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Volume XIII, Number I “Separate or Surrender” January 1995
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From the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Don’t Bet Money Against Parizeau, Stockwell Day Sr.
A Draft Declaration of Independence for Western Canada, Johnn Lentsch

Freedom’s Voice

A Separatist Speaks Douglas Christie

Upcoming Meetings

From the Editor:

by Keltie Zubko
I have a dear friend who regularly comes over, quite unexpectedly sometimes, and
does our family’s ironing. She’s in her seventies, is far from affluent, has arthritis in
her hands and is also raising her seven-year-old grandson. She tells me as she irons
(while I venture back and forth between checking on the children and other jobs) of
the terrible things she sees on television about the way the world is going now — the
weirdness, the perversion, the silliness, the no-holds-barred “social phenomena” as
revealed on talk shows. This causes her great despair about the state of the world,
and she wonders, as she expertly moves the hot iron from sleeve to cuff, from shirt
back to shirt front, if we aren’t indeed headed toward the end times. She especially
worries about the future for children like mine, and like her grandchildren. When
she leaves, not stopping for a cup of coffee or tea, and as I thank her for the help that
makes it possible for me to get something else done, she tells me very seriously that
“we have to help each other.” I sense in her seriousness the awareness of some great
threat to society that in her efforts to help me and others, she is holding at bay. She’s
not wrong. Events and organizations in our society have assumed such a size that the
individual feels his significance and the size of his will shrinking proportionately.
Did you know that there’s even a word now that means “one million dead persons,”
coined to describe the hypothetical victims of a nuclear explosion? If you dwelt on
it, it could indeed make you feel unimportant. Businesses have become megaliths
that span the world, and the word “chain” as in “a chain of stores/banks/institutions”
has slowly given way to the meaning of the chains that bind. For example recently
the huge “Toys R Us” moved into Victoria. Even before it opened a small, privately
owned toy store in the same mall closed its doors. The megastore’s opening at 8:30
a.m. one Saturday morning was an event bringing droves of parents and children and
clogging nearby parking spots for hours. It was promoted as an incomparable event
of significance. The next thing, and perhaps unrelated, was that a smaller toy store
chain has gone out of business. Meanwhile, the very small group of “alternative” toy
stores in Victoria, having a more basic philosophy, think they will survive and keep
struggling against the onslaught of “big is better,” “more is better” and “licensed” is
best of all. The same is true with our clothing stores and book stores which present
the same look for the body and the same mindset for the brain, coast to coast,
country to country. “Alternative” has become the keyword to maintaining
individuality. But just try to find a radio station that presents ideas of real
controversy amid the many available in your area. Just try to find an original
thinker. People’s lives have been dwarfed in this manner ever since the onset of the
electronic age, heralded by the invention of the telegraph. We’ve had events that
make us all feel microscopic, because of the instantaneous transmission of ideas. It is
ironic that Woodstock, the concert that was supposed to epitomize the rebellion of
the sixties really only derived its fame from the vastness of its stoned numbers.
Meanwhile people are forced to live in larger groups, i.e. “developments” or
“complexes,” and the education system fosters acceptance of all this. So does “our”
media: try finding unique writers or journalists that have a truly different way of
looking at or presenting things, or a bit of courage. And when you do find them (for
example, Doug Collins, who writes for the North Shore News) you’ll notice that
they are both revered by those who value individualism and constantly assailed by
the forces of homogeneity. The single person also gets lost in politics. You can’t
succeed in politics, have no “credibility” unless you are part of a group, far larger
than yourself — a party, and this fact causes great problems to the idealists who want
to do something in politics (you can’t defy the consensus) as well as the pragmatists
who herd those idealists around (you never know when you’re going to lose control
of the masses). It gives real meaning to the truth that in any master-slave
relationship, there are really two slaves. It’s groups against groups, and individuals
only have significance if they qualify as a “leader” of that group. But leaders aren’t
leaders anymore because they have to be responsive to their own collective, and
sensitive to all other so-called legitimate groups. Thus those who appear to have an
identity that stands out beyond the group often really don’t, either. It’s an illusion
that we justify by claiming “Oh, he leads from behind, from the grassroots.” But no
one ever asks for the “grassroots'” opinion unless it is to be part of a larger
“opinion” for a survey, or a poll, or a study. Only special interest groups have
power. For example, if someone wants to intervene in a court case they have to
prove that they are a group, and have the numbers to qualify as a voice for a major
segment of society that will be affected, or can shed special light upon the issue
involved. Whatever happened to the significance of one man, saying something true?
So most people do nothing about the things that matter to them above and beyond
the basic necessities for their existence and the existence of their families. They are
content with very little, because they don’t believe anymore that they can make a
difference, even as a small cog in a big wheel. We just do what we can, being as one
of my brother would say, “ekers”, generally forgetting about noble causes, ideals, or
simply changing things. And then to justify our inaction we give big threatening,
overpowering — no, paralyzing names — to the forces we identify as responsible for this
state of being: The New World Order, the conspiracy, etc. When our fears reach
such immense proportions as that, we should realize that the one thing such forces
truly cannot control is our own will, our own choice to move or not to move, our
own choice to open our mouths or not, our own desires, our own minds. You think
I’ve oversimplified things, don’t you? I just remember my friend with the
arthritis-knotted hands who comes to do my ironing. She could more easily forget
about ironing Doug’s shirts, and forget about her grandson’s homework. I tell her
she should rest and she tells me she’ll rest when she’s dead. The other thing we
should remember is the importance of everything we do. No word of truth or good
action is ever wasted, no matter how seemingly small. There is always something
we can do. Sometimes, it’s our own habits, our own laziness, our own reluctance to
change, coupled with fear, that stops us. Not the conspiracy. Doug has taught me a
lot about fighting for change. He’s been criticized, I know, for doing things the way
he’s done them, for example, by not waiting until things are perfect, before doing
something. No, he just gets an idea and goes ahead and acts upon it, whether all the
aspects of it are developed or not. He gets it done. It may not satisfy my desire for
stylistic flawlessness. But it gets done. I can learn a lot from Cadeyrn, as well, who
does so much with whatever materials are at hand, working with what he can find
around the house, taking bits and pieces of raw materials and making his airplane or
his popgun or his slingshot. And he creates his dream in face of people’s demands
that he do it “the way it should be done,” i.e. conform! True, he doesn’t have forty or
fifty or sixty years of society telling him he’s insignificant, and he should be afraid
to defy convention, but it’s his view of what he can do, and the view of my friend
who does the ironing, that are more accurate than those sometimes overpowering
voices demanding we all give up.
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Letters to the Editor

