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> >* There is a new Revisionist research service available at the Fenix
> >site called Belling Books. I have used it in the past and have found it
> >both prompt and reliable. For those of you into research, set some time
> >aside to get a feel for all the books and documents out there you haven’t
> >yet had a chance to read.
> >
> How fascinating! Belling Books!

[Belling Books blurb deleted]

> These names sure do ring a familiar bell. Not much of a corporate
> image for “Belling’s Books” though, if payments are to be made to
> “Cash” or “J. Bellinger.”

Mercy mercy, Ms. Ostrov. What an interesting discovery you have made.
I will be interested to see the blushing Belling’s, oops–I mean
bride’s–response. 🙂

Posted and e-mailed.

Gord McFee
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