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William Black wrote:

> Martin Goldstein <[email protected]> wrote in message


> > > I doesn’t matter whether Zundel spouts hate or what.  What matters is

> > > freedom of speech.  Only Zionists are engaged in trying to suppress

> > > free speech.  At the same time, Jewish owned media are giving the

> > > American people a false notion of what is going on in Israel to the

> > > benefit of the Zionists.


> Don’t you just love idiots who say free speech is inviolate.


> Try calling fire in a crowded night-club and see just how free all speech

> is…


> Of course speech designed to cause pain and suffering should be banned.


> —

> William Black



Obviously we disagree.  There are in any event two sorts of restraint on


One is a prior restraint, a ban which you propose.  This is nearly always

a terrible thing to start in a free society.  It is justifiable in time of

war where

one wants to publish the itinerary of a troop transport, and the lives of the

troops would

be endangered.  There are many analogous situations, but even here the line

gets quickly

blurred.  The DoD has solved the problem in its modern wars by strictly


what the journalists see and where they go.

One can, of course, restrain speech by threat of criminal prosecution as in

the fire

in the crowded theater case.  And there is the threat oif defamation law


where the remarks are arguably defamatory.

Beyond these limits the notion of restraining speech which some yo-yo

thinks is “designed to cause pain and suffering” is rather difficult, and

would among other things require the rewriting of the First Amendment

and all the opinions of the US Supreme Court on the subject.



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> Zahra  <[email protected]> wrote:

> >Everything that is of no convenience to zionist is qualified as antisemitic!!!

> >The truth is taha YOU ARE THIEVES, and some day you’ll have to give us back

> >what is ours.Truth is not antisemitic, it’s only truth.


> …which means, of course, that, in the fevered imagination of Mr.

> Alexander, roughly half of America’s Jews are thieves.


> Mr. Alexander should tell us how many of the world’s Jews _he_ thinks

> are Zionists… for some reason, he’s avoided the question like the

> plague.


And here I thought you had no truck with Israel and Zionism.  YOu always said

you had the Holocaust as your task, and weren’t involved with the other.

Wassamatta wit du have you run out of other things to do?



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Subject: Those bullets seek them everywhere By Amira Hass

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Ha’aretz Wed March 7, 2001


Those bullets seek them everywhere


Firing on Palestinian civilians is

reported as ‘deterrent

shooting in the air’


By Amira Hass

Ha’aretz Correspondent


Last Friday around noon, a few dozen

people milled around

destroyed buildings, uprooted trees and

twisted, broken cooking-gas

cylinders at the end of A-Salam

neighborhood in Rafiah. Two days

earlier, the Israel Defense Forces had

destroyed the Palestinian

National Security position there – and

the station for refilling gas

cylinders that supplied all of Rafiah and

Khan Yunis.Under cover of

heavy fire from tanks that rolled into

the Palestinian area, IDF

bulldozers broke down walls and fences,

and en route destroyed a

little orchard and vegetable garden that

had been the pride of the

refugee camp. The shooting and bulldozing

were revenge for a land

mine exploding under the wheels of an IDF

convoy on the border a

few days earlier.


Children played between the legs of

adults in the sandy, rocky lot

between their homes and the border, a few

meters away. This is their



They are very experienced kids – they

warn visitors not to get too

close to the remains of the gas works,

because the IDF position

across the border is visible. A soldier

at the IDF post will shoot, they

say, “then he’ll say he thought your

video camera looked like a rifle.”


A few minutes later three bullets whistle

past. They come from the

southeast, from the IDF tower that can’t

be seen useless you risk the

danger of approaching the fence. There

are many of these

observation towers, towering over the

area, scattered along the entire

border. They are fitted with cameras,

always taking video pictures of

what’s going on below in enemy land.


Around 2:00 P.M., the IDF spokesman

confirmed to Ha’aretz that

indeed shots were fired. “They were in

the air,” he said. The soldier in

the spokesman’s office in the South said

it was “deterrence” so

people wouldn’t get too close to the

border fence plant a mine

undercover of children playing. The

“deterrence” from afar whistled

past the people idling in the rubble near

the fence.


