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Volume X, Number XX “Separate or Surrender” March 1994

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From the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Canada’s “Thirteen Colonies”, Mike Walsh

The Cost of Confederation

How the Canadian Space Agency Became a Quebec Institution, Stephen Strauss

Freedom’s Voice

A Separatist Speaks Douglas Christie

Repudiation Or Confiscation
Anti-White Racism
Confiscation of Property

From the Editor:

by Keltie Zubko
Canadians view things using a collectivist mentality. All is judged on the basis of
what group it belongs to. Some groups are allowed and others are not. Some races
can get away with almost anything, and others need to apologize for existing. The
hypocrisy of the rule by “special interest group” is unbelievably obvious, but
seemingly unseen to the mavens of political correctness in Canada. And always
when we think it has reached its apex, it further astounds us by more examples of
lunacy. This mentality is imbibed within everything, from the Charter of Rights and
Freedoms to our social mores and popular culture. Canada is a country where
discrimination rules everything. We have rule by special interest groups, but some
are permissible and others are not. If you are a visible minority, a handicapped
person, a woman, a person with a certain sexual proclivity, you are having your time
in the sun. But if you are part of the unfortunate group that has been part of the
majority till now, you are out of luck. This was recently emphasized in some
separate incidents in Canada. One was demonstrated by the small article “White
Men Can’t Work” by Steve Payne, in the Toronto Sun, Wednesday, September 28,
1994: Only two out of 10 people getting jobs in Ontario soon will be white,
able-bodied males, a seminar on employment equity was told yesterday. Those
getting the bulk of the jobs will be aboriginals, the disabled, racial minorities and
women. “The future ain’t what it used to be,” said the crystal ball gazer, Lynne
Sullivan, a senior consultant in the Toronto office of management consultants
Towers Perrin, adding the figure was close to reality now. The seminar at the
downtown Crowne Plaza Hotel was to discuss the Ontario government’s new
Employment Equity law. Guest speaker Gord Wilson, president of the Ontario
Federation of Labor, said many past workplace inequities will change. Asked what it
all means to the future of thousands of able-bodied white male schoolchildren, he
replied that the new law was “balancing the scales of justice,” and “whether you like
it or not folks, it’s coming.” Paul Scott, executive director of the Employment
Equity Commission, told the meeting guidelines for employers to comply with the
new law will be ready next week.
Meanwhile a major new report of a study of child health in Canada reports that the
suicide rate for teenaged males has quadrupled since 1960, and children aged 10 to
14 are twice as likely to kill themselves as they were 30 years ago. Are these two
items related? Graham Chance, chairman of the Canadian Institute of Child Health,
which released the report said, “What on earth became of our values, the values that
taught us to care and respect others, to say that justice was so important for each of
us?” [Emphasis added. Ed.] The trouble is, that the concern for individuals has been
eaten up by a focus on one’s place within a group or groups and group identity and
greater concern for them than for the individual. The individual is lost, has no
respect, has no position, unless he belongs to a group. Consider for example, our hate
laws: They are directed at groups. It doesn’t matter if you promote hatred against an
individual, but if you promote hatred against a group identified on the basis of race,
religion, ethnic origin or ???, you could feel the full weight of the law against you,
could spend a maximum of two years in jail. And the same goes for our human
rights legislation. The other incident was the murder of Trevor McCallum, or more
specifically, the media reaction to the murder of Trevor McCallum by a gang of
about 10 Vietnamese youths for nothing more than an altercation over a parking
spot. To identify the race of the group was considered racist. In this case, the
perpetrators are a protected group. Trevor McCallum wasn’t protected in any sense
of the word. He was a member of that group that it’s okay to discriminate against —
young white males. The group that isn’t allowed to attend memorials for the victims
of the Montreal massacre, simply because of his sex. The group that isn’t going to be
able to find work soon, in view of employment equity laws. Another item of note, in
which special interest groups are encroaching upon the “rights” of the majority are
in the matter of sexual “orientation.” Roseanne Skoke, a Liberal MP from Nova
Scotia has been opposing special legislation to consolidate more power for gays, by
opposing any bill that gives them special rights. She said, “To do so would, in my
opinion, provide homosexuals with special legal status which would then open the
door for them to move on and redefine families. I am defending families, not
attacking homosexuals.” Even speaking thusly, defending the majority, she is still
using collectivist terms, forced into doing so, dividing up society, by those who’ve
won the first special interest group rights. There is no recognition of the rights of
the individual; even our Charter rights are all defined by, are subservient to group
rights of some sort. Read section 15 of the Charter wherein is stated: “…” We are
divided by sex, age, race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, politics, etc. The
divisions are growing, and multiplying. And contrary to what Mr. Christie says in
his editorial wherein he says the only factor in common is tolerance, I would say it
is intolerance. Each group has its own ax to grind, its own pressure groups, its own
voracious appetite for its own interests above all. Western Canadians have been
given group identities, too, for example “rednecks.” Reform Party Convention Just
the fact that it was held in Ottawa says it all, as far as I’m concerned. Ottawa that
arrogant, but sterile city. But to hear Deborah Grey, the veteran Reform MP say that
at this convention would finally lay to rest the myth that the Reform party was a
party of western alienation, did the rest. The party that rode to prominence on the
coattails of legitimate Western disaffection with confederation will now toady to
the authors of that alienation. Grey pointed out that there would be over 500
delegates from Ontario and some from the Maritimes and even some from Quebec!
This is good news? Other headlines that came from the Reform convention dealt
with the party’s preoccupation in enforcing its own brand of political correctness
within its ranks.
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Letters to the Editor