Don’t Bet Money Against Parizeau

To the Editor:
Most Canadians appear to take comfort in the belief that when Quebecers confront
the separatist ballot box they will vote with their wallets. The continuing vision of
drawing more dollars out of Ottawa than they put in will prevail. However, this
time there will be a difference. This time the separatists, or souvereignists if you
prefer, will be led by a supremely competent and brilliant tactician, Jacques
Parizeau. Unlike most Canadian publications Alberta Report has not overlooked his
well-documented credentials. While the Rest of Canada (ROC) will exploit the
pocket book magnetism as a weakness Parizeau, not unaware of this historical
characteristic, will see it as the strongest plank in his campaign. His troops are in the
field now describing the excess of funds pumped into Quebec in excess of those
extracted as a pittance compared to the 25% of the ever-increasing national debt for
which their province is held liable. It is not difficult for his troops to describe the
danger of continuing in a federation where financial control has been irretrievably
lost, or more correctly, given away. They will ask the voters of Chicoutimi, Trois
Pistoles and Sept Isles why, when we continually export more than we import, we
go to foreign banks for our monetary needs? The pocket book syndrome will really
kick in when it is explained that the Canadian constitution provides for our own
bank of Canada to perform this function. The new Bank of Quebec, instead of
Tokyo, would collect the interest on behalf of “les habitants”. Parizeau knows that
control is the key word. Not only does it translate exactly, but to the Franco ear it
has a 200 year old emotional ring. It is what they lost on the Plains of Abraham and
have sworn to recover ever since. Parizeau’s troops will talk not only about
monetary control but all the other areas where Ottawa has lost it. When they say
Ottawa has lost control over immigration and quote the statistics of countries of
origin compared to forty years ago, the ROC will thunder “racists”. Parizeau will
recite the numbers and respond, (“by Jove!”) it is indeed federal immigration policy
that qualifies for the title. “Quebec will have to take control.” His troops will
lament Ottawa’s loss of control over crime and the new Quebec will restore it.
Perhaps short of bringing back the guillotine, but the suspicion will linger. Loss of
control in the courts will be illustrated by rulings that the accused can use having
“one over the eight” as a defense and be acquitted. Or that co-habitating sodomites,
“les fifis” as they say in Baie Comeau, qualify as a family. “Homophobes” will cry
the ROC and Parizeau will say “tut tut” while the troops hand out their new “deux
fifis une famille? Pas chez nous!” bumper stickers. Parizeau will be a model of
magnanimity as he extends the hand of friendship to the native population. “Be part
of our new country” he will urge, “and enjoy all the same rights and privileges as the
rest of us. Together we will enjoy the benefits of our Great Whale Project.” The
ROC will bluster as the pollsters apologetically release the latest results. Then will
come the period of short answers to the anticipated sticky questions: The St.
Lawrence running through different countries? “Like the Nile, the Danube and even
the Columbia.” Federal buildings in Quebec? “We will not expropriate. Just pay us
the taxes.” How can Quebec survive economically? “We have more land and
national resources than any country in Europe.” What about oil? You have none.
“Our hydro power has hardly been tapped, and unlike Alberta’s oil it is
non-polluting and inexhaustible.” Quebec’s share of the debt? “Ah yes. We are
honest people. Just bring us the notes which we have signed.” Breaking up Canada?
“Au contraire. Ottawa, by giving up control over finance, immigration, Indian
affairs, crime and morality has broken up Canada. Quebec will pick up the pieces,
the precious fragments of a once-great nation.” Canada could learn a great deal
from Jacques Parizeau and the separatist campaign by putting its acting together,
taking control. It might not be in time to stop the lonely march to separation but it
might prevent it from becoming a coast to coast parade.
Stockwell Day, Sr. Edson, AB
Ed. Note: Stockwell Day Sr. Is not to be confused with his son, Hon. Stockwell
Day, Alberta Minister of Labour who may, or may not, share the views
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A Draft Declaration of Independence for Western

