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Controversial Veteran – WMAQ TV (NBC) Chicago – Evening News
Broadcast Date: November 11, 1985
Carol Marin, Reporter
Don Mosely, Producer.
Copyright 1985, WMAQ TV News – Rights Reserved
Transcript prepared by Political Research Associates

Daley Plaza, November 1, 1985.

CAROL MARIN: This is the group called Civilian Military
Assistance rallying in Daley Plaza a week and a half ago.
Rallying in praise of Ronald Reagan’s Central American policy;
rallying to raise money to overthrow the Sandinistas of Nicaragua.

ART JONES: One, two, three, four. No more Reds, no more war.

CAROL MARIN: On this day the head CMA cheerleader was Art
Jones. Back in the Seventies, Art Jones was part of the Nazi
movement in Cicero. Now in the Eighties, his America First
Committee works with national neo-Nazi and white far-right organizations.

ART JONES: Communism will be defeated.

CAROL MARIN: Jones, a Vietnam veteran, says he is a patriot,
and wants to stop the spread of communism in Central America; so
does the CMA and so does the World Anti-Communist League.

[Screen: John Singlaub-World Anti-Communist League]

JOHN SINGLAUB: I represent hundreds of thousands of
Americans who are sympathetic to your cause and want to help.

CAROL MARIN: Both the CMA and the World Anti-Communist
League, the latter reportedly at the urging of President Reagan,
have been supplying financial support for Nicaraguan rebels. But
for some time now there has been a question of whether these
anti-communist groups have been attracting, and in some cases
enlisting, people like Art Jones–people who combine neo-Nazism
with their anti-communism.

CHIP BERLET: It’s clear that there are neo-Nazis and
anti-Semites in both the World Anti-Communist League and CMA.

CAROL MARIN: People who study the far right, like Chip
Berlet of Midwest Research, believe there is within the
anti-communist movement now, a struggle going on.

CHIP BERLET: Inside the World Anti-Communist League itself
there has been a fight for almost twenty years; with the
anti-communists who are not Nazis and not anti-Semites trying to
get rid of the Nazis and anti-Semites…and they haven’t succeeded.

CAROL MARIN: Tonight, in at least one case, they have,
however. Since our recent inquiries about Art Jones and his
relationship to the CMA, Jones has been thrown out by the Illinos
leader of CMA who says his group disavows racism and
anti-Semitism. Meanwhile, Art Jones tonight told us he will still
privately help the CMA while he works on other things, like his
next project–organizing the Klan, Aryan Nations and neo-Nazis to
protest the upcoming national holiday marking the birth of Dr.
Martin Luther King.
The Nizkor Project: Remembering the Holocaust (Shoah)

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