Canada’s “Thirteen Colonies”

Dear Editor:
So the Quebec separatists won a clear majority September 12. The victorious Parti
Quebecois (PQ) promises an independence referendum within a year. If the
referendum is successful, Quebec will separate from Canada. Quebec’s departure
will dismantle the Central Canadian empire of the Ont/Que system. This will be its
greatest significance to Western Canada. Ontario and Quebec have acted many times
to reinforce their mutual interest. In the early 1980s when the world price for oil
was forty dollars a barrel, Ontario and Quebec flexed their rep-by-pop muscle and
forced an eighteen dollar production price on Western Canada. Ontario is quite
capable of acting decisively in its own self-interest. In the 1993 federal election that
province returned 98 Liberals out of 99 seats. This denied the country a regionally
responsive “Italian parliament” and ensured Ontario’s control of Canada’s governing
process. Furthermore, it showed the West (with its less than 80 seats) who was
“boss.” In the recent Quebec election the PQ polled 44.7% of the vote: the defeated
provincial Liberals only slightly less at 44.3%. With such a close popular vote,
pundits and opinion-makers now soothe us with the insight that a referendum
cannot succeed. But that is not quite true. The Alliance Democratic got 6.5% of the
vote and its leader elected. As the AD too is separatist, this means a total 51.2%
secessionist vote. The referendum requires an obviously attainable majority of just
fifty percent. Then Quebec will secede. Confederation’s political lens will focus
even more sharply on Ontario’s massive rep-by-pop power. Since 1981 I have been
a part of our region’s tenacious independence group. It has been a privilege. The
mainstream has awarded our group pariah status and consigned its leadership to the
“Orwellian memory hole.” Faced with Quebec’s departure and with an Ontario even
more dominant in Confederation the mainstream has suddenly begun to talk about
some form of western separatism. In fact, it acts like it invented the thing! This
newly-minted regional patriotism has B.C. declaring independence and taking
Alberta with it. (I wonder what Alberta thinks about this?) Manitoba, Saskatchewan
and the territories are to fend for themselves, apparently. Western Canada is an
agricultural and resource-rich region with medium sized pockets of
industrialization. B.C. has forestry, mining, excellent deep sea harbours, a modest
agriculture and fantastic scenery. (I do not say this last derisively as scenery leads to
tourism. In B.C. tourism is big business!) Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are
far provinces. Alberta has lots of oil; Saskatchewan, potash. Manitoba has some
potash and some nickel. The region is blessed with lead, zinc, copper, molybdenum,
gold and uranium. Maybe is even has diamonds! Even more importantly, it has a
responsible, vigorous, hardworking and well-educated population. During the dark
days of the American revolution, the thirteen colonies were something less than
united. Benjamin Franklin was moved to point out that the breakaway regions’
rebels would be “hanged” separately if they did not “hang together.” History shows
that the colonies achieved independence united. And so should we.
Mike Walsh Vancouver, B.C.

