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Admits gassings birkenau

Seems we can document another big lie from our “revisionist
scholars”. A few days ago, Jean-Francois Beaulieu claimed that
Richard Baer, the last commandant of Auschwitz I, denied
the murder by gas “in his camp”:

Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Subject: Re: No criminal evidende in the Wannsee protocol
Date: Thu Sep 05 22:38:06 EDT 1996

# No torture? Let just say that it didn’t transpire if it
# happened. Poor Bauer [Baer], he chose to deny the gas chambers
# in his camp and died in his early fifties…coincidence?

This is not the first time I heard this claim; I kept asking
our “revisionists” for a source, but never got one. Beaulieu
did post a hodge-podge of meaningless speculations, which
amounted to “I think that what Baer’s wife said in some private
conversation may have meant that he suspected the gassings
never took place”. Usually, the flat claim is made that Baer
denied any murder by gas. This is a “revisionist” lie.

In “Nazi Mass Murder”, Yale Uni. Press, 1993, on page 142, a
statement of Baer from Dec. 22, 1960, is quoted, with the
full source: “I commanded only Camp I at Auschwitz. I had nothing
to do with the camps where the gassings took place. I had no
influence over them. It was in Camp II, at Birkenau, that the
gassings took place. That camp was not under my authority”.

Remember, Baer arrived at Camp I only at 1944; by that time,
there was indeed no gassing in Krema I in that camp – that
took place only in 1941-2, till the much bigger gas chambers
in Birkenau were built.

Since Baer was ill, and died during his trial, the “revisionists”
are trying to suggest he was “murdered” because he “denied the
gassing myth”. He obviously did not.

So, we have another outright lie from our “revisionist scholars”.
Interestingly enough, Beaulieu indicated that he based his
claim on Butz’s book. What does that make Butz?

-Danny Keren.

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