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>>}Mrs. Colby said he ws very strong, in superb physical condition and a
>>}highly skilled boater.
>>He was also an old man. Not EVERY accidental death that occurs during
>>the Clinton Administration is necessarily the result of foul play.

> Then where’s the body? Even without a life jacket, normal decay
>process should have bloated the body and brought it to the surface
>by now.
Well, I guess they found the body now. All of officialdom was out looking
for it. And if the body shows any signs AT ALL of foul play, is there
anyone average citizen out there foolish enough to believe that THAT will
come out on nationwide TV news? Look at the way evidence has been
scrambled in the Vincent Foster “suicide.” All the people I talk to who
have a certain ability to stay abreast of (or ahead of) the news believes
that Colby caught a bad case of the “CIA flu.”

This brings us to an interesting thought. The whole continuance of
ruling by the use of secret and violent governmental dirty tricks seems
more and more to depend on the least observant and most gullible segment
of society. But I perceive a motion there, I see that this gullible
segment of society is dwindling, maybe at an acceleration pace. When it
gets very small, so that the “smarts” way outnumber the “dumbs,” what
will happen then? H. Ayre.

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There will never be gun sweeps in this
>country…only possibly the use of arms by those unqualified or felons
>and maybe…we can all get rid of those oozie type weapons…we don’t
>need them for target practice or hunting.
Dear Lu, Forgive me for saying that this is a bit incoherent. The
unsupported statement that there will never be gun sweeps in this country
is an unsupported personal opinion, not a statement of fact. Someone else
may feel that we will experience a Federal gun grab. That also would be
an opinion. One can only judge which is closer to the mark by observing
the recent flow of opinions and legislation.

And by the “oozie type weapons” I think you mean the Uzi machine pistol
manufactured by peaceloving Israel, weapons of this sort, rapid fire
without too much accuracy. (Kill ’em with pounds of lead, not a clean
shot to the heart!) True enough, it is a military weapon. But what if the
government regards its own people as the enemy? H. Ayre.

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