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Cost of Confederation

How the Canadian Space Agency Became a Quebec

by Stephen Strauss
(The following column was published in the Globe and Mail of Saturday,
August 28, 1993.) This has been a month of farewells in Ottawa for the Canadian
Space Agency. Beginning next month many people will be relocating to St. Hubert,
30 kilometres south of Montreal. People who have seen the new $80.5-million
building say the architecture is wonderful, but its setting is strictly Russian steppe.
No trees, no restaurants and, it seems, no sense that the outside world will pay
attention to what goes on there. The move, for those who have forgotten its pained
history, has had a very Canadian gestalt — which is to say a French face and an English
face. Quebec lobbied long and hard to have the CSA move there as a way of
bolstering the province’s aerospace sector. It was also a concrete way of showing
that Quebec had an important place in Canada. “The agency might be the best way to
keep the country together,” said then-Conservative-and-now-separatist Lucien
Bouchard. The largely English-speaking technical staff in Ottawa, meanwhile, felt
they were being parachuted into a hostile area. They mayor of St. Hubert had made a
strong anti-federalist pitch during the referendum. Many scientists believed they
and their families were guinea pigs in a political experiment designed to make the
agency a French-speaking place. A good number quit rather than move. My view
was that while the relocation was clearly political, it wasn’t intrinsically evil.
English-speaking civil servants and scientists should be able to make a life for
themselves in the Montreal area. Federal agencies should be able to exist
everywhere. However, my assumptions were based on people in Quebec
understanding that the CSA was special. It wasn’t the provincial branch of a federal
agency, but a national institution that happened to be located in Quebec. It is against
this backdrop that I have been conducting a strange set of discussions with the CSA
over the past year. When part of the agency moved to Quebec more than a year ago,
the receptionists immediately started answering the phone in French. The nasty
journalist in me just as immediately envisaged a spiteful little story about how
anglophones’ worst fears were being realized. But I thought better of it, deciding
more language bile was the last thing Canada needed. So I called the agency and
pointed out to the receptionists that she was working for a federal agency, yet
answering the phone solely in French. She denied this. I called up various folks in
public relations, as well as Claude Rousseau, the personal assistant to agency
president Roland Dore. I described what a public-relations disaster they were
brewing. Everyone was sympathetic. She was supposed to say the name in French
and then “hellos,” explained Mr. Rousseau. I said that didn’t seem very sensible
because unilingual anglophones wouldn’t know where they had called. Why didn’t
the agency say its name in both official languages? Eminently reasonable, said Mr.
Rousseau. Yet nothing changed. The receptionist continued to announce the agency’s
name in French though now she said “good morning” immediately after. I again
protested and was again mollified. Then, when I called several weeks ago, I
discovered the receptionists had dropped the word “Canadian” from the French title.
I called St. Hubert and said it now sounded like the agency was ashamed of being
Canadian. Yes, yes, sympathy, more sympathy, we’ll get right on that, they said. But
when I called last week the agency was still being described by the receptionist as
the Agence Spatiale. I was about to call and suggest they introduce one of those
automated telephone-answering systems that announces an organization’s name and
gives callers a choice of languages in which to conduct the exchange. Then,
suddenly, the words of that eminent 20th-century philosopher, Bugs Bunny, rang in
my ears. “Whata maroon.” I had been assuming good will. I had been saying Ottawa
anglophones were being paranoid when they saw the move as being a Quebec
take-over. I now believe the Canadian Space Agency’s public face expresses the
agency’s new persona. Because of the provincial climate, it does embarrass
francophones to say they work for a Canadian agency, so they have just stopped
saying the damned word Canadienne. To imply in word and deed that English has an
equal footing with French is against the provincial law. And so, almost as a reflex,
francophone staff instinctively enforce the province’s xenophobic rules upon the
CSA. It all makes sense because the CSA has put together a communications
department that is two-thirds francophone, in a country that is three-quarters
English, in a world in which English is the language of space communication. They
have constructed an external-relations division and an executive office that has
absolutely no anglophones. And while slightly more than half the agency still is
native English speakers, they seem restricted to technical ghettos where their
numbers will further diminish if present hiring trends continue. And it seems that
only a maroon would keep pretending the Canadian Space Agency wasn’t being
turned into the de facto Quebec Space Agency. And only a bigger maroon would
support a Canadian space program that is ashamed even to say its name in English.
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Freedom’s Voice

