Ball report commentary, Ball John

Jeffrey wrote:

>Picture taken by an allied aircraft over Birkenau [Auschwitz II] on Sept
>13th 1944.

>It shows Bombs which have been dropped onto the nearby rubber plant.
>[at Monowitz, which is designated Auschwitz III]

>Below the bombs and clearly visible [below the tip of the bottom middle
>bomb] is

>Crematory No II with the morgues going from the building.

>On the one to the left are no VENTS.

Just opposite is Krema III, which appears to be little more than a
smudge in this picture

>This is at a time when “mass extermination of the jews” by SS men
>throwing gas pellets down Vents was taking place.

Quite so.


Still just as excitable as ever, I see, Mr. Roberts.

But why should the vents be visible when the much larger chimney is
itself *barely* visible?

>This is because “Homocidal Gassing” is Propaganda fiction.

Umm. No. It is because it is not a very clear picture.

>Notice also,

>a) the fences around the Crematorium have been retouched to look like
>walls, and drawn in the wrong place.

No, they haven’t. Even so, there are lots of ground level photos
showing that the Kremas were surrounded by open wire. If Brugioni and
Poirier faked the photos, they didn’t do a very good job considering
that their forgery could have been refuted by anyone with a public
library card.

Ball makes a lot out the fact that the killing operations were visible
to the farms surrounding to the camp. He neglects to mention that the
farms were operated by the SS and were part of the camp operations.

>b) The chimmey is not smoking, despite having to deal with thousands of
>corpses every day.

Gee, I wish you “revisionists” would make up your minds. Half of the
time you say that the eyewitnesses were lying when they said that the
crematoria produced thick black smoke, and the other half you spend
arguing that the crematories weren’t working because the photos don’t
show any black smoke. Which is it?

Actually, any crematory engineer will tell you that an overloaded
crematory furnace will produce both thick black smoke and flames. When
its overload has burned down, the smoke and flames stop.

Now ask yourself what happened in the crematoria at Birkenau when the
air raid warnings sounded. Do you think that the SS and the
Sonderkommando suspended operations and took shelter? What do you
suppose happened to the overloaded crematory furnaces? Do you suppose
they might have burnt down so that only traces of smoke would be
visible? And such traces are visible in some photos.

But that is the whole trouble with “revisionists”: you don’t think;
you just believe every tale that some other fanatic has concocted.

>c) There is a nice garden in the grounds of the crematory.

You must be a member of the Master Race if you can see that in your
photo! Telescopic vision, Superman?

As for the garden that was there, so what?

>d) The bombs are NOT being dropped on the Gas Chambers, which are
>supposely gassing thousands of Jews every day, but on a Rubber Plant

The Allied “logic,” as I understand it, was that synthetic fuel and
rubber killed a lot more soldiers that death camp inmates and that by
destroying war materiel they could save lives by shortening the war.

>References: AIR PHOTO EVIDENCE by JOHN BALL 175 photos, 116 pages. [15
>Available from Samisdat Publishers Ltd, 206 Carlton St, Toronto,

You know, Mr. Roberts, the difference between you and Ball is that
BAll is a lying fanatic while you are simply a gullible fanatic.

>Further reading: AUSCHWITZ: THE END OF A LEGEND A critique of Jean-
>Pressac by Carlo Mattogno. [15 dollars]

Mattogno is always good for a laugh. Perhaps you could explain to your
readers why most of the authorities that Mattogno he cites on coke
consumption are anachronistic and why he otherwise misapplies his one
valid reference.

I’ll get you started: most of Mattogno’s references apply to
engineering studies of crematoria whose designs predated the
Ludwig-Volckmann model used by the Nazis. The one study of an
appropriate design cited by Mattogno measures the fuel required to
burn one single corpse. Using Mattogno’s logic, if it takes me one
pound of charcoal to cook one hamburger, then it will take me two
pounds of charcoal to cook two hamburgers and so on, because I will
let my barbecue burn out and cool down before I cook the second

You people will believe anything if you believe that.

John Morris
at University of Alberta

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