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>> :>: No, you have made your point. You [Jean-Francois Beaulieu] are one of
>> :>: the few Francophones I have come across who does not understand French.
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>> :>I thought that de Gaulle once expressed an opinion that basically no
>> :>French Canadians understand French. . .
>> That would not surprise me, but de Gaulle would most certainly have been wrong
>> to say that. I’ll drop that here, as it opens up a totally off-topic
>> discussion and I risk the wrath of moderator Giwer. What I am surprised at
>> though, is the gall of Mr. Beaulieu in thinking he can get away with faking
>> the meaning of “exterminer” and “extirper” in French. Almost as bad as the
>> pathetic effort of Mr. Ehrlich to do the same thing with “exterminate” in
>> English.

>Indeed. However, if one were to put Mr. Beaulieu’s prognostications into
>proper perspective and remember that he has _also_ claimed that: HCN
>would “paste” onto the corpses after a homicidal gassing, implying that
>this would be fatal to the Sonderkommando [1]; that the combustion of a
>human cadaver is an endothermic reaction [2]; and, while citing (the
>discredited) Frederick Berg, that killing people with diesel exhaust is
>”improbable for technical reasons.” [3].
>As we can see above, Mr. Beaulieu has a propensity to entertain some
>rather bizzarre ideas. So, in that light I would argue that one should
>hardly be suprised thatr Mr.Beaulieu would do something so pathetic as
>”faking the meaning of “exterminer” and “extirper” in French.” After all,
>”pathetic” seems to be Mr.Beaulieu’s modus operendi….
Well, I will not speak too much about this first false claim about an
alleged post (not referenced) where I’m supposed to have say that nowhere in
a french dictionnary the word ausrotten hadn’t at least ‘exterminer’ among
2 definitions, nor about the reference to the diesel story which was a small
paragraph from one A. Allen and M. Weber article where they spoke mainly about
the killing with vapor (I posted this article here) neither about the so
called endothermic reaction while the reference given by you says rather that
the activation energy require external heat to maintain the reaction ( except
for the fat), something that is quite different than an endothermic reaction,
but rather about the claim that HCN would paste on the bodies and be fatal
to the sonderkommandos: according to the reference you gave, my claim was the
contrary. If I’d have distorse the meaning of references like you did, obvious-
ly you’s have jump on your computer and type a 800 lines reply to denounce
a lie. But I’m not grudgebearing: I will even give you an advice that can
help you to live older. Do you know, Mark, that someone who seems very
aware about medicinal properties told me today that if you eat 19 kilograms
of garlic each week for the rest of your life, you can avoid cancer? Don’t
tell me I’m not a nice man, lucky guy.

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