In Khan Yunis and Rafiah such firing is

routine. They shoot when

there’s no attack in Israel, and when

there is a suicide bombing, when

a bomb goes off near a border road, and

when a bomb doesn’t go



When armored cars or jeeps move from one

position to another they

fire on civilians on the way. From the

observation towers they fire at

people walking on their own street or

approaching their own fields.

Often, the “deterrent shots in the air”

hit someone on the ground.


In A-Salam, on February 18, the IDF guns

wounded four children.

Kids shouted at a passing armored car on

the border road – they

probably cursed the soldiers. The

soldiers opened fire. Mahdi Omer,

15, was shot in the knee, Ahmed Abu Taha,

14, was hit in the back.

Asama Kashta, 18, was hit by fragments in

her shoulder, Muhamed

Matar, 14, was hit by fragments in the

back. A field investigator from

the Palestinian Center for Human Rights

said there had been no stone

throwing before the shooting – even if

one may still inquire why

throwing rocks at an armored car

justified gun shots.


On February 19, Hakima Abu-Hubeiza, 70,

was shot in the leg. He

lives in the village of Al-Morrka, which

was really lucky to have

Netzarim built next door. There were no

violent incidents in the area

at the time.


This is only a partial list. Often, an

IDF bullet travels a long distance

from the border, ending up precisely

between the buildings. That’s

how Muhamed El Rom, 15, was seriously

wounded on February 23

in Kadura refugee camp. That’s how

nine-year-old Obei Darag was

killed inside his El Bireh home on March



It is how, on March 4, 42-year-old Aida

Shatiye was killed in the

center of El Bireh. That’s how Talal Abu

Arida, 17, was killed in

Rafiah. He was standing in the doorway of

his family’s car repair

shop, 1,500 meters away from a tall IDF

observation tower on the

border. He was hit in the head. He died

on the way to the hospital.


When Palestinians shoot in the air, it is

not reported in Israel as

shooting in the air, and certainly not as

“deterrence.” It’s added to a

long list of “shooting incidents in which

there were no casualties

among our forces.”


Nobody in the IDF reports on the IDF’s

routine daily firing on

Palestinians, unless the Palestinians

report someone was killed, or a

Palestinian decides to respond to the

Israeli “firing in the air” with his

own shooting. These will be reported (in

Israel) as “exchanges of



If shots are fired from a Palestinian

position toward Israeli civilians,

the army spokesman immediately reports

“Palestinians opened fire on

Israeli civilians, there are no

casualties, and the IDF responded by

firing the sources of the shooting.”


For the next two or three hours, the news

opens with a report of the

shooting. It reinforces nice comfortable

theories about the monstrous

enemy that fires at our civilians







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Subject: Egyptian military reportedly bracing for Israeli invasion of Palestinian

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I found this on SCLebanon.


Egyptian military reportedly bracing for Israeli invasion of Palestinian




The World Tribune


Arab diplomatic sources report that the Egyptian military

is bracing for the prospect of an Israeli invasion of the

Palestinian Authority areas. The London-based Al Zaman

asserted that Egypt’s military has begun mobilizing

reserves for training in what was termed as preparations

for a war against Israel.


This week, an Israeli military spokesman denied Arab

reports that Israeli Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Shaul Mofaz

accused Egypt of supplying weapons to the PA. Earlier,

Israeli sources said the Egyptian military is allowing

massive amounts of weapons and ammunition to be smuggled

>from Sinai to the Gaza Strip.


Egypt is hosting an emergency meeting of the Arab League

on March 12 in Cairo. The meeting, headed by Egyptian

Foreign Minister Amr Mussa, is meant to discuss the

latest developments in the Israeli-Palestinian mini-war

as well as calls to renew a boycott against Israel. The

meeting would include the foreign ministers or

representatives from the Arab League, Bahrain, Egypt,

Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority,

Saudi Arabia, Syria and Tunisia.




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Subject: Re: AMJ holds Press Conference to Announce Estee Lauder Boycott

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NO David, not boycotting Jews. Boycotting Israeli supporters.

Did you know that Ronald Lauder is the head of the Conference of Presidents

of Mjor Jewish Organizations?  I’ll bet you do.  Did you know that he went to


a couple of months ago and gave a racist speech about the Palestinians?

