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[email protected] (Ken McVay OBC) wrote:
> Dallas Morning News
> April 20, 1996 (1A & 19A)
> Dallas man runs Internet skinhead site
> By Todd Copilevitz (Jewish?)
> Staff Writer of The Dallas Morning Jews
> Police say photographs of beatings not illegal

Muaha, kewl, cause I got plenty more…

> Using photos of people being beaten to promote his cause, a
> Dallas man is running one of the Internet’s first and largest
> skinhead information and and recruiting Web sites.

Recruiting? Humm, Ive never recruited from the web. Geez I wonder
where he got this idea?

> Hate groups, such as militant militias and white nationalists,
> have for years used the Internet to communicate among
> themselves and recruit, experts said.

Militias and Nationalist hateing eh? Wonder where he got his info..

> But the Skinheads U.S.A.
> site goes further in espousing violence than anything else
> they’ve seen.

Bah! Where the fuck have they been? Some where over the rainbow?

> “Until now we’ve never seen skinheads taking pictures of their
> handiwork,” said Mark Briskman, regional director of the
> Anti-Defecation League. “It reminds me of Nazi Germany and the
> way they meticulously documented all their atrocities in
> stills and on film.”

Sniff sniff.. Are we all teary eyed now?

> Public files on the Internet show the site’s author to be Bart
> Alsbrook. Police said the 28-year-old North Dallas man has a
> lengthy history of skinhead-related offenses.

Never heard of him…

> Mr. Alsbrook, who identifies himself on line as Bootboy,
> declined repeated requests for an interview after he initially
> agreed to talk about his work.

Why dont you check your fucking answering machine then. dork!

> The Skinheads U.S.A. site makes no bones about its intent.
> “This page is designed to correspond with other White
> Nationalists on the Internet and to provide links, addresses
> and phone numbers of other Pro White groups,” an introduction
> to the site says. “It’s directly mainly toward Skinheads and
> the more ‘in your face’ crowd.

Humm, that sound familiar

> Beneath the introduction is a photograph of at least three
> people kicking and jumping on a nigger, who is lying face
> down with his arms out. Another photo in the site, titled “The
> Mexican Getting Smashed,” shows two men beating a bleeding
> victim.

Dork! One of the 2 is another Mexican trying to help his drunk friend..

> The site links users to more than 40 other locations. With the
> click of a mouse, visitors can move to sites by white
> separatists, neo-Nazis and skinhead bands. Those sites have
> names such as Stormfront, White Aryan Resistance and National
> Alliance.

Wow, he knows how to use a mouse AND point and click.

> The Skinheads U.S.A. site also includes a library of
> skinhead-related artwork and links to anti-separatist sites,
> along with sarcastic comments about them.
> Mr. Alsbrook’s Internet service provider, Dallas-based
> Internet America, was unaware of the site, said vice president
> Tim Martin. But unless content on the site is breaking the
> law, there is little the company can do, he said.
> “We’re not in the business of censoring what our customers
> post, it’s not possible with 25,000 to 30,000 customers, nor
> is it something we want to do,” Mr. Martin said. “If, however,
> there’s anything illegal about a site, we cooperate fully with
> the police and FBI.”
> There is nothing illegal about Mr. Alsbrook’s effort, although
> the photos may be evidence of a crime, police said.
> Internet America’s position is standard for Internet service
> providers who sell their computer space for web sites.
> Attempts in Congress to require companies to regulate their
> customers failed last year.
> While there are dozens of other white power sites on the Net,
> it’s the presence of apparent crime-scene photos that surprise
> those who have studied how extremists use the Net.


> “Some of the groups on line have posted recipes for
> bomb-making and talked about minorities in very demeaning
> ways. But I don’t think there’s anything else out there this
> blunt,” says Gail Gans, national associate director of
> research for the Anti-Defamation League.

Hey! My page has nothing to do with demeaning of muds.

