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NWO and Throne

WARNING – New anti-Semitic book

A new anti-Semitic book, “The New World Order & The Throne of
the Anti-Christ,” has just been published. It is part of the
Armageddon Series Part III published simultaneously in Moscow (Zespol
International), Washington & Oregon (Emissary Publications), and
Waterloo, Canada (The Printing Office).

The primary author is Prof. Robert O’Driscoll, St. Michael’s College
at the University of Toronto (Political Science), with contributions
from Desmond Griffin, Margarita Ivanoff-Dubrowsky, Douglas Annera,
M.Nicholas Young, Michael Adir in Russia, A. Aksakov and M. Dessoir in
Germany, and Patrick John Clare in Damascus.

From the jacket, “In this century alone over two hundred million people
have been deliberately sacrificed to facilitate the Illuminati creation
of a new Kingdom of the antiChrist: the plan is not merely anti-Christ
but anti-woman and anti-man. To be anti-human is to be anti-Buddha and
anti-Mohammed the whole of humanity is threatened.”

From the introduction, “Judaism and Masonry, soon joined by a third, the
Church of Mormon, plunged ahead in the preparation of a new Kingdom on
earth: the Kingdom of the antiChrist.”(half a paragraph prior to this
quote he wrote, “the Illuminati, a secret society which, with limitless
financial resources, was founded in that year by Jesuit-Jew Adam
Weishaupt and dedicated to a programme of world domination”)

Also from the introduction, “the dust of the First World War had barely
settled before the same forces engineered their plans for a Second World
War in which millions were to be sacrificed.”

And again from the introduction, “The [book] shows that the Bolshevik
Revolution was not initiated by Russians at all but by a group of
international Jews.. [quoting Denis Fahey] Bolshevism was ‘an
instrument in the hands of the Jews for the establishment of their
future Messianic kingdom’.” “The story is old and new, as new as the
last two hundred years, and as old as Judaism itself, with its
repudiation of Christ and its compulsion to create on earth a New
Messiah,” O’Driscoll continues in his introduction, finishing with a
quote from Hitler, “If, with the help of his Marxist creed, the Jew
conquers the nations of this world, his crown will be the funeral wreath
of humanity and this planet will, as it did millions of years ago,
tumble through the ether, devoid of men.”

THEN THE BOOK BEGINS… At one point, in a section entitled “Hitler
Offers Relief”, O’Driscoll tries to build the case that Euro-American
capital (his euphemism for Jews), purposefully invested money in
Germany’s industrial complex while at the same time forcing the
“octopus” of the Versailles Treaty on a “greatly restricted and crisis
weary German population.” Why? According to O’Driscoll, because the
Jews knew that given these pressures, a Hitler would come to power,
helping to destroy the Christian world and facilitating the Jew
takeover. Later, in a section called “Another Illuminati Puppet in the
White House ,” our author claims that “at the height of the
International Banker-created Great Depression”, the Illuminati (remember
this has already been established as the code name for the Jew
conspiracy) were working feverishly to get their puppet (in this case
Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat) elected president. According to
O’Driscoll, in the 1920 election (where Roosevelt was the running mate
for James Cox), “the American people had temporarily learned their
lesson, and didn’t wish to have another democrat [sic] of the Wilson
mold in charge of their affairs.” It will be noted, of course, that
O’Driscoll believes that the Democrat Wilson was a puppet of the Jew as

I would continue quoting, but this getting too long and I’m getting sick
of this crap (excuse my language), but just one last quote which needs
to be made: O’Driscoll makes the point that it is not all Jews who are
part of the malevolent conspiracy, only “those who adhere to the letter
of the law of the Talmud, the extreme anti-Christian legal code that
forms the basis of ‘Jewish religious law and is the textbook used in the
training of Rabbis’. The smear of ‘anti-Semitism’ is an evasive,
blocking tactic ingeniously devised to divert scrutiny, silence
criticism, and deflect attention. Can you see why the anti-Semitism
label has been used with such tremendous regularity by Talmudic
Zionists? The massive, heavily financed anti ‘anti-Semitism’ campaign
is one of the ingenious methods whereby virtually all open discussion of
the Jewish issue has been successfully squelched. The truth has long
been buried under a multi-billion dollar tidal wave of propaganda
(p.93)” If ever there was a self-fulfilling prophecy, no? If we
complain about the book, we are playing right into his theory, and if
we don’t, it must be true!