I would have government defend the life and property of all citizens equally:
protect all willing exchange and restrain all unwilling exchange; suppress and
penalize all fraud, all misrepresentation, all violence, all predatory practices;
invoke a common justice under law; and keep the records incidental to these
functions. Even this is a bigger assignment than governments, generally, have
proven capable of. Let governments do these things and do them well. Leave
all else to men in free and creative effort.

Leonard E. Read, Notes from FEE (October 1, 1954)

Always vote for a principle, though you vote alone, and you may cherish the
sweet reflection that your vote is never lost.

John Quincy Adams, 1821

Political control over the money supply is the secret weapon of political
control over the economic lives of the people. Money is only money, but
freedom is, or should be, beyond price. The hand that holds the purse strings is
the hand that can compel obedience. The government that must ask the people
for some of their money must be the servant of the people. The government
that can take the people’s money through deficit spending can become the

Fred G. Clark and Richard S. Rimanoczy “What We Can (But Won’t) Do
About Inflation”

The oppressor no longer acts directly by his own force on the oppressed. No,
our conscience has become too fastidious for that. There are still, to be sure,
the oppressor and his victim, but between them is placed an intermediary, the
state, that is the law itself. What is better fitted to silence our scruples and
what is perhaps considered even more important to overcome all resistance?
Hence, all of us, with whatever claim, under one pretext or another, address
the state. We say to it: “I do not find that there is a satisfactory proportion
between my enjoyments and my labor. I should like very much to take a little
from the property of other to establish the desired equilibrium. But that is
dangerous. Could you not make it a little easier? Could you not find me a
good job in the civil service or hinder the industry of my competitors or, still
better, give me an interest-free loan of the capital you have taken from its
rightful owners or educate my children at the public expense or grant me
incentive subsidies of assure my well-being when I shall be fifty years old?
By this means I shall reach my goal in all good conscience, for the law itself
will have acted for me, and I shall have all the advantages of plunder without
enduring either the risks or the odium.”

As, on the other hand, it is certain that we all address some such request to the state,
and, on the other hand, it is a well-established fact that the state cannot procure
satisfaction for some without adding to the labor of others, while awaiting another
definition of the state, I believe myself entitle to give my own here…Here it is: The
state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of
everyone else. Frederic Bastiat, The State
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A Separatist Speaks, Douglas Christie

