Alexander on zionists, Alexander Roger

How many American Jews are Zionists?

“Although I do not have a right to a reasoned answer, I would guess
the number of Jews who would call themselves Zionists is much smaller
than ‘almost all’. American Jews are more or less assimilated, and
intermarry with non Jews more than half the time, so one approach to
an answer with regard to them would probably be less than half,
perhaps much less, although that is mere speculation.”

Zionists follow a policy of murder and overt coercion:

“Well, McVay, I dont’ even hate Zionists, although there are a particular
few like Ariel Sharon whom I despise. I hate what they do. Following
a policy of murder and overt coercion like the policy they have followed
is wrong.” (January 2001)

Zionists are racist liars:

“Given that you Zionists are racist to the core, that you put up the most
Godawful lying propaganda, and are the most determined group to prevail
with your lies anywhere on the Net, or off for that matter, this remark
comes with ill grace.” (February 2001)

“This is a really stupid Zionist sympathizing post. As is usual for
Zionists, it takes facts out of context, puts in “facts” completely
undocumentable, and ignores the real reason for the trouble in
Palestine which is solely the Israeli oppression of the Palestinian
people. Only an idiot, or a cult member or a damned liar could write
such garbage.”

Zionists are liars:

“For the record, I do not believe Jews as a group are liars,
no substantial portion of them, certainly not half. Now the
Zionists on this board are another matter. These people lie for
pastime, and propagate the current party line as fervently as any
Communist ever did their line.”