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Grigori Khaskin ([email protected]) wrote:
: Konrad Korzeniowski ([email protected]) wrote:
: : My previous remark regarding length of time you spent today writing this
: : stuff was incorrect. Actually you began it on soc.culture.polish around 6
: : AM.

: : Are you Anna Kot mentally challenged? Think kid how much money you could
: : make during that time if you focussed on something much more constructive.

: It was a post recently from [email protected]
: (Desmond Coughlan) at Grolier Interactive Europe
: in the other NG spammed by that animal.

: Here I reproduce the most of it.
: Enjoy, if you can.

: G.K.

: =====================================================================
: “[email protected]”‘s real name is William Gruber, although he
: changed his surname to Grosvenor, after being convicted of
: embezzlement and assault in his home town of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in
: England. He moved to Canada, where he was again convicted of
: embezzlement. In the 1980s, Mr Gruber was a patient at the Riverside
: Psychiatric Hospital, where he was diagnosed as suffering from
: paranoid delusions.

: He claims to have owned many businesses in Canada, and to have been
: resident there for over thirty years, but this is inconsistent with
: his other claims to have been a Malaysian Government Official during
: the seventies.

: Most of Mr Gruber’s posts these days are to the newsgroup
: “alt.activism.death-penalty”, where among other things, he espouses
: the execution of gays, Jews, blacks, lawyers and judges.

: Mr Gruber is a well known neo-Nazi, and is presently under
: investigation by the Edmonton Police, in the Canadian province of
: Alberta, as well as by the hate crimes division of Vancouver Police.
: The former can be reached via e-mail, at:

: [email protected]

: Alternatively, you may call Detectives Dave Johnson (403-421-3576), or
: George Sidor (403-421-3584) and relay your concerns concerning the
: actions of this anti-Semite.

: His past rantings have also been well documented by the Nizkor Group, an
: Internet anti-hate group. Their dossier on him can be viewed at:

: In addition, there exists an FAQ on Mr Gruber, a copy of which I have
: archived on my home page, at:

: (page does not exist)

: Click on the main photograph in the centre of the screen, and you will
: be given instructions on how to view and/or download the FAQ.


: I apologise to the readers of the newsgroups to which Mr Gruber
: spammed his racist nonsense, but I felt that you all deserved to know
: the sickening past of this person. If, after viewing the dossier on
: the Nizkor site, and the FAQ on my site, you desire further
: information, feel free to access DejaNews (,
: and to search for his past posts. His various identites have
: included:

: [email protected]
: [email protected]
: These are two ISPs from whom this piece of Nazi pigshit has already
: been removed. His present ISP, Canada Direct, seems content to allow
: the dissemination of such fascist garbage. If you wish to register
: your disapproval of this, feel free to e-mail Dave at:
: [email protected], or send faxes to: (604) 602-1700.
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