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In <[email protected]> [email protected] (Andrew Mathis) writes:

>[email protected] (Matt Giwer) wrote:
>>On Sun, 11 Aug 1996 22:09:10 GMT, [email protected] (Andrew Mathis)
>>>[email protected] (Matt Giwer) wrote:
>>>>On Fri, 09 Aug 1996 14:08:07 -0400, [email protected] wrote:
>>>>>In article <[email protected]>,
>>>>>[email protected](Thomas Ander) wrote:
>>>>>> Your Granny must have committed a crime against the German
>>>>>> else she would not have been placed in the concentration
>>>>>> are women prisoners in every country in the world, why would
>>>>>> think it unusual because your granny was incarcerated in
>>>>>> we can incarcerate anyone as long as they are not Jewish???
>>>>>What a fascinating thought!
>>>>>Okay, please respond to this:
>>>>>I had relatives who were babies when they were murdered by the
>>>>>What crime do you think they committed?
>>>> Do you have evidence of the murder? I mean like the forensics
>>>>been done on the bodies, that sort of thing.
>>>Having noted yourself, asshole, that the bodies were cremated, how
>>>could a forensics been done?
>>>You are SUCH an asshole.
>> So you agree there is no physical evidence of gassing. Very
good. At
>>least you are honest.
>Don’t put words in my mouth, scumbag.
>> You are the first holohugger to admit the obvious.
>> Take a random sampling of camp inmates and ask of gassing is
>>happening. 70% say yes.
>I’d say it’s more like 100%. Once an inmate got to Auschwitz, they
>knew the gassing was going on because of the constant stench from the
>crematoria. Word tends to get around. EVERY SINGLE Holocaust
>narrative I’ve ever read has people in the camps point to the stacks
>and say, “That’s your only way out of here.”
>> Take a random samply of US Blacks and ask if AIDS was created by
>>government to exterminate Blacks. 70% say yes.
>Care to provide a source, Doctor?
>> Tell me the difference when you find the time.
>Me: Human being
>You: Sick pathetic beast
>”Hehvu z’hirin barashut…”
>”Be wary of the authorities…”
> Rabban Gamliel
> Pirkei Avot 2:3<<

Crematorias leave no stench. Whatever the inmates smelled, it was not
the burning of flesh; and there is much proof to that effect.

From [email protected] Tue Aug 13 08:31:21 PDT 1996
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From: [email protected](Thomas Ander)
Subject: Re: The Department Of Defense Wants To Censor Revisionism
Date: 13 Aug 1996 00:47:24 GMT
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From [email protected] Wed Aug 21 07:59:50 PDT 1996
Article: 79897 of alt.conspiracy
From: [email protected](Thomas Ander)
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Subject: Re: dont generalize against Jews
Date: 21 Aug 1996 10:43:55 GMT
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In <[email protected]> Eliyahweh writes:
>> Paul Goddard wrote:
>> > Jews are the biggest problem in the world. The Jewish control
of the
>> > media is the root of all other problems.
>Johnny Marr wrote:
>> Do you know, I’m sure I heard this particular generalisation
>> Everyone watch Paul Goddard, he’ll be annexing Poland and growing a
>> little crap moustache next.
>This problem occurs when any race or relgion or government is busy
>telling people how proud they are of their race, creed, sex, etc.
>You cant stop people from accusing you merely from your color, race,
or gender…
>but you dont need to claim that yours is PROUD above others.
>I knew a Jewish wife married to a Catholic who openly declared her
>at being tight, shrewd, even crooked, calling it her Jewish pride.
>These cause the problem for the whole.
>Or whatever your sex, race, or creed, or country…..
>perhaps the whole of each group causes the problem for the few meek
>among them who recognize real equality makes no association with
>general unproven slander.

Glad to see you are against affirmative action and hate-laws, that
discriminate against White people.


From [email protected] Thu Aug 22 15:54:55 PDT 1996
Article: 80322 of alt.conspiracy
From: [email protected](Thomas Ander)
Subject: Re: I am a Christian, thus adopted as a real Jew by Jewish father Jesus
Date: 22 Aug 1996 22:00:56 GMT
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In <[email protected]> Eliyahweh writes:
>> Eliyahweh wrote:
>> >Like Roscoe who demands I’m a creationist and lyingly claims I
>> >believe all the things creationists do…so you too are acting like
>> >Nazi Catholic trying to squeeze out Jews and JWs….
>> >Quit trying to equate me with which ever demnomination you
>> >desire to attack and eliminate.
>> >>As I told you: I didn’t read your private e-mail, it has been
>> >>I asked you something in public, I expect an answer in public. If
>> >>can’t answer those simple questions in the group in which you
>> >>your mail, then don’t…
>> >>But then don’t answer to me in private, away from others…
>> >So you refuse to read my email….are you an ex-JW?
>> >I had a couple friends who were JWs and when they became ex-JWs
>> >they acted this way too, as you do. Why would you delete the email
>> >Why would you presume the email as private secrets on my part, or
>> >a fear of being public? This is all behavior like JW
>> >those who were ex-JWs, and so now look for places to throw
>> >My email (as in BROWSER…. POST AND REPLY by BOTH…NEWS and
>> >was all one in the same identical responce. But YOU are out to make
>> >appear evasive by claiming I send you private email with words
>> >unwilling to be shared in public. YOU got a big psychiatric
>> >And you’ll now become worse because I publicly said that.
>> >>But then don’t answer to me in private, away from others… Unless
>> >>of your answer can’t stand the light of day…
>> >>I keep reading the group, your answer is welcome there…
>> >Reading the anti- Jehovah’s Witness sites…and the posts in this
>> >newsgroup reveals that these anti-Witnesses are always calling
>> >the real light….as if their leaving JWs now also gives them more
>> >than other Catholics and other Baptists and Pentecostals.
>> >Begone…you demon in this girl. Dont harass me.
>> >You’ve been answered. Now get lost before God brings a she-bear
>> >out of your Scandanavian woods to devour your head off you.
>Ira wrote:
>> A Jew who sells his or her race out to the christians should get
>> death penalty !

