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[Zundel krap deleted–the usual nazi self-serving bilge]

Herr Zundel, who claims he is not afraid of debate, still refuses to
venture into the newsgroups. Now he has a shill–my guess is that it’s Frau
Ingrid Beisner, of Kemptville, Ontario, one of “the crowd” in the National
Capital area, helping to arrange for visits by Mr.David Irving, whining
about “freedom of expression” and so on. Herr Zundel himself, of course,
continues to hide like a rat in his rebuilt fortified bunker.

The sooner he is deported, the better. Freedom of speech? Let him fight for it
in Germany, not here.

Like measles? More like cancer.

2 words,

John Baglow “All change means disorganization of the old and
organization of the new.”
–Saul Alinsky, “Rules for Radicals”, 1970

The Nizkor Project: Remembering the Holocaust (Shoah)

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