I’ll bet you did.  Now why didn’t you make the connection between his racism

and the boycott?  Is it because the parallel between israel and Nazi GErmany

is a better one?  Naaaahh, you would never admit that, would you?



David Lee Makowsky wrote:


> Hmmm.  Boycotting Jews.  Why does early Nazi Germany come to mind?


> In article <[email protected]>,

> Roger Alexander  <[email protected]> wrote:

> # The post points out that Ronald Lauder is a right wing Zionist,

> # of the Kahanist stripe, and that he is also the owner of Estee Lauder

> # cosmetics.  Any person who supports Israel is not a good citizen of this

> # country, and his business should be boycotted.

> # RLA

> #

> # Martin Goldstein wrote:

> #



> # >

> # > Roger Alexander wrote:

> # >

> # > > Arabs call for boycott of Estee Lauder

> # > >

> # > > In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

> # > > American Muslims for Jerusalem

> # > > 208 G Street, NE

> # > > Suite 100

> # > > Washington, DC 20002

> # > > Phone: (202) 548-4200

> # > > Fax: (202) 548-4201

> # > > E-mail: [email protected]

> # > > WWW:

> # > >

> # > > AMJ holds Press Conference to Announce Estee Lauder Boycott

> # > > On Wednesday, February 28, American Muslims for Jerusalem (AMJ) lead a

> # > > coalition of advocacy organizations in a press conference calling for a

> # > > worldwide boycott of cosmetics giant Estée Lauder. That announcement was

> # > > prompted by Estée Lauder International Chairman Ronald Lauder’s

> # > > activities in support of Israeli right-wing extremists.

> # > >

> # > > Estee Lauders products include: Estee Lauder line of perfume and

> # > > make-up, Aramis, Clinique, Aveda, DKNY and Tommy Hilfegere toiletries

> # > > products. Estee Lauder also owns several lines of hair and skin care

> # > > products and shops such as M.A.C. and Origins.

> # > >

> # > > Ronald Lauder is the Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major

> # > > American Jewish Organizations and President of the Jewish National Fund

> # > > (JNF). JNF is a quasi-government agency whose main function is to

> # > > legitimize Israeli’s theft of Palestinian land.

> # > >

> # > > In January, Lauder was the key speaker from the US at a rally in

> # > > Jerusalem, organized by right wing Israeli politician Natan Sharansky.

> # > > The rally was organized to oppose the mere consideration of Jerusalem as

> # > > a negotiation item. Lauder addressed 300,000 Israeli extremists at the

> # > > gates of Haram Al-Sharif (the Noble Sanctuary, one of Islam’s three

> # > > holiest sites). Some of the protesters tried to break into the holy

> # > > site.

> # > >

> # > > Khalid Turaani, AMJ’s Executive Director said “this boycott of Estee

> # > > Lauder will send a clear message that people of conscience refuse to do

> # > > business with corporations supporting Israeli apartheid policies which

> # > > violate internationally-recognized human rights”.

> # > >

> # > > In 1993, Lauder co-founded a think tank called the Shalem Center with

> # > > Yoram Hazony, a former Netanyahu aid. The Israeli Education Ministry has

> # > > said the center is “a research institute whose leanings are extreme

> # > > right-wing and even fascistic.” Hebrew University professor Yisrael

> # > > Bartal describes Hazony as a right-wing extremist. A columnist for the

> # > > Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz (9/14/2000) wrote that Hazony is a

> # > > sympathizer of the slain radical Jewish leader Meir Kahane, who called

> # > > for the expulsion of all Arabs from Israel. The goal of Hazony, wrote

> # > > the columnist, is to find new ways of “breathing life into Kahane’s

> # > > racist, totalitarian, intolerant ideology.”

> # > >

> # > > Ronald Lauder’s Jerusalem-rally speech came at a time when the Israeli

> # > > government was waging a campaign of siege and starvation against the

> # > > entire Palestinian population. While Mr. Lauder supports some legitimate

> # > > charitable causes in the US, he shows his true colors when abroad by

> # > > supporting fanatic causes that seek to uproot an entire population from

> # > > its native land. Lauder is also opposed to permitting Palestinian

> # > > refugees to return to their homes. “For Israel to allow these people to

> # > > return would be national suicide,” he said in a statement last

> # > > September. In contrast, the UN General Assembly has demanded that Israel

> # > > allow the Palestinian refugees to return since 1948. “Lauder’s

> # > > opposition to the return of Palestinian refugees in order to maintain

> # > > the pure-Jewish identity of Israel is nothing short of apartheid at its

> # > > worst” said Turaani.