Why limit it to only those Jews? That’s not fair.


From [email protected] Fri Aug 23 11:36:12 PDT 1996
Article: 4856 of
From: [email protected](Thomas Ander)
Subject: Re: Prophecy: Pastors/fox/beast… Be ready in Jesus.
Date: 22 Aug 1996 22:02:43 GMT
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In <[email protected]> [email protected](Ronald
Viessman ) writes:
>64. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on the 26 May 1992 at 8:46
>AM Tuesday, in English and non-understandable tongues.
> The Fox is coming out of his hole, he is beginning to get the
>courage to put his plan into motion. The Fox will roam the
>wilderness slowly and cautiously at first. But he will get the
>confidence he needs to place his organization into power. For the
>Fox is one of the players in the scenario of the end.
> The Fox will help the Beast in the beginning, then the Beast
>will destroy the Fox. The Fox will accumulate wealth and wisdom
>that will be used to manipulate the Rulers of certain countries.
>And the Beast will use that information to manipulate, to separate,
>to destroy the Rulers of these countries.
> That information will become an important tool for the Beast.
>But at the time, and the hour, the Fox will not be needed, he will
>be destroyed. He will be executed. He will be denounced. He will
>become one of the stepping stones of the Beast. So beware of the
>Beast and the stepping stones. (non-understandable tongues?)
> I love you My People. I hope, I really hope that you soften
>those hearts. Open those ears, and those eyes, and do unto others
>as you have them do unto you. For the Beast is going to try to
>slaughter My Sheep, he will do everything within his means to
>accomplish his goal. And he will despise, down to the core of his
>heart, My Lambs, My Sheep, My Flock.
> So open your heart, your ears, listen to Me. This is your
>Heavenly Father. I love you, and I am warning you before it
>happens. So bring the Body of Christ together. Stop bickering,
>stop fighting. You’re so busy fighting among yourselves, that
>you’re going to wind up getting hurt more than if you formed a solid
>union under Jesus Christ of Nazareth, My Son. For you will be
>protected, loved, and cherished under the Umbrella of your Heavenly
>Father. Please My Children listen to Me. Listen to the Words that
>are Right, that are Truthful, that are Loving. For it hurts Me to
>see the Body in such shambles.
> Stop thinking of yourselves, you Pastors. Stop thinking of
>your own ideologies, your theologies. Think of the Flock for My
>Sake, Jehovah, your God. For the penalties of a bad Shepherd are
>severe. Please, I do not want to implement My Law on you, but if
>you don’t think of your Sheep first, My Wrath will fall upon you
>without mercy, for My Lambs and Sheep are crying to Me.
> Their Prayers rattle My Ears 24 hours a day. And I am tired
>of watching the Leaders of My Church totally ignore My Sheep; The
>ones who have no one; The lonely; The broken hearted; The hungry;
>The sick. The ones that are in the street with no where to turn;
>The ones that I talk to, and no one listens to. My Eyes are with
>Tears for I will bring to a close what I started in the beginning.
> Satan will be placed in the Valley of Eternal Death with,
>what I am afraid to say, some of My Leaders of My Body. I am
>warning you with Love on My Lips, to Repent, look for My Sheep, take
>care of My Lambs for these are not the Words of an empty God. These
>are the Words of Judgment, for the Judgment will fall upon you without
> I love My Sheep. I love My Sheep. This is your Heavenly Father,
>Jehovah. The Creator of Heaven and Earth, of all that was, is, and
>will be. I am today, the same, as today and yesterday, and My Son
>Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit; ready to bring to a
>close one of the Biggest Chapters in your little Planet. Peace, and
>mercy, and love, I extend to My Sheep, the ones that are alone and
>helpless. I have not forgotten you. Please never forget that, I
>forget anything for I am God, and I love You.
>posted by Ron Viessman
> Jehovah’s Word for Today:
> “My Son Jesus Christ is coming. Get READY!”
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Personally I think you’re a screwball.