PB/OS Eros
101 Gods of Generation (Private Printing) Dulaure $100.00 HB/OP/RB Eros
102 Tale of the Body Thief Rice, Anne $10.00 HB Fiction/Horror
103 Men with the Pink Triangle Heger $4.00 PB/Worn Holocaust/Gay
104 Criminal History of Mankind Wilson, Colin $10.00 PB/TS/Smudge Crime
105 Old Testament in light of Anthropology James, E. O. $35.00 HB
Judaica/Bible Std.
106 Gods of Love, The Longworth $25.00 HB/OP/NDJ Eros
107 Man and his Gods Smith, Homer $20.00 HB/OP/NDJ Religion
108 One Hundred forty four new Epigrams Gross $30.00 HB/OP/RB Quotes
109 Religion of the Semites, The Smith, Robertson $8.00 PB/AI Judaica
110 Fables from Aesop Rees/editor $15.00 HB Fables
111 Jay Leno’s headlines Leno $8.00 HB Humor
112 Virgin Birth, The Conway $5.00 HB/OP Religion, Catholic
113 Alice in Wonderland Carroll $6.00 HB Children’s
114 Campfires and Battlefields (Civil War) Johnson $50.00 HB/OS/OP
115 American Civil War, The Miers $40.00 HB/OS/OP Civil War
116 Encyclopedia of Witchcraft @ Demon. Holzer/editor $18.00 HB/OS Occult
117 Encyclopedia of Black magic Cassiel $15.00 HB/OS Occult
118 Olympia, 1936 2 Volumes (In German( Riefenstahl $500.00 HB/OP/RB WW
119 Secret teachings of all Ages Hall, Manly $10.00 HB/OS/MK/ Occult
120 Dore’ Bible Illustrations Dore’ $10.00 PB/OS Art
121 Metaphysical Bible Dictionary Unity $25.00 HB Religion/Referenc
122 Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology Graves/editor $20.00 HB/OS Mythology
123 Mystery of Hermann Goerings Suicide Swearingen $5.00 PB/RB Naziism
124 Bury my heart At Wounded Knee Brown $20.00 HB Native American
125 Search for the 12 Apostles McBirnie $3.50 PB Christianity
126 Siddhartha Hesse $3.00 PB Literature
127 Deviant, Shocking Story of Ed Gein Schechter $5.00 PB Crime
128 Killer Department, The Cullen $6.00 PB Crime
129 Book of the Bible Bantam $4.00 PB Religion
130 American Psycho Ellis $5.00 CD/AI Fiction.Crime/Horror
131 Book of Survival Greenbank $3.00 PB Self-Help
132 Out of the Shadows (Sexual Addiction) Carnes $5.00 PB Self-Help
133 Bloodletters and Bad Men Nash $20.00 HB/OS/OP/MD Crime
134 Black magic (Early History It. Fascism) Roberts $40.00 HB/OP/RB/ Fascism
135 Narrative of Cpt. Coignet (Napoloeon’s- Soldier) $25.00 HB/OP/RB
History, France
136 Rules of the Game Mosley, Nick $25.00 HB Fascism, Britain
137 Lost Victories Manstein $20.00 HB World War II
138 Fascist Dictatorship, The V.I Salvemini $30.00 HB/OP/RB Fascism, Italy
139 Revolutions of our Time–Fascism Schueddekopf $10.00 HL/WR/OP/AI World
War II
140 Sawdust Caesar Seldes $30.00 HP/OP/RB Bio. Mussolini

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BOOK ORDERS. Customers should make 2nd or 3rd selections, as most of the
items are one of a kind and may already have been sold.