> Last month, the organization released a report on the
> exploitation of the Internet by extremists. It described the
> Skinheads U.S.A. site as one of the first and few areas of the
> World Wide Web dedicated to skinheads.

Thats right, real Skinheads, White Power Skinheads..

> The report, The Web of Hate, detailed how militant militia,
> white separatists, neo-Nazis and skinheads have taken to the
> Net. Through private E-mail, public discussions in news groups
> and graphic-laden Web sites, some of the groups have
> established links that crisscross the globe.

What! He forgot about IRC! Thats where the real shit is…

> Some are following detailed plans for drawing potential new
> members to their messages. Others wander the Net, disrupting
> unrelated discussions and targeting their traditional victims,
> but in a new environment.
> “The aim of the various hate groups has been to link up with
> each other on line. It builds the notion that they have more
> going for them than perhaps they really do,” Ms. Gans said.

Spoken by someone who knows eh?

> There is nothing on the site that links it to Dallas other
> than the Internet address, which refers to a local company
> that the author used to post his material. Dallas police were
> unaware of the on-line effort, although they are well-aware of
> the man behind it.

Drum roll please……………………

> Mr. Alsbrook is a hard-core skinhead with a string of minor
> convictions in Dallas Country, including criminal trespass and
> one unspecified conspiracy charge, said Detective Truly Holmes
> of the Dallas Police Intelligence Unit. Last fall he was
> charged with attempted murder of a former skinhead, in which
> the victim was stabbed 24 times. That charge was later dropped
> when the victim refused to testify.

Uh, maybee he finally decided it wasn’t Mr. Alsbrook..And maybee
he signed a affidavid of non-prosecution. But you would know that
you fucking kike bastard would you?

> “Bart’s one of those guys who’s always a suspect when the
> skinheads get in trouble,” said Sgt. Terry Martin of the
> intelligence unit.

Geeez with only one mistaminor conviction on his record, that seems quit odd.

> After learning about Mr. Alsbrook’s Web site, the detectives
> said they planned to study the photos to see if they match
> any assaults under investigation. Neither investigator had
> ever heard of skinheads photographing their handiwork.

Muahahaha, good luck

> “We’re going through our files and asked the Crimes Against
> Persons detectives to do the same to see if we can figure out
> who these victims are,” Sgt. Martin said. But detectives were
> doubtful that the [sic] find enough detail in the photos to
> identify the victims or attackers.

HUmmm, I bet you dont even know what fucking country the pics are from..

> Investigators and the ADL (Jews and the government hand in hand, imagine that)
> said they believed that the skinhead
> movement in Dallas was still in disarray after a series of
> federal prosecutions more than four years ago. They described
> the organization as loose-knit with no clear leadership.
> Mr. Alsbrook’s efforts on-line may cloud that picture
> somewhat.
> “He has a history of activity and is continuing with a level
> of violence. Now he’s added to his repertoire with a certain
> sophistication,” Mr. Briskman said. “That makes him a person
> who continues to concern us. The question is does he have the
> ability to fill a charismatic leadership position.”

Oh please, where the fuck have those guys been in the last 7 years..

> The ADL is not advocating any action to force his site off the
> Net, and Ms. Gans notes that the international, unregulated
> nature of the Internet makes it virtually impossible to police
> content.
> “Stopping these guys is impossible. How can you get it off the
> Net when they have so many means of access just as quickly as
> you can react?” she said.
> Instead, the ADL created a Web site ( that
> seeks to expose hate sites and counters the more prevalent
> arguments such groups offer, she said.
> The skinheads on-line activities may be the result of
> information other extremists have spread around the Net,
> according to the ADL report. …

Hey Ken! Got that KY jelly yet?

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Christa wrote:
> On 19 Apr 1996, Jenn Starkman wrote:

> Hey guys, Jenn has that special touch of just telling them what
> the hell is wrong with them…. Doesn’t she? That’s why we love her so….

Naw,, she’s just a loud mouth Jew that will get whats comming to her as soon as
she comes across some real skins. Not you baldie wanking fucks..

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