Repudiation or Confiscation

The only solution to Canada’s debt problems, short of surrendering the whole of our
wealth to this bankrupt government is repudiation of Canada’s debt after separation
and formation of a new nation. We would owe as much liability to Canada’s debt as
we do to Poland’s or Brazil’s. Some people say this is a drastic solution. The
alternative is much more drastic, i.e. the reduction of each of us to Third World
poverty while the international bankers take our homes, our land and our resources.
We should not allow the government of Canada to tax us to death. There are several
reasons for this. Firstly, the government which created this debt did not reflect the
wishes of Western Canada, the only region which can pay it. That government
which sits or lies at Ottawa was comprised of two thirds from Ontario and Quebec
who created and benefited from the debt. Secondly, those two provinces who control
two-thirds of the House of Commons, who created the debt are not the ones with
the valuable resources to pay it. The resources of the West were used as the security
for the loan. The Bankers would not have given the credit if the resources of the
West were not pledged as security by a government made up in the main of people
from another region. Finally, without repudiation, all the resources of the West, the
real values of agriculture, forestry, fishery, petroleum, minerals and fresh water, and
natural gas, are even now being sold in perpetuity for US dollars to pay the foreign
debt which is really an artificial benefit. That debt created only the principal in cash,
it did not create the interest as well with which to repay it. It was a massive fraud
with foreclosure inevitable when the debt grew as it inevitably would with the
compounding effect of the principal and the unpaid interest. The result is that more
and more of our tax dollars every year goes to pay just the interest on this debt as the
interest accumulates more every year. The deficit is only the increase in the debt
over last year and the Liberals crow they might reduce that to $40 billion this year.
That’s about $2,000 more debt this year than last year for every tax payer. In short,
this cannot go on. This money cannot be repaid. Canada is doomed by its corruption
(i.e. spending over the ability to justify in tax) to do one of two things: 1. Decline to
a debt-ridden third world state of no private middle class property rights and no
ownership of private wealth for production (This may suit the short-sighted poor or
civil servant who thinks all good comes from the government) or: 2. Fracture into
self-sufficient and independent states who repudiate Canada’s debt and start afresh
with a new currency based upon their own productive capacity. In the first
alternative, we are dumbed down to mindless obedience to government and poverty
much like India and China (maybe that explains the massive immigration planned
from these regions.) In the second, we are challenged to develop new ways to do
business and politics in a new nation, to control its borders for immigration and
supply of goods, to create a whole new patriotic ethos and governmental structure
free of those crippling debts. The former takes only progressive submission to a
growing tyrannical government which rules the unruly elements through human
rights commissions, thought police, a controlled media, a severe criminal sanction
for dissenters of thought], all of which we have today in a developing way. The
latter takes a deliberate and courageous stand for independence. Much like the
American s of 1776 but without violence, we could have a referendum like Quebec
and achieve through informing our people of the great advantages independence can
bring. The beauty of the Quebec solution is that it demonstrates a precedent for
peaceful and democratic withdrawal from the disaster that the federal government
has in store for us. No wonder the government-controlled CRTC regulated and
eastern-owned media are so negative to Quebec independence. The essence of the
debt-ridden, clutching hands of Ottawa is our unwillingness to accept the challenge.
They thrive on the negative. We vote Mulroney out of office, as we voted Trudeau
out of office, as we voted etc. Etc. Etc. Out. Each time the real direction of Canada
remained the same. More debt, more Third World Immigration from countries
where people would submit to anything and surrender anything, in essence a
submissive populace with elite control be it communist or capitalist made little
difference. The point was the people were not free and not involved in either
government or enterprise. This is becoming the way Canada is. The enemies of
freedom have almost got their hands on absolute power by the use of debt. They
soon will dispossess the majority of the past by their new ploy which simply put, is
anti-white racism.
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Anti-White Racism