1 Red, White, and Black Gary Nash 6.99 PB Native American
2 Wonder book of world’s progress, V.2 Williams 5.99 HB History
3 Wonder book of world’s progress, V.7 Williams 4.99 HB/OP Native American
4 Churchill- from the diaries of Lord Moran Moran 8.99 HB/OP
5 How to stay alive in the woods Angier 2.99 PB Survival
6 Disraeli: Alien Patriot Raymond 9.99 HB Biography/History
7 Goering Irving 12.95 PB Biography/History
8 Prominente ohne Maske (German) Frey 34.99 HB/Rare History/Politics
9 The Mystery of hermann Goering’s Suicide Swearingen 5.99 PB/OP War Crimes
10 The Fascist Dictatorship Salvemini 49.99 HB/OP/RARE Fascism
11 Journal of Historical Review, V.6, #4 Same 7.99 PB Revisionism
12 Journal of Historical Review, V. 6, #3 Same 7.99 PB Revisionism
13 Hitler, Pictorial Documentary Toland 19.99 HB/OP Naziism
14 Nuremberg Trials Ballantine) Kahn 9.99 PB/OP War Crimes
15 The Healing Herbs Castleman 19.99 HB Health
16 Dictionary of Demons Gettings 24.95 HB/OP Occult
17 The Sotadic Zone Sir Richard Burton 74.99 HB/RARE/LE Eros
18 My Four Years in Germany (WW I) Gerard 9.99 HB History
19 Life of the Emperor Napoleon Headley 9.99 HB/OP/RARE Biography/History
20 German Political Profiles (Pamphlet) NA 4.99 PB History
21 Journalof Hist. Review, V. 5 # 2,3,4 Same 14.99 PB Revisionism
22 Journal of Historical Review, V.1, #3 Same 9.99 PB/OP/ Revisionism
23 Sister Mary Ignatius Explains it all for you Durang 4.99 PB Play
24 Schoeffler-Weis German/English Dictionary National Textbook 19.99 HB
25 The Jews and their Lies Martin Luther 4.99 fotocopy only Religion
26 The Holocaust-120 Questions and Answers Charles Weber 4.99 fotocopy only
27 Henry Ford and the Jews Lee 7.99 Highlighted History
28 Journal of Historical Review, V. 7, #2 Same 7.99 PB Revisionism
29 Journal of historical Review, V. 6, #1 Same 7.99 PB Revisionism
30 There’s One born every minute Blackstone 4.99 PB Humor
31 Journal of Historical Review, V.16, # 1 Same 7.99 PB Revisionism
32 Journal of Historical Review, V. 14, # 1 Same 7.99 PB Revisionism
33 I was the Nuremberg Jailer Andrus 9.99 PB/RARE/OP War Crimes
34 Skinhead Street Gangs Christensen 19.99 PB Fascism
35 Deutschland im Kampf (In German) NA 49.99 HB/RARE/OP W W II Original
36 Zionists Gerorge Armstrong 9.99 PB Religion/Anti-Semitism
37 This Time the World Rockwell 19.99 PB/OP/RARE Fascism
38 Forged War Crimes malign German Nation Walendy 9.99 PB Revisionism
39 Journal of Historical Review, V. 6, # 2 Same 7.99 PB Revisionism
40 Journal of Historical Review, V. 6, # 3 Same 7.99 PB Revisionism
41 Auschwitz: The End of a Legend Same 12.95 PB Revisionsim
42 Mein Kampf Hitler 9.99 PB Biography/Politics
43 Brotherhood of Murder Martinez 5.99 PB Neo-Naiism
44 The Life & Death of an Amer.-Jewish Nazi Rosenthal/Gelb 9.99 PB
45 The Reich marshal Mosley 5.99 PB/OP Biography/History/WW II
46 Tale of Tom Kitten Potter 3.99 HB Children’s
47 Playing for Time Fenelon 4.99 PB/Damage Holocaust
48 Basic Italian for travelers Diner’s Club 2.99 PB Language
49 The Spanish Civil War Thomas 14.99 HB/OP Fascism/Spain
50 The Von Hassell Diaries Von Hassell 14.99 HB/OP WW II
51 The Revolt against Civilization Stoddard 14.99 HB/HL Anthropology
52 Darwin Retried Macbeth 4.99 PB Evolution
53 The Collapse of Evolution Huse 7.99 PB Evolution
