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Volume XII, Number 12 “Separate or Surrender” November 1994
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From the Editor

The Last Straw

Freedom’s Voice

A Separatist Speaks Douglas Christie

On a Present-Day Hero
Gun Control

From the Editor:

by Keltie Zubko
We all have a particular style with which we fight for freedom. Some explode with
energy, but then fade away quickly. Others persist…and persist…and persist. I can
hardly wait to see my son Cadeyrn when he adopts a cause. Right now he’s fond of
donning his full set of (pretend) armour, his shield, and his sword, and charging
throughout the house proclaiming at the top of his lungs that it’s “Cadeyrn Nicholas
Christie, Battle King of all time, to the rescue.” If only it were that simple! After
about 14 years of watching people arrive, stay for awhile and then depart this
movement it seems that there are two kinds: those that arrive with fanfare,
contribute what they have, and quit like falling stars, and then there are those
who’ve quietly, almost gently come upon the scene, and are constant and remain no
matter what difficulties crop up to taunt them. Two examples come to mind, but
there are as many as there are people I’ve known in the movement: The first one, the
kind that inevitably does give up, wrote a letter to Doug this past month, saying,
among other things, the following: “I’m responding to your challenge to explain my
decision not to renew my membership in WCC. When the original reminder notice
came in the mail I put it aside with the intention of renewing my commitment to a
political party and leader whose ideals mirrored my own. For the next few weeks
the reminder and return envelope stared back at me while a long repressed
realization came to the surface. It will never happen. “The people of Western
Canada are simply too ignorant and thought-controlled to ever effectively stand up
against the brave new world. The battle was lost long ago. And the date of my letter
[November 11th], although a coincidence, caused me to reflect again about the
Canada and world that was. Even if the political objectives were achieved, it would
demand military might to maintain the victory. They would not allow it to happen.
“I credit you with opening my eyes to the realities of the modern era. Your
determination and drive are more than just inspiration. But faced with my growing
realization I would rather quit outright than soil your continuing efforts. “God bless
Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of letters like that could have been written over the
years. The second kind of person is epitomized by someone who has helped the
Western Canada Concept for eight years, and has recently been forced to stop
fulfilling the duties she’d assumed, only because her eyes have physically and
possibly irrevocably given out. That person has painstakingly, day by day, in what
would be considered the late retirement years, taken charge of the memberships and
renewal records of the party, keeping detailed note of every transaction, every
dollar, every piece of correspondence, every change of address, and so on. Only now
when quite suddenly she absolutely cannot see, after her vision has been
deteriorating for several years now, has she had to give up this work. And it’s a real
loss for the party. Now don’t think she hasn’t felt the same despair as the younger
man, the letter-writer. I know she has, though she’d never waste time admiting it.
We all have a different tolerance level of rejection. For example, I’ve been called
“Pollyanna,” in a rather disparaging manner, as if I delude myself by believing that a
new nation is actually possible. And the person who has called me that happens to be
one of the most persistent, determined, some might say “pigheaded” people I know,
one whose efforts for western Canada couldn’t be matched by me, that’s for sure. So
which of us harbours the more positive attitude? It’s true that it does look pretty
bleak for Western Canada at times. We wonder if we haven’t reached the point of no
return in so many areas of life, the effects of our immigration policies, for example.
The effects of over-taxation, for another. Our mental dependence upon the Canadian
state of mind, for another. But the question still remains as to what kind of an
existence it would be to actually give up. And when you have children, you need to
maintain that self-delusion, so that you can continue to try build something for
them. The letter writer has children. What will he tell them, by his example, about
the kind of life they can expect for themselves — that good cannot win, that they
shouldn’t try? I know how Cadeyrn would view that! Trying to achieve a new nation
is not really a very big thing, in a way.It might seem enormous, but day to day, it’s
not. It’s just simply not knocking yourself down, for starters. It’s just having a
positive outlook, maintaining that change is possible. And if you act that out in your
own life, then, you are proving that it possible in the macrocosm, as well. I believe
that change is possible, because I have changed. I believe that good can win because I
see the small victories, day by day. And I’ve seen, over the years, hundreds of older
people who have struggled for western aspirations in so many “little” ways. If you
want a miracle, you first have to create it in yourself. The letter writer says that
Western Canadians are simply too ignorant and thought-controlled to ever stand up
against the brave new world, and then as proof, he offers his own example. There are
so many people who have kept on fighting, expressing their will for independence in
seemingly small ways, that are really enormously brave and in the end, will be
effective. They send post-dated cheques each month. They have distributed
literature, and talked to their friends and their family. They have written letters to
the editor and called talk shows, and written letters of encouragement to anyone who
expresses an interest in western independence. Some of the shyest people in the
world have run as candidates for the WCC, just to get the name on the ballot, and to
carry the flag for the idea. A wonderful, faithful group of people have attended
work parties consistently for over ten years now, to get this newsletter out. People
have been motivated to make speeches, who’ve never spoken before. And now we
are getting more and more younger people who bring inexperience and naiveté and
innocence to the party, but also that spirit that expresses confidence in the future,
their future. If any of you wish to tell the man who wrote the letter why he shouldn’t
give up, I will forward your letters to him, or publish them in these pages, but we
should probably just be grateful for what he did contribute, and keep on our own
path, in our own style.
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The Last Straw

