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Americans are, in general, not aware of the role and
importance of the Eastern Front in the history of WWII. The
German , the Russian winter and the long Soviet
counterattack are the staples of the history of this subject. The
resulting ignorance allows us to tolerate an extensive network of
collaborators established by Hitler’s Third Reich, many of whom
then came to the United States after the war ended. When these
collaborators promote themselves as past victims of Soviet (or
Romanian, Hungarian, etc.) persecution and as patriotic
anti-communists, they mask their past fascism, Nazism, and,
often, crimes against humanity.

A combination of ignorance, amnesia and in some cases
political sympathy have allowed both American and European
abetters of the Third Reich to play a prominent and respectable
role inside the Republican Party. In many cases these fascists
are unrepentant about their past as enemies of the United States
and as supporters of Nazi genocide. It is painfully ironic that
it was our victory over Germany which forced SS-linked groups to
flee their eastern European homelands, in some cases to the
United States, and subsequently allowed former enemies of the
United States to influence American politics at the highest levels.

The American right wing has made common cause with this
racism and anti-Semitism in their ranks. The American Security
Council is an important organization which is less an aberration
of the American Right than the expression of two generations of
Old and New Right issues, priorities, outlooks and personalities.
As Christopher Simpson observes in :

“Captivated by a vision of the world in which any enemy of
the Communists was a friend of ours, the United States’
role in Eastern Europe during the cold war
consisted in large part of the creation of polarized crises in
which East-West cooperation became impossible, while the
counterpart to this same policy often created
secret alliances with war criminals, Nazis, and extremists.”

The presence of these political currents in the American
political process presents a challenge to members of both
political parties and to those of neither party. Observers and
researchers in the media, academia and in non-profit political
and religious groups must all ask themselves whether the
condition described herein is acceptable.

In 1988 the George Bush presidential campaign was presented
with the opportunity to repudiate the anti-Semites, Nazi
apologists and fascists who had been recruited into the
campaign’s ethnic outreach arm through Republican party contacts.
Instead of repudiating anti-democratic tendencies and bigotry,
the Bush campaign chose to sidestep the charges and moved instead
to minimize damage to the political campaign.

The record to date leads to the conclusion that the
Republican National Committee and the network around the American
Security Council and World Anti-Communist League may consider it
forgivable to have been a fascist collaborator so long as one is
today an active anti-communist pursuing the maintenance of the
Cold War in foreign policy and extremist right-wing politics at
home. If this is an incorrect interpretation, then it is
incumbent upon them to give a better–and public–explanation of
why a tolerance for anti-Semitism, racism, authoritarianism and
fascism is a hallmark of both their foreign policy intrigues
abroad and their political coalition-building at home.
The Nizkor Project: Remembering the Holocaust (Shoah)

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