54 Scientific Creationism Morris 7.99 PB Evolution
55 Pictorial History of the Third Reich Bantam 7.99 PB WW II
56 Encyclopedia of World War 2 20 Volumes Bauer 149.99 HB WW II
57 Black Magic Roberts 29.99 HB/OP Fascism, Italy
58 The Jew in the Medieval World ? 19.99 HB/OP Judaica
59 Political Violence and Public Order Bebewick 19.99 HB/OP Fascism, England
60 Mosley-Right or Wrong Mosley 19.99 fotocopy only
61 Oswald Mosley Sidelsky 19.99 HB Biography/Fascism/Mosley
62 A Marginal Jew, V. 1 Meier 34.99 HB Biography/Christ
63 A Marginal Jew, V.2 Meier 34.99 HB Biography/Christ
64 The Mystic Rose Crawley 24.99 HB/OP Eros/Anthropology
65 Psychopathia Sexualis Ebing 29.99 HB/OP/RARE Eros/Psychiatry/
66 The Beginning of the World Morris 4.99 PB Evolution
67 The Pessimist’s Guide to History Flexner 9.99 PB History
68 The Works of Edgar Allan Poe Poe 19.99 HB/LB Literature
69 Soldiers: A History of Men in Battle Keegan 9.99 HB Military History
70 Art in the Third Reich Hinz 39.99 HB/OP/RARE Art/Nazi
71 Einer kam Durch (One got away) Heyne 7.99 PB/OP Biography/WW II/German
72 Education for Death/Making of the Nazi Ziemer 9.99 HB/OP Naziism
73 The Pelican brief Grisham 2.99 PB Fiction
74 House Plans for the Purple Thumb baylis 1.99 PB/Worn Gardening
75 Flowers of the Countryside Blamey 8.99 HB Gardening
76 Boss of Bosses (Paul Castellano) O’Brien 6.99 HB/LW Crime
77 Wonders of the Past (2 Volumes) J.A. Hammerton 99.99 HB/OP/RARE Ancient
78 Ancient Religions Ferm 19.99 HB/OP Ancient Religions
79 The Evil Eye Elworthy 24.99 HB/OP Occult
80 The Mysteries and Secrets of Magic Thompson 19.99 HB/OP Occult
81 Etruscan magic & Occult Remedies Leland 29.99 HB/OP Occult
82 The Golden Age of Myth & Legend Bulfinch 19.99 HB/OP Mythology
83 The British Myths and Legends Ebbutt 19.99 HB/OP Mythology
84 Celtic Myth and Legend Squire 19.99 HB/OP Mythology
85 North American Indians Spence 19.99 HB/OP Myhology
86 A Dictionary of International Slurs Roback 19.99 HB/OP Language
87 Middle Ages–Myth and Legends Guerber 19.99 HB/OP Mythology
88 Egypt Spence 19.99 HB/OP Mythology
89 The Norsemen Myths and Legends Guerber 19.99 HB/OP Mythology
90 Celtic Myths and Legends Rolleston 19.99 HB/OP Mythology
91 Germany Myths and Legends Spence 19.99 HB/OP Mythology
92 Genesis (Commentary) Vol 2 Crawford 9.99 HB/OP Religion/Bible Study
93 Mother India Mayo 7.99 HB/OP Cullture/Anthropology
94 Honor thy Father (Bonanno Biography) Talese 9.99 HB Crime
95 Hollywood Bukowski 9.99 PB Counter-Culture
96 Harper’s Bible Dictionary Miller 19.99 HB/OP Religion
97 The Anatomy of Melancholy Burton 74.99 HB/OP/RARE Philosophy
98 Life, Hist., & Magic of the Cat Grosset/Dunlap 24.99 HB/OP Animals
99 Life, hist., and Magic of the Dog Mery 24.99 HB/OP Animals
100 Ancient Israel, Myths and Legends Rappoport 19.99 HB/OP Mythology
101 Encyclopedia of Witchcraft & Demonology Robbins 24.99 HB/OP Occult
102 Middle Ages Myths and Legends Guerber 19.99 HB/OP Mythology
103 India Myths and Legends Mackenzie 19.99 HB/OP Mythology
104 Pagan Christs Robertson 9.99 HB/OP Religion/Myths
105 The Divine Comedy I Dante 2.99 PB/SWorn Literature
106 The Castle of Crossed Destinies Calvino 4.99 PB/SWorn Fiction
107 Archaeology Carter 7.99 HB/OP Archaeology
108 The Sacred Fire Goldberg 19.99 HB/OP/RARE Eros