Lately we’ve received letters from people joining the Western Canada Concept, the
movement for Western Independence, with their reasons. It’s interesting to note
what people consider “the last straw.” Below is one such letter:
Quite a while ago, I passed the point where I was leaning toward the idea of western
independence. The straw that really broke the camel’s back, and pushed me to
enclose my membership cheque, was reading in the newspaper about a confessed
illegal immigrant and bigamist being on the Immigration and Refugee Board. I’ve
had it. Please direct monthly mailings to:……..”
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Freedom’s Voice

While there’s life there’s hope.

English proverb, borrowed from Cicero: Ad Atticum, IX, c. 50 B.C.

Hope ever tells us tomorrow will be better.

Tibullus: Elegies, c. 20 B.C.

If it were not for hope the heart would break.

English Proverb, traced by Smith to c. 1200

As wisdom without courage is futile, even so faith without hope is nothing
worth; for hope endures and overcomes misfortune and evil.

Martin Luther: Table-Talk, 1569

True hope is swift, and flies with swallow’s wings;
Kings it makes gods, and meaner creatures kings.

Shakespeare: Richard III, c. 1592

Hope never leaves a wretched man that seeks her.

Beaumont and Fletcher: The Captain, c. 1612

My nature is
That I incline to hope rather than fear,
And gladly banish squint suspicion.

John Milton: Comus, 1637

Appetite, with an opinion of attaining, is called hope; the same, without such
opinion, despair.

Thomas Hobbes: Leviathan. 1651

Great hopes make great men.

Thomas Fuller: Gnomologia, 1732

He that wants hope is the poorest man alive.


Hope is as cheap as despair.


Hope springs eternal in the human breast:
Man never is, but always to be, blest.

Alexander Pope: An Essay on Man, 1732

It is necessary to hope, though hope should always be deluded; for hope itself
is happiness, and its frustrations, however frequent, are yet less dreadful than
its extinction.

Samuel Johnson: The Idler, May 26, 1759

The rose is fairest when `tis budding new,
And hope is brightest when it dawns from fears.

Walter Scott: The Lady of the Lake, 1810

The mighty hopes that make us men.

Alfred Tennyson: In Memoriam, 1850

The setting of a great hope is like the setting of the sun. The brightness of our
life is gone.

H.W. Longfellow: Hyperion, 1839
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A Separatist Speaks, Douglas Christie

