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This is the most powerful condemnation of the international zionist
agenda I have ever read. it is worth spending some time on this.
It took incredible courage for Leland Lehrman to write this and
place it before the whole world. Its importance cannot be
understated. one can never comprehend what is happening in the
middle east and to our world until you understand the subversive
and destructive nature of the Zionist agenda. These arch criminals
that Leland Lehrman has attacked have only one fear—public
exposure of their depraved, racist criminal plans. Do you have the
courage to read this essay? Do you have the courage to circulate
this essay to the world? Expose them while it is still possible to
do so.
ADL, Zionist Policies

Causing Rise In
Anti-Jewish Sentiment

I am an American citizen of Jewish heritage concerned about the
methods and doctrines that the criminal leadership of the Jewish and
Zionist hierarchy have promoted worldwide. I feel that Jewish
Americans need to affirm loyalty to the Constitution of the United
States of America as well as the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule,
rather than the racist attitudes of the Talmud and other Jewish

My former intelligence friends are advising that I move quickly to
publicize my situation in order to protect myself through publicity.

The central assertion that the ADL makes is that I am “promoting the
Protcols of Zion.” On the face of it, that is incorrect, because, in
fact, I am deploring the Protocols of Zion, which is without doubt, a
template for world domination by a criminal elite. There is a debate
about its authenticity, but it has not been proven a forgery by any
means, and, sadly, it fits neatly into the context of Jewish
Supremacist doctrine found in the Old Testament, the Talmud and the
Zohar. My understanding is that the only court ruling which found it
to be a forgery, in Switzerland, was overturned on appeal by the high
court of that land. ADL further asserts that by my “promotion of the
Protocols of Zion” I am sponsoring anti-semitism of the Nazi variety.
This too is libelous as I have always made clear, taking great pains
to do so, that the Protocols do not legitimate racial or religious
bias, but represent evidence in a criminal case that involves
leadership and doctrinal matters.

In my below defense, I present the essential case for the authenticity
of the Protocols of Zion. Drawing from the works of Fraser,
Shishmareff, Fahey, Dilling, Freedman, Makow, Brafmann and others, it
can be easily demonstrated that the Protocols represent the coherent
viewpoint of the Jewish Supremacists of the time. If there has been
some interpolation (modifications over time incorporating evolving
bias) in the Protocols, that would be natural for a historical
document. There is evidence of interpolation in the Bible and most
historical narratives that have been translated, copied and preserved
by historians of varying intellectual prejudices. But nobody accuses
biblical scholars of promoting a forgery because the Bible has some
interpolations in it. It is not considered illicit behavior to read
the Bible although it certainly contains racist statements and even
insists in places that the Jewish people will ultimately rule over all
other peoples.

So, why is it that the Protocols are so much of an anathema?

There are two reasons:

One is because they have been misused in order to legitimate a policy
of racial and religious genocide. In fact, this is all the more reason
to determine what the true nature of the Protocols is. In the event
they have had such a terrible impact on humankind and in particular,
my people, I find it obvious that they should be studied carefully
such that through understanding we can determine the proper solution
to the problem.

The other reason the Protocols are so anathema is because, sadly, they
are most likely authentic, and therefore represent the most thorough
indictment of Jewish Supremacism known to man. The shocking
assertions, eerily accurate predictions and diabolical Macchiavellian
politics espoused by the Protocols is so violently cataclysmic to the
man of good intent’s understanding of modern history as to virtually
guarantee a political and historical awakening which will unavoidably
lead to an understanding of the continuing problem of Jewish racism
and supremacism. It will also demonstrate that Jewish Supremacism
operates on at least an equal footing with Luciferian Freemasonry in
the creation of that diabolical political nightmare euphemistically
called the New World Order.

This the ADL believes it cannot afford or tolerate, despite the fact
that an honest protective strategy for the Jewish people depends on
our willingness to confront the doctrines and criminal leadership
which are the cause of our troubles. Again, I declare that it is time
for Jewish American citizens of good intent to break with the ADL, the
criminal spy organization AIPAC and its supremacist leadership and
join in the condemnation of Zionist and neoconservative war plans in
Iraq, Iran, Syria and thoughout the world. This alone will guarantee
us immunity from any blind anti-semitic backlash that we might
experience. It will also prevent the anti-semitic backlash in the
first place.

Given that speaking the truth about Jewish Supremacism is now
considered anti-semitic, and given that Israel is now trying to
extradite “holocaust deniers” to Israel or other places where they can
be imprisoned, it is time to bring these issues out into the open and
to give dissenting citizens of Jewish extraction the right to be heard
and demonstrate that we too understand the problem of Jewish
Supremacism and in no way support its warlike and police state
policies. It is ironic that Zionist Russian mafia criminals are given
safe haven in Israel which refuses to extradite them, yet Israel’s new
law demands the right to extradite “thought criminals.” Apparently,
truth is not considered to be a valid defense when discussing anti-
semitism. Therefore, we are entering a twilight zone which requires
the efforts of honest citizens or the truth may not survive these

Honest Jewish people who obey the law of the land and subscribe to the
Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments or to natural moral law should have
nothing to fear in these times. The ADL makes a mistake when it
asserts that people are “not smart enough” to distinguish between
racist doctrine and criminal leadership on the one hand and illogical
racial bias on the other.

In the tragic case of Germany, to be sure, this happened. However, as
someone who lost family in both the holocaust and the Russian pogroms,
I assert that were it not for the criminal leadership of the Jewish
people in those times, it is unlikely that either the Russian pogroms
or the Nazi holocaust would have had any popular support at all.

It is my aim to prevent such tragedies again, but that does not mean I
must therefore shield the criminal activities of Jewish elitists.
Indeed it is only through assisting in their exposure and removal from
power that one can be considered a proponent of justice. To shield
criminals from inquiry and prosecution makes one an accessory after
the fact – a collaborator.

I will defend the Jewish people as a whole to the last, but it is time
that we acknowledge the faults in our doctrine and leadership and
expose the criminals who hide behind the more reprehensible among our
scriptures. Indeed we should remove these writings from our Holy

It is to this end, and in the interests of my children and family and
the future of Mother Earth that I submit the below petition for
audience and extended defense of the content of my radio show. It was
originally written to address the Jewish Peace Group Tikkun, who was
influenced to drop me as a sponsor by the ADL which has been
misrepresenting my statements in confrontational meetings with my
sponsors around town. Here is that defense:


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ADL, Zionist Policies Causing Rise In Anti-Jewish Sentiment
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With more and more stupid canucks getting killed and injured, one must
ask the question – why should Canadians be dying and getting injured,
just for the damn Israel and the yanks?

Canada has really no business dying in either Iraq, or Afghanistan,
and I am sure that the families of those killed and injured feel this
way too.

In other words, some senior canuck politician is kissing the butts of
the zionazis and yanks, just for personal gratification, and knowing
that his kids will not have to go and get themselves killed.


Let the yanks and Israelis fight their own wars, and let THEM do their
own dying!

Otherise, make sure the Canoodleheads have many thouisands of body bags, for
all those who will die in wars that are not even legal!!