109 The World’s Great Scriptures Browne 7.99 HB Religion
110 Putnam’s Italian Dictionary Putnam 2.99 PB Language
111 The Gods of Eden Bramley 4.99 PB New Age
112 Macbeth Shakespeare 1.99 Comic PB Children’s
113 Julius Caesar Shakespeare 1.99 Comic PB Children’s
114 Terry’s Short-cut to Spanish Terry 5.99 HB Language
115 Hannibal Lamb 4.99 PB/OP/Pulp Ancient History/Biography
116 Early History of Rome Livy 4.99 PB Ancient History
117 The Divine Comedy Dante 4.99 PB Literature
118 Dino-Living high in dirty business of dreams Tosches 5.99 PB
119 Continuum, the immortality principle 2.99 PB New Age/Philosophy/Poetry
120 Zen, the Path of Paradox Rajneesh 4.99 PB Eastern Religion
121 After Nostradamus Woldben 5.95 HB Occult
122 Napoleon’s Marshals Chandler 49.99 HB History/Napoleon
123 Jack London Illustrated London 14.99 HB
124 Egypt Myths and Legends 2nd Copy Spence 19.99 HB/OP Mythology
125 I, Me, Mine Harrison 14.99 HB Music
126 We Japanese 19.99 HB Culture/Japan
127 Atlantis, The Antidiluvian World Donnelly 9.99 HB Mythology
128 Everybody’s Guide to Small Claims Court Warner 6.99 HB Law
129 Hands on the Past Ceram 8.95 HB Archaeology
130 Bulfinch’s Myhology Avenel Publishing 19.99 Mythology
131 The Book of Ceremonial Magic Waite 24.99 HB/RARE/OP Occult
132 Testament: The Bible and History Romer 29.95 HB/OP Religion
133 Leaders & Personalities of the Third Reich Hamilton 74.99 HB/OP/RARE
134 The Story of Civilization Durant 99.99 HB/11 Volumes History
135 Pictorial history of the World Year, Inc 19.99 HB History
136 Monkey on a Stick Hubner 2.99 PB Crime
137 Dante: The Divine Comedy Dante 24.99 HB Literature/Illustrated
138 The Crucible of Christianity Toynbee 24.99 HB/OS
139 Harper’s Encyclopedia of Art 1937/Harpers 99.99 HB/2 Volumes Art
History, Illustrated
140 Times Atlas of World history Times 59.99 HB/OS Illustrated Historical
141 Life Pictorial Atlas of the World Life 24.99 HB/OS Illustrated Atlas
142 Atlantis Discovered Spence 14.99 HB/OP Mythology
143 Works of Julian (the Apostate) 2 of 3 Volum Julian 39.99 HB/OP/RARE
Philosophy/Published 1913
144 The New Compact Bible 9.99 HB Religion/Reference
145 Leonardo DaVinci 1609 Gravure Ilustration DaVinci 149.99 HB/OS/OP
146 All Rome and the Vatican (Beautiful Color) Pucci 19.99 PB/TS
147 The Dawn of Civilization Piggott 29.99 HB/OP/OS Illustrated History,
148 Fascinating World of Animals Readers Digest 14.99 HB Animals
149 Ancient Egypt-Discovering its Splendors National Geographi 49.99 HB/OP
Ancient egypt
150 Secret Societies of all ages and countries Heckethorn 74.99 HB/OP/RARE
Cults 2 Volumes
151 Mummies, Myth and Magic El Mahdy 14.99 PB/TS Ancient Egypt
152 The World of the Pharaohs Hobson 9.99 HB AScient Egypt
153 The Kingdom of the Cults Martin 17.95 HB Cults/Religion
154 Strange Sects and Curious Cults Bach 19.99 HB/OP Cults
155 The Vanishing Gods Fox 10.95 HB/OP Ancient Religion/Christianity
156 Secret Societies & Subversive Movements Webster 29.99 HB/OP/RARE Cults
157 A history of Secret Societies Daroul 6.99 PB Cults
158 Summa Contra Gentiles–Book 4,Salvation Aquinas 9.99 PB Religion
159 Omdurman Ziegler 9.99 HB History
160 Practical Astrology Comte St. Germain 19.99 HB/OP/RARE Astrology
161 The Wanders Price 4.99 PB Fiction/Cult
162 Mengele, the Complete Story Posner 18.95 HB/OP Holocaust