This country Canada in everything it does, destroys the best and elevates the worst.
This is really the classic indication of a corrupt society. The worst of it is that the
people generally love to know that this corruption exists in their leadership. They
will flock to buy books like Stevie Cameron’s “On the Take” about Mulroney’s
corruption. But they refuse to see this corruption in themselves. Canadians in the
main have been on the take from their politicians for a long time. These insights
come to me after a long, seven days of trial in which the crown relied upon four
proven liars to convict one man who employed three of them and now employs 10 or
11 others. He was a young, aggressive, straight white male who succeeded in
business and believed in hard work. They hated him. The jury loved losers and
whiners who envied him and eventually admitted they wanted to take his business.
They “compromised” which is the Canadian way. They convicted him on one count
and acquitted him on the other so they could go home. All on much the same
evidence for both. Logic be damned. Justice be damned. We must agree. We don’t
fight. In the 20th century, in at least two great wars and a thousand other battles,
Europeans have destroyed the best and elevated the worst over and over again,
repeating in the macrocosm what I have seen in the microcosm. They have had bad
leadership but they have followed it willingly to their doom. They may have
regretted it but they submitted to their fate. What the third world could not build or
destroy, they, the Europeans have destroyed themselves in fratricidal wars. What the
weak, and whiner could not build or destroy the leadership have torn to shreds
themselves while the people just go alone. We elevate to mythic status Churchill, the
ally of Stalin and Roosevelt. We demonize Hitler. We motivate millions to believe
that the fratricidal war was justified by the holocause. We elevate our fratricidal
war to the status of an official religion, deviation from which demands universal,
instant and complete vilification. For such a people, so embued with their sickness
and love of sickness is their any hope? We make a compulsory state religion, the
great holocause museum, where children learn to hate their ancestors. The jury
sheepishly walked out. At least the men do. They know in their hearts they destroyed
the best. The women are hard, cold, and proud — fierce in their satisfaction that they
have castrated another “dominant” male. The looks on their faces told it all for me.
The women of today have taken the power in the land by the abdication of the men.
The latter in their guilt cannot see fit to assert themselves. They wallow in self-pity.
In the smug society in which we live, their self-hatred passes for humility and they
go along to get along. From such men and such women no good can come. The
nation of Canada continues its slow steady progress to its moral doom. The times are
out of joint! Oh, cursed spite that ever I was born to set it right. These thoughts arise
in the night as I despair of seeing people capable, men or women, of grasping a
vision and lifting themselves to build a new nation, a new people. Can we rise from
this suicidal hatred of goodness and greatness? Can we throw off the nice Canadian
mentality of promoting the worst and rejecting the best as too extreme or too
demanding. They have loved the evil of Trudeau and Mulroney. They embraced
those evil men with enthusiasm. They cast them aside for even worse liars than the
last each time. Should I risk all I have to go and give these people a vision of truth,
freedom, justice, hope? Do they deserve to have a goal of such heroic proportions
offered to them? Their history is full of the rejection of heroic sacrifices and
preference for foolish escapes. There are no easy solutions. But is it not the height of
folly to believe in the possibility of reform of a system made up of such people. If
Canada and all its present identity, government, media, power structure and symbols
of authority remain, then real reform of these people is impossible. Once again I
come to the realization, only in Independence is there any real hope for the spiritual
revitalization of our people and the manifestation of a heroic role model for the
European male. The leader is always the source of such a model. The leader must
always epitomize the ideal of the nation. Our present leadership epitomizes making
clever and unprincipled compromises with the devil. He makes deals to sell our
future to China while opening the doors to the alien invasion to step on the Canadian
treadmill which is seized and grinding slow by the staggering weight of the debt and
taxes too heavy to be borne by the few white males being born here. While I think of
it, the mindless banter of the sheriffs, clerks and reporters while the jury was out in
this case was full of references to the fact that abortion was necessary because only a
two income family could support a child these days. They prefer to kill their babies
rather than change the system or even ask why. My anger burns me up. I ask myself
sleeplessly how have I spent my life while my land and people were consumed by
the fire of their deadly self-deceit? I am fighting small brush fires in a sea of
flames. My life once was devoted to a new country. Now I am devoted to raking
leaves and placing them in a spot to rot. My children are fed, sheltered and clothed
while their future is mortgaged and their culture given away for a mess of pottage,
not by me, but by what I don’t stop. The land they will inherit will be a pale shadow
of the one I knew, a burnt up, stump-filled wasteland of polluted streams and drug
and crime-filled crowded third world cities where they will be hated for the colour
of their skin. Am I really doing the best for them? Those who care for me fear for
me because I am waking to reality. “Go back to sleep!” they say, “like us.” “Don’t let
reality frighten you. It is only a nightmare. Go back to sleep.” This is going on
inevitably, and nothing can stop it, they say. This is the way people are and the way
as they were meant to be. You can do nothing about it. Yet I cannot help but feel this
complacent life of idleness is too much like the drowsy sleep that precedes the final
sleep form the noxious gas which is slowly poisoning us all, men, women and
children. I feel I must arouse myself and fight this sick thing, Canada, with all my
might, while still I can arouse, for it and all its evil works, is killing me and mine
with its sleepy death.
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On a Present-Day Hero

