Background Information

The Institute for Historical Review was founded in 1979 by Lewis Brandon, who also served as the first director. (Lewis Brandon is an alias for William David McCalden, a British neo-fascist who in 1975 had founded Britain’s National Party, a break-away from the notorious neo-Nazi National Front.)

The IHR operates under the umbrella of the Legion for Survival of Freedom, a registered non-profit corporation in the State of Texas.

The Institute for Historical Review is the moving force in the movement to deny the Holocaust. Its initial meeting was opened by Willis Carto, who also funds the organization, and whom some (including Dennis King, author of the 1989 work “Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism”) credit with starting it. No matter – with McCalden out of the way (he left the IHR, and has since died), the IHR was Carto’s mouthpiece, until his forced ouster in late 1994.

Among the speakers at the 1980 convention were the Swede, Ditlieb Felderer, convicted and institutionalised in his country, and the Frenchman, Robert Faurisson, convicted in his country of libel and promoting racism and expelled from his University (though he still misrepresents himself as member of its faculty).


Willis Carto

Carto, born in 1926 in Indiana, had helped edit “Right” (a mid-fifties San Francisco newsletter for an information clearinghouse for antisemitic activities), was, inter alia, director of the far right Congress of Freedom and, briefly, organiser for the John Birch Society, from which he was later expelled.

In 1989, Dennis King provided this picture of Carto’s ideological background during his discussion of the connection between Lyndon LaRouche, the NCLC (see Glossary, below), and Carto’s Liberty Lobby (get pub/orgs/american/ihr/larouche.ihr):
Carto, founder of the Liberty Lobby, was by far the most successful and influential American anti-Semite of the 1970s. He was an intellectual disciple of the late Francis Parker Yockey, who roamed Europe and North America in the 1950s futilely attempting to build an underground movement. Carto met Yockey only once – in San Francisco in 1960, when Yockey was in jail awaiting trial for possession of false passports. Several days after their meeting, Yockey committed suicide in his cell by taking cyanide. Carto, already an ultrarightist, dedicated himself to carrying out Yockey’s mission to save Western civilization.
This mission was set forth in Yockey’s ‘Imperium,’ a 600-page synthesis of Nazi racialism and Oswald Spengler’s philosophy of history. The book was dedicated to the ‘Hero of the Second World War’ (Hitler). But Carto, although devoted to Yockey’s ideas, had no illusions about Yockey’s tactics. Instead of engaging in inept conspiracies, he concentrated on building a political movement and developed a populist cover ideology. Although he discreetly sold ‘Mein Kampf’ and ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion‘ by mail, he publicly denied being either a Nazi or an anti-Semite – he was merely ‘anti-Zionist.’
Carto defended Hitler‘s heritage, not by saying the Holocaust had been a good thing, but by denying that it ever took place. He founded the Institute for Historical Review to prove that the alleged murder of six million Jews was a hoax invented by Zionists to make people feel sorry for them. Carto went so far as to publish a theory that the gas ovens at Auschwitz were really just an industrial facility for converting coal into oil, operated by happy well-fed Jewish prisoners.

Carto’s Liberty Lobby, based in Washington, D.C., and nominally headed by Colonel Curtis B. Dall (a former son-in-law of President Franklin D. Roosevelt), enjoyed friendly ties with conservative congressmen. It published a weekly tabloid, ‘The Spotlight,’ which by 1979 enjoyed a paid circulation of almost 200,000 (Circulation peaked at 315,000 in 1981 and had fallen to about 90,000 by 1992. George & Wilcox, 260). Its articles championed income-tax rebels, protested the plight of family farmers, and promoted quack cancer cures such as laetrile. Its favorite political targets included the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Henry Kissenger, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the ‘Zionist entity’ in Palestine.” (King, 39-40)