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We offer this collection of rare historic recordings for the benefit of the
collector seeking hard to find items. All music is from the original 78’s
and recorded onto high quality MAXELL tapes using state of the art
equipment. These recordings are one of a kind and a once in a lifetime deal.
All tapes are 60 minutes in length. All tapes are $10.00 each plus 1.00 for
shipping and handling.

1. Best of Sara Leander, V. I. The Swedish songstress belts out the tunes
popular during the war years. All her best is included here, including
“Davon geht die Welt nicht Unter,” the rousing German anthem featured in one
of her most popular movies along with many other risque and emotionally
moving melodies.

2. Best of Sara Leander, V. II. More beautiful melodies and risque tunes by
the Swedish born actress/songstress. As Ms. Leander chose to sign a contract
with Goebbel’s UFA studios, she, along with Leni Riefenstahl, and many other
performers, was blacklisted and hounded for many years by the authorities
that be. However, any one who has ever heard this tempestuous starlett sing
will never be able to forget her inimitable syle and rousing performances.

3. Best of Sara Leander, V. III. Yet another volume in Ms. Leander’s final
round of rousing and inspiring music, included are portions of live
performances toward the end of her career. A Must for collecters.

4. Best of Greta Keller, V. I. Anyone who enjoys cabaret music will be
thrilled to listen to Greta Keller, the smooth throated Austrian lark. Songs
made popular from the twenties and thirties are included.

5. Best of Greta Keller, V.II. More cabaret perfomances by the Queen of
cabaret herself.

6. Best of Greta Keller, V. III. Third in the series.

7. Songs of Fascist Italy, V.I. This is undoubtedly some of the most rare
recordings of the period ever assembled into one collection. The Italians
had a penchant for transforming march music into melodies peculiar to the
Italian spirit, light-hearted, and VERY catchy!

8. Songs of Fascist Italy, V. II. More of the same. Many songs dedicated to
“Mama”. Including “Mama bisogno vincere”.

9. Songs of Fascist Italy, V.III. More great rare and rousing melodies.

10. Songs of Fascist Italy, V. IV. The next in the series of rare Italian
march music.

11. Songs of Italy, V. V. More wonderful and unique music from the period. A
must for collectors.

12. Waffen SS Songs and Marches, V. I.

13. SA, SS, and Hitler Youth Songs and Marches.

14. Panzer songs and Marches, V. I.

15. Panzer Songs and Marches, V.II

16. Luftwaffe Songs and Marches, V.I.

17. Luftwaffe Marches, V.II.

18. German Cavalry Marches, V. IV.

19. Marches, songs and Music of the Third Reich, V.I.

20. Marches, Songs, and Music of the Third Reich, V.II.

21. Marches, songs and music of the Third Reich, V. III.

22. Charlie and his Orchestra, V. I. Charlie and his Orchestra performed
during the war years, performing parodies on popular melodies of the day and
broadcasting the tunes with revised lyrics to the allied countries. Many of
the lyrics were quite clever, and the band featured a smooth voiced tenor.
German-Nazi swing with a propaganda flair! A Must for collectors! All songs
sung in English.

23. Charlie and his Orchestra, V. II.

24. Charlie and his Orchestra, V.III.


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