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> Why can’t you answer a simple question, Lyin’ Al. Brown v. Board of
> Education concerned four school districts. *All* of them spent less money on
> Blacks. What evidence, other than your own bigotry, do you have for stating
> otherwise? What relevance is private charity when discussing state
> expenditures?

Brown v Topeka was not about improving the education of black kids, it was a
concerted effort by the enemies of Western Man, including many loud-mouth
forever wailing and gnashing of teeth “Jews” like yourself, to promote forced race-mixing. It is noteworthy
that other ethnic groups – in particular Chinese and JEWS – have taken exception]
to this gerrymandering. The people behind this – largely socialists and
other collectivists – don’t give a fuck about blacks any more than do the ADL.
And ultimately they don’t give a fuck about Jews either, because it is largely
the activities of certain Jewish organisations and individuals in promoting
forced race mixing and undermining the white Anglo-Saxon heritage which is the
major cause of anti-Semitism in the Western world today, and indeed it has
been for many years.

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