What kind of a man is Carto? The answer to that question is suggested by his writing:
There are 600 million Chinese and about 200 million Russians. All united in a determination to destroy the West. And we have been so misled that we live in a dream world – far away from reality. Hitler’s defeat was the defeat of Europe. And America. How could we have been so blind? The blame, it seems, must be laid at the door of the international Jews. It was their propaganda, lies and demands which blinded the West as to what Germany was doing. — from a letter to Norris Holt
Who is using who? Who is calling the shots? History supplies the answer to this. History tells us plainly who our Enemy is. Our Enemy today is the same Enemy of 50 years ago and before – and that was before Communism. The Communists are “using” the Jews we are told … who was “using” the Jews fifty years ago – one hundred or one thousand years ago. History supplies the answer. The Jews came first and remain Public Enemy No. 1. — a memo to himself
In fact, no objective Scholar can deny today that the world would be a far better place to live if Germany had won – even if it had meant the defeat of American arms!

Let us first understand who won and who lost the last war. The victors were Soviet Russia, international Communism, Red China, Israel, international Zionism, the international money manipulators (Wall Street-CFR crowd) and rising colored nationalisms the world over.

Let us now name the losers: All of the European nations, most certainly including Britain and her now non-existent Empire, the United States, White world-hegemony and the idea of the war-preventing, world-saving philosophy of nationalism and non-interference in the affairs of others. ……….

(Hitler and Chamberlain, incidentally, and contrary to the massive lies told about “Munich,” worked out a sensible and workable agreement at Munich to save Europe from a war. In return for a free hand in the east, Hitler guaranteed Chamberlain that Germany would not contest Britain’s dominance on the seas, or covet any of her colonies. The deal was broken by the war-madness stirred up by the British press in obedience to the financial power after Hitler marched on Poland – and also by pressure from Roosevelt.)


Israel and Zionism would be unknown – still a crazy dream in the minds of a few fanatics – and the secret international power of the Zionist conspiracy would not be in existence nor the manifold culture distortions which flow from this disease source into all of the western nations. ……….

Juvenile delinquency would be uncommon because the youth of America would be filled with patriotism, the natural aftermath of defeat in war, and there would be something to aspire to. Desegregation and the cultural negrification of America would be unknown. ……….

What would have been the effect of a German victory inside Germany? It is important to remember that Hitler’s ambition stopped in Europe – he would have gone no further. He would have stopped if for no other reason that he yearned to build Germany into an architectural paradise. The result of German victory would have brought a true internationalism of Europe! The United Europe only dreamed of today would have been a certain result of the war. ……….

The important thing to note is that a German victory would have assured that the life-span of the White world would have been extended for many centuries more than now seems likely; indeed, for the “thousand years” promised by Hitler. — from American Mercury, Summer 1973

By the way, the author of this last article is “E. L. Anderson, Ph.D.”, which is an alias for Carto.

What kind of a man is Willis Carto? You tell me…

In 1955 Carto founded Liberty Lobby as a right-wing political pressure group in Washington D.C., and has been running it ever since.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s 1994 infiltration report has this to say about Carto:

Willis Carto is the most influential professional antisemite in the United States. He is the founder of Liberty Lobby, the Institute for Historical Review, the Noontide Press (which distributes a wide range of racist and antisemitic titles), and the Populist Party, whose 1988 Presidential candidate was David Duke. Carto’s name came up in nearly every conversation held between Ron Furey, S.W.C. researcher, Richard Eaton, and the neo-Nazis. Literature produced by the Carto organization is widely read by German’s radical right. In addition, several of those interviewed know Mr. Carto personally.


Liberty and Property

Diamond tells us that “…Carto had also run an outfit called Liberty and Property, and published a monthly newsletter called ‘Right’, from 1955 to 1960. Through ‘Right’ Carto attempted to link the segregationist Citizen’s Councils with the grassroots anti-communist groups of the McCarthy era, and with some of the unsuccessful racist splinter parties of the time. As it grew, the Liberty Lobby would later downplay its Klan and neo-Nazi movement connections. But the pages of ‘Right’ are a goldmine of evidence on the Lobby’s racist origins and agenda. Carto recommended that his readers join up with George Lincoln Rockwell’s American Nazi Party, whose leader J. B. Stoner was convicted for the 1958 Klan bombing of the Bethel Baptist Church in Alabama.”