Look at reality. Massive influx of non-European immigrants of cultures totally
alien to our traditional culture. Schools have to open late in Toronto to
accommodate Jewish new years. Now Muslims want the same treatment naturally.
Someone writes that it may be right to have Christian employees work more hours
than “minority” religious workers. The affirmative action policies of the Ontario
government already mean that 90% of all new jobs must go to non-white males. But
about 50% of the new work force who are now in school are white males. So what
does the government official say when asked what it all means to the future of
thousands of able-bodied white male schoolchildren? He replied that the new law
was “balancing the scales of justice and whether you like it or not, folks, it’s
coming.” The “native Indian,” “First nations,” “aboriginal people” have now secured
for themselves special rights to fish outside the regulations which apply to the other
fishermen (or fisher-persons, to be politically correct). Except for a small number
of Vietnamese fishermen this means European white males who have to obey
Department of fisheries regulations while native males can do as they please. Recent
news indicates that some Vietnamese fishermen don’t pay much attention to
regulations anyway. Enforcement of regulations is too much of a problem for the
department of Fisheries from Ottawa, anyway. Most are from Quebec, bilingualism
being their means of promotion and they really don’t relate to the West coast.
People on the basis of race have received rights to fish and keep land out of the tax
system. The eastern media both CRTC-controlled electronic media and the
Eastern-owned newspapers applaud Ottawa where they can and ignore criticism as
racist if they can’t in regard to these issues while the government of Canada carries
on with a policy which can only be called anti-white racism. The whole Canadian
way of life is sick. Our European heritage is being progressively undermined while
a whole range of other cultures are being promoted. The essence of the new culture
is tolerance, tolerance of anything. The crime in Canada continues to increase and
become more and more violent as the attitudes of the Third World become the
attitudes of our streets. Violence is becoming racial while Ottawa demands that
whites be silent about it or be labeled racist. Trevor McCallum was not a racist
when he was shot and killed by a swarming mass of Vietnamese youth on Gorge
Road in Victoria recently. But if anyone speaks about the identity, motives of habits
of his killers, they will be called racist if they are white. It is even considered racist
to use the word “white.” It is spate out like a word of hate by the liberals who have
been taught to hate the word white as it connotes to them KKK or violence against
innocent Blacks. But preserving European cultural dominance here is really
preserving the reason most people from other lands who came here did so. It was the
reason this was a good place to live. Everyone who was peaceable was treated fairly
and by one standard. Take European cultural values out of dominance and what
remains will be a battlefield of conflicting cultures and values which will create a
chaos and disunity like never seen before. The United Nations may seem real in the
ivory tower of New York where the well-paid officials of the world nations meet.
But it doesn’t mean much in the streets of Bosnia, Somalia, or South Africa, all of
which are an ethnic conflict of enduring proportions, matched by many other places.
The lesson is plain, one culture, one language, one nation is essential for stability,
peace, progress and order. Multiculturalism as in India is a recipe for conflict, and
either stern government repression of chaos. In either case, individual freedom and
property are nonexistent. This is the way the government of Canada has been going
for many years. Western Separatism, the formation of our own nation with one
culture, one language and one government true to our European Christian cultural
heritage is essentially a step back from the precipice that Canada has brought us to.
Because the leap is not once and for all but rather a steady decline, it is never too
late to build our own plateau, withdraw from multiculturalism and begin to solve
our own problems first (outside the escapist role of world’s policeman in the UN.)
Western Canada has the means to peacefully democratically and wisely separate
from the sinking ship of debt-ridden Ottawa. Its sniveling servants have
systematically reduced us to taxpaying slaves of a system which neither protects us
from crime nor preserves our hard-earned property from confiscation.
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Confiscation of Property

The federal system cannot control the criminals so it seeks to placate the liberals
once again by confiscating guns They had a willing tool in Mr. Rock. He will
gradually take away fire power from the people who as law and order break down
might resist the planned spiral into Third World status. So in typical Orwellian
double speak, will seize their guns to fight crime. The only crime he is afraid of is
their capacity to resist the dictates of the socialist new world order. But the
gun-owners are their own worst enemy; once again the enemies of freedom have
them corralled under their own leadership who lead them like lambs to the
slaughter. Their leaders, the “Responsible Gun Owners” leadership demand
meetings and petitions to Ottawa, which can use them to identify those people even
more. They also exploit them for political gain. At the end of such a rally at
Brandon in front of about 3,000 people, the organizer announced he would run for
parliament as a liberal and sought their help to get himself nominated in the next
election. Once again, too little, too late. The only solution for gun-owners, like the
owners of any private property who don’t want to see it confiscated is separation
from the tax-gobbling monster who is taking it all Ottawa and all its works.
Anything short of separation merely surrenders piecemeal a heritage of freedom and
prosperity that our forefathers fought for. We must realize that Canada has become
a sinking ship and escape it while we can. Our cultural heritage, our personal
freedom, our resource wealth, the private enjoyment of our property all are being
sacrificed in Ottawa on the alter of multiculturalism and big socialist government.
The solution will not be found in anything but independence. Certainly not in apathy
or despair.
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