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U of T Professor at centre of storm over book
by Dale Brazao– Toronto Star

The son of Canadian poet Irving Layton is accusing a University of Toronto
professor of writing the most blatantly anti-Semitic book in almost a century.
David Layton says Robert O’Driscoll’s “The New World Order and The Throne of
the Anti-Christ” is “the worst anti-Semitic nonsense since “the Protocols of
the Elders of Zion.”

The book has outraged the Canadian Jewish Congress, which has lodged a formal
protest with the university.

The 400-page book – the 200th by O’Driscoll, who teaches at the U of T’s
St. Michael’s College- was published in February and has become the centre of
a religious firestorm. Critics are comparing it with the long discredited
“Protocols”, which claimed Jews were plotting to take over the world and was
used to incite hatred against them in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.
The U of T has moved to distance itself from O’Driscoll’s work, saying it has
launched an investigation following complaints from students and faculty.

A statement released by St. Michael’s College vice-president and provost Joan
Foley says a preliminary review of the book suggests it is not a scholarly work
at all. “The university and St. Michael’s were not involved in encouraging or
sponsoring this publication and reject Professor O’Driscoll’s claim that their
scholarly reputations are associated with this work.”

The Canadian Jewish Congress is trying to determine whether any of the book’s
contributing authors have any connection to white suprmacist groups, spokesman
Barnie Farber said. “The bottom line is it is really a filthy piece of hate
literature,”he said.

Layton, 26, said he read the draft of the book. He later attended the book’s
launch in Waterloo in February and, in an interview yesterday, said he was
astounded none of the other 40 students and guests objected to this
“fantastical” book.

Layton said he insisted on being transferred from O’Driscoll’s English course
after the launch of the book. “My problem is that I really do respect Robert
O’Driscoll’s academic career,” Layton said. “He is a very good professor.”

The book is published in Canada by The Printing Office and by Zespol
International in Moscow.Its title page states the work is “partially edited
from the work of American Author Des Griffon by Robert O’Driscoll (Canada) and
Margarita Ivanoff-Dubrowsky (Eurasia).

O’Driscoll, 54, denies being anti-Semitic and claims he did nothing more “than
write some poetry and edit the book.” He quotes World War II Nazi leader
Adolf Hitler in his introduction, while the essays by contributing authors
blame Jews for most of the ills of the world.

“Some Jews, some Masons, some Mormons and some Catholics have abused the power
they have slowly been accumulating through the centuries,” O’Driscoll writes.
But he prefaces that statement by saying he is convinced “the Jews may be
merely the fall guys onece again, as they have been before.”

O’Driscoll, a flamboyant professor with 27 years’ tenure at St Michael’s
College says the controversy is the latest in an ongoing battle with the
university. During a rambling, hour-long interview at his office yesterday,
he presented The Star with a stack of papers he said documents the university’s
attempts to get rid of him.

Among the papers was a confidential letter dated March, 1990, from then-
president George Connell telling O’Driscoll he was suspended and ordering him
to undergo a medical assessment. He was later reinstated. In a March 31 letter
to Tom Adamowski, chairman of the university’s English Department, O’Driscoll
said Layton’s motive for going public with his accusation was a reduced mark he
gave him for turning in a project on March 11, 2 1/2 months late.

Layton said it was “patently ridiculous and rather sad that he (O’Driscoll)
would have to make that silly accusation.”

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