> # > >

> # > > American Muslims for Jerusalem

> # > > 208 G Street NE

> # > > Suite 100

> # > > Washington, DC 20002

> # > > Phone: (202) 548-4200

> # > > Fax: (202) 548-4201

> # > > E-mail: [email protected]

> # > > WWW: IMRA

> #


> —

>         There are three types of people in the world.  Those that are good at

> math and those that are not.


> [email protected]


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Subject: Re: Ha’aretz: Barak was biggest settlement builder since ’92

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I notice that you do not look at the article itself to see what it said

or if it could be called antisemitic.  Of course, it couldn’t, only

in Martin Goldstein’s fervid mind or yours.



David Lee Makowsky wrote:


> The following is as dumb as saying that by definition the Washington

> Post cannot print an anti-American article.


> In article <[email protected]>,

> Roger Alexander  <[email protected]> wrote:

> # Here I have to laugh.  Ha’aretz is one of the biggest papers in Israel

> # and is, if I am any judge, Zionist.  How an article from Ha’aretz

> # qualifies as antisemitic, GOK.

> # RLA

> #

> # Martin Goldstein wrote:

> #



> # >

> # > Roger Alexander wrote:

> # >

> # > > Ha’aretz: Barak was biggest settlement builder since ’92

> # > >

> # > > By Nadav Shragai Ha’aretz Correspondent   Ha’aretz  27 February 2001

> # > >

> # > > The government began construction of 1,943 housing units in the

> # > > territories

> # > > last year – the largest number in any year since 1992, according to data

> # > >

> # > > released yesterday by MK Mussi Raz (Meretz).

> # > >

> # > > The figures are based on official data from the Housing Ministry.

> # > >

> # > > Nor has the building stopped since the outbreak of the Al Aqsa Intifada:

> # > > In

> # > > the last quarter of 2000, work was begun on 954 housing units, up from

> # > > 368

> # > > in the final quarter of 1999, Raz said.

> # > >

> # > > And since such public construction accounts for only about 25 percent of

> # > > all

> # > > building in Israel, the actual number of units built in the territories

> # > > last

> # > > year was probably around four times higher.

> # > >

> # > > The figures also showed that only 632 units have so far been sold in the

> # > > new

> # > > Har Homa neighborhood of East Jerusalem, out of some 2,000 that were put

> # > > up

> # > > for sale.

> # > >

> # > > Additionally, the Housing Ministry only recently issued a tender for

> # > > development work in the Tel Zion neighborhood of Kochav Ya’akov, south

> # > > of

> # > > Ramallah. The plan is to build 696 apartments there for Haredi families

> # > > –

> # > > which would double the settlement’s current population of about 600

> # > > families.

> # > >

> # > > ——————————————–

> # > >

> # > > ~~  Reconciliation  Conference  LIST  ~~

> # > > since 1994 Abraham Weizfeld organizer

> # > > [email protected]

> # > > —————————————————

> #


> —

>         There are three types of people in the world.  Those that are good at

> math and those that are not.


> [email protected]


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Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2001 22:30:26 -0600


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Subject: Nigel Parry: AP’s bias: a letter to international editor Sally







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“A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste”


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Source: Direct Submission


Email: <[email protected]>

Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 13:41:16 -0600

Title: [nigelparry-news] AP’s bias: a letter to international

editor Sally Jacobsen








Sally Jacobsen

International Editor

The Associated Press

[email protected]


March 7th, 2001




Dear Ms. Jacobsen,


I am writing to express my concern at the March 6th AP article,

“Palestinian Bombs Kindle Debate”, by Dan Perry.


Reading about “exasperated Israel” in the first paragraph, it was

clear that this was not going to be a balanced article.


The current level of violence was not imposed on an Israel that has

“left no stone unturned in the search for peace” as previous Israeli

PM Barak said. Rather, it has been patently escalated by an Israel

that would appear to think that tank-mounted heavy machine guns and

attack