by John Lentsch
Editor’s Note: Although this was written a few years ago, it is very current,
and still applies to the same, old, current situation.
Realizing that our action of a unilateral declaration of independence will create
much discussion and be a cause for many people to question our motives, we deem it
necessary to make this declaration of the reasons for our discontent and our need for
separation from Canada. We believe that all persons in being given the gift of life
have also been given an individuality which they must have the opportunity to
develop through freedom to produce intellectually and physically the means to live
happily upon this earth. To secure these rights men and women have instituted
government which derive their powers from the consent of those governed. If a
government so formed ceases to perform its function for its people, it is the Right of
that People to alter it. If that government has strayed so far from its intended
purposes, it is also the Right of that People to create a new government formed to
their needs. A people generally has a loyalty to a government that they or their
forefathers have created and are loath to crate a new form unless there has been a
long history of the abuse of their democratic rights and principles. A study of the
history of the Canadian Federal Government will show the reasons why the people
of Western Canada have been alienated. The following facts proclaim that the
Federal Government of Canada has nullified and abolished its right to govern
Western Canada. It has, like a thief, stolen the democratic right of the
representatives of the people to discuss matters of singular importance in the lives of
the people by resorting to “executive legislation”. Example:
1. Institution of the metric system and outlawing the imperial system;
2. Institution of bilingualism across Canada to the discrimination of all other
linguistic groups or cultures;
3. Establishment of a new national security service;
4 Imposed tariffs on certain goods which proves very burdensome to the people of
Western Canada while favoring Eastern Canada. Furthermore, the government has
used every means at its disposal to create a power block with which to ensure its
continuing power over the people. Example:
1. The Federal Government appoints senators who are of its own party which assures
agreement with its policies but this does not allow for regional representation.
2. In the same ways as above, the Federal Government appoints judges to the
Supreme Court of Canada.
3. The Federal Government seeks to strengthen federal power and weaken provincial
Furthermore, the Federal Government has not taken any initiatives to develop more
equitably the industrial potential of our western provinces but has stifled such areas
by imposing tariffs and added inequalities in transportation costs.
Furthermore, the Federal Government has used its power not for the good of the
people but for the increase of its own power. Example:
It has attempted to take the natural resources of the provinces and failing that it has
used its power to wring concessions and taxes from the governments of the people of
the western provinces such as in the matter of oil and natural gas.
Furthermore, it has consistently pursued a policy of keeping secret from the people
many items of business of which it conveniently says, “This is classified material”
or “Knowledge of this at this time is not in the best interest of the people.”
Furthermore, the Federal Government has made multitudes of new offices and civil
servant positions far beyond the needs of the country and it has shown itself
incompetent to control this bureaucracy.
Furthermore, the Federal Government has failed to control the level of debt which
also is far beyond the requirements for the operation of the government of this
country. It has done such in many unproductive areas. This debt, if it does not
bankrupt our country, will create many hardships for our children, who will have to
work for many years to come in order to repay it.
Furthermore, the Federal Government has failed to control the criminal element in
Canada and failed to follow the obvious wishes of the majority of the Canadian
people for the imposition of capital punishment.
Furthermore, the Federal Government has imposed upon Canada a Charter of
Rights, which charter was enacted in England through pressure by the Federal
government because it believed with reasonable certainty that it could not get it
passed in Canada for the people would not agree because of the injustices in it.
Furthermore, this Federal Government has tended to extend grants and loans of
millions of our tax dollars to countries who governments are in violation of the
basic human rights and in many cases may have intruded subversively of otherwise
in our affairs.
Furthermore, this Federal Government has caused us to become suspicious of our
federal police system, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police by allowing, permitting
or abetting the police in activities which are contrary to our ideas of a system of
Furthermore, this Federal Government has continued to waste public tax money on
certain organizations as: L.I.P., and O.F.Y. and C.Y.O. programmes and further
believes that it knows what is best for Canadian citizens and thus deems itself
justified in setting up such organizations as for example, the Canadian Broadcasting
Corporation, to develop us culturally in spite of much opposition to government
Furthermore, this Federal government sees fit to take from the citizens of Canada
the freedom of the airwaves in television and grant licences to a group or groups
who will charge us for TV though public taxes has paid for satellites. Furthermore,
the Federal Government has failed to maintain our military at a strength or
efficiency to ensure sovereignty over our Canadian territory.
Furthermore, this Federal Government has seen fit to give to elected members of the
government a range of pensions after six years of service and such pensions are out
of all comparison with reality, further evidence that it has lost its direction.
We, therefore, in the name of the people of Western Canada, living in the area
known as __________________, do declare that we are absolved of any connection
with Canada and the government of Canada and declare ourselves a free and
sovereign country to be known as ________________________________.
We do also declare that we have full powers to do all things with independence
states have the right to do.
We, the undersigned, set our names to this Declaration of Independence freely and
pledge ourselves to its fulfillment.
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Freedom’s Voice