It is the common lot of noble souls never to be known, recognized or appreciated in
their own time, but only when they are gone. This has been made clear as we see the
near loss of Lucien Bouchard. Here was a man, noble in spirit, noble in purpose, and
noble in intellect. Naturally he was hated by those mediocre, imitative opportunists
who rule Canada. He was and fortunately is, the antithesis of every craven and dirty
compromise they have made on the way to making and keeping Canada, this unholy
alliance. You could see on the face of Chretien that he resented even the attention
Bouchard got as he fought for his life. You could see it in the media who were
announcing the demise of separatism even as he was not yet dead. They were only
too quick to count this noble soul out. But God who tests and saves us when we seek
His help was really only demonstrating for all to see the greatness of this man of
principle. He did not surrender and he defeated his foes once again. He will be a
formidable opponent once again. What I liked about him was his clear, unequivocal
stand for separation. His pride in his race. His devotion to his people. His
uncompromising logical analysis of the sick joke that is Canada. My heart went out
to him in his agony. My prayers were with him as he struggled. Though we might
differ on many things, it takes far more selfless nobility to be a Quebec separatist
than a western separatist. I would be one even if it were not economically
advantageous. He is one when it really isn’t, and a successful one. It may be that the
people of Quebec can be bought off for a while as they have in the past. The smart
money once again sees separatism as a near miss in Quebec (although where the
money will come from I don’t know), but it won’t be for lack of effort from the
separatist Bouchard. He has shown the world one miracle perhaps he can show them
another. He must have agreed to let them cut off his leg to save his life. He may yet
on behalf of his people cut off Ottawa to save the soul of his nation, Quebec. Such
heroic men are an inspiration to us all. Let us send him messages of encouragement
and hope. Let us pray God will raise him back to his former vigor. Let us hope that
those who prematurely anticipated his demise are truly rebuked by his renewed
vigor and total dedication to the cause of independence. From miracles like this we
can all draw hope and faith and encouragement. Just when all the pundits predicted
separatism was defeated and didn’t have a chance, a miracle revives and leads us into
this spiritual battle once again. God speed his recovery.
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Gun Control

Cross Country Checkup on December 4th dealt with Mr. Rock’s new gun controls.
Nobody seemed to be able to identify why the ownership of guns is a thing which
those who do believe, believe in so passionately. No one dared say they can’t trust
our government. No one dared say they needed or wanted guns for their protection,
but deep down they do. The real reason for the passion is power and trust, two
realities which are very dear to the people who have them. Guns are power to right
wing freedom-loving people. They are also a symbol that you can be trusted. If
someone asks me to tie one arm behind my back because they don’t trust me not to
hit them, it says something very forceful about me. It’s a slap in the face. Taking
away people’s freedom to own guns says we don’t trust you with power. But that’s
Canada today. Political correctness demands that certain women (i.e. feminists)
must be empowered. Minorities must be empowered. Straight white males must be
emasculated and disempowered. They must give up their power to the feminists,
differently-abled, visible minorities because it is vaguely right to their way of
thinking. But the gun owners are their own worst enemies. They think the system
will play fair. They think by voting Reform or some other party next time, things
will change. By then it will be too late. The cancerous growth of the Canadian state
is irreversible. They only solution is a new nation where freedom for responsible
citizens is a reality, not a negotiable position from which shifty politicians can buy
and sell votes. Once again it is separate or surrender (your freedom and your guns.)
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In a local pool I listened to two accountants discuss the fact that nobody can make
sense out of capital gains exemption rules as they are now promulgated. One said
nobody can be sure what they mean. Another glib and pale young accountant said he
loved the technical detail. This is really symptomatic. The system becomes mere
verbiage. The ancients recognized that the surest symptom of a corrupt society in
decline was a multiplicity of complex laws. This is truly the Canadian disease. The
tax laws are so complex that a battery of accountants cannot decipher them, so many
more are required. Canada is a sick society. Canadian society is so completely
corrupt today that no one with honour could lament the dissolution of this country
of liars and trough-feeding politicians. The Canadian Security Intelligence Review
Committee report is clearly going to be a whitewash. They telephone me from
Ottawa when they see in the press that I am very disillusioned with their pretence of
an inquiry. This is clearly window-dressing. They will never reveal that the
government was involved massively in spying on legitimate dissent to discredit it.
The RCMP was discredited by burning barns and doing illegal acts against Quebec
separatist. Now the CSIS is doing similar acts to please special interest groups and
to make all right wingers “anti-semites” by definition.
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