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow;
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

Alfred Tennyson: In Memoriam, CVI, 1850

(On the Judiciary) This member of the government was at first considered as
the most harmless and helpless of all its organs. But it has proved that the
power of declaring what the law is, ad libitum, by sapping and mining, slyly,
and without alarm, the foundations of the Constitution, can do what open
force would not dare to attempt.

Thomas Jefferson: Letter to Edward Livingston, 1825

Judging from the main portions of the history of the world, so far, justice is
always in jeopardy.

Walt Whitman: Democratic Vistas, 1870

There is no happiness, there is no liberty, there is no enjoyment of life, unless
a man can say, when he rises in the morning, I shall be subject to the decision
of no unwise judge today.

Daniel Webster: Speech in New York, March 10, 1831

Justice is truth in action.

Joseph Joubert: Pensees, 1842

Justice is the sum of all moral duty.

William Godwin: An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice, 1793

We will deny justice to none, nor delay it.

Magna Carta, 1215

I have loved justice and hated iniquity; therefore I die an exile.

Pope Gregory VII: Last Words, 1085
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A Separatist Speaks, Douglas Christie

Many people were a little perturbed by my negative analysis of the mental, moral
and spiritual state of our people which I expressed in last month’s column. It was not
an invitation to surrender; it was a facing of reality. The people perish for lack of
vision. Vision comes from leadership. Western Canada lacks that today. So does all
of the world. We have the oligarchy of the world’s elite. They are an atheistic,
humanistic bunch by and large, whose materialistic vision would homogenize the
world into a one world state, police force, religion and government, in short the
doctrine of the brotherhood of man without the fatherhood of God. The optimism
which I have deep within me arises from a simply reality: all their grandiose
schemes are slipping like sand through their greedy fingers. Every where in the
world we see the internationalists trying to impose world federalism and socialism
and everywhere we see more and more the emergence of the ethno state. Socialism
in the Soviet Union is still the primary mindset. The Soviet Union is still a reality
but it is a dying society. It has lost its vision. The vision of the Chechyn Republic is
a vision based on religious and ethnic unity much like Israel (only it is Islamic). All
the mighty material of the modern Soviet forces is no match for a determined
resistance by even a small but dedicated people. Ethnic unity is the basis of moral
cohesion in the Chechyn Republic much as it is in Israel. It is no surprise that
multiculturalist Bill Clinton, Jean Chretien, John Major all support Russia’s claim.
They do however say “tsk, tsk” over the “brutal” methods. Those methods were
condoned at Waco, Texas and at the Weaver action in Idaho. Why does this make me
optimistic for Western independence? Because it scientifically demonstrates why
the federal state of Canada will fail. Quebec today is the only North American ethno
state. It has a culture. Canada and the U.S. do not. Canada and the U.S.A. once had a
culture but they surrendered it somewhere between 1945 and 1995 and adopted
multiculturalism which is but a prelude to aculturalism. (.I.E. the absence of culture)
Thus Canada and the United States are doomed. Russia has a better chance of
survival if it goes back to its historic roots in language, religion and culture but if
not, it too is doomed. Multiculturalism has become effective in destroying France
and Germany. Even those cases are not irreversible. Western Canada has a cultural
identity still capable of survival. It is based on the land and environment. The
enemies of this culture as much as the socialist international, new world order
multiculturalists are the capitalist internationals who like giant forest companies
and grain companies move around the world making their profits at the expense of
local resource bases of forestry, mining, petroleum, etc. Thus we need to motivate
both left and right to want a nation and to desire it enough to really work for it. This
we are doing and will continue to do. As surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, the
demise of Canada because of its lack of vision and its fiscal mismanagement will be
followed by the emergence of nations from its component parts. The West is by far
the greatest. Flying over western Canada as I frequently do, I see a land rich in
resources and still full of future prospects. But size and development do not create
quality of life or save our natural environment. To worship growth as we have in the
past devalues life and destroys what makes us unique, the magnificence of our
environment. We must not lose sight of our true values. More and more people are
aware of the truth which I have expressed here. Immigration is not necessary or
popular. The Trevor McCallum case which I wrote about some months ago, where a
gang of Vietnamese killed young boy with a shot gun and machete in the presence of
his father at a donut shop, basically as an initiation rite is repeated in the Laotian
“refugee” case of Bounjan Inthavong who beat Kirby Martin in Abbotsford while
his gang buddies held him. One of the latter then shot and killed him. Kirby’s sin
was to try to stop them from vandalizing a truck. This story was hidden on page
B-13 of Victoria Times-Colonist, January 6, 1995. Everywhere a deep anger is
rising against immigration. These instances are the reason. The beaches are denuded
of clams by the same immigrant vandals. Trevor McCallum’s murderers will
probably get off because Vietnamese will not testify. Inthavong was sponsored by an
Abbotsford Church. I wonder if they are liable for this person’s conduct? They
should be. More and more however, Canada’s lack of purpose emerges. The latest
Liberal scam is to give away money (yours of course). They will buy Royal Roads as
a school, a theater in Nanaimo a sewer in Western Victoria. The same old game.
They will tax much more heavily in future to pay for such vote buying. But that will
be later. We as Western Separatists must continue to say I told you so and demand
our friends and neighbours wake up. Gradually they are. Like any reluctant waker
they may not enjoy the experience or be grateful to the watchman, but still we must.
To save our people from despair, bankruptcy and growing government oppression
we must speak out. This we will do by: 1. An ad campaign in B.C., Alberta and
Western Report costing about $1,000 per month. 2. Providing a new and simpler
brochure to our members for mass distribution to simplify the green brochure. 3.
Continue holding meetings around the West as time allows to seek new members. 4.
Invite you to distribute WSP’s to friends by buying them a subscription, or by
sending post-dated cheques to WCC so we can advertise further in radio, and
newspapers. The thing to keep in mind and be proud of, in our past 14 years we have
survived, increased our numbers, educated a lot of people and never, never
surrendered our ideals. Others may appreciate the problem. We alone provide the
solution. You are a vital part of the effort to build a new nation. Keep the faith and
in time your courage will be vindicated.
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Upcoming Meetings

There are meetings planned for the Grande Prairie area on February 8th or 9th. Call
Murray Gauvreau for details at 532-6843. A meeting is planned for Calgary area,
February 7th. Details will be available by calling 242-6742 and ask for George. I
will be speaking in Toronto and Ottawa about that time regarding free speech issues.
The free speech matters will be much in the news in 1995 as Jim Keegstra and
Malcolm Ross proceed in the Supreme court of Canada. Canada has become an
oppressive nation, stifling free speech, banning imported books, seizing guns and
pandering to politically correct pressure groups. One of our enterprising members
from Hythe, Alberta prepared the enclosed post card. You might send it or order
more from us. It has a spelling mistake, but the importance of the message remains
clear. If you want more for your friends just ask and we’ll send them to you. For
freedom’s sake we must do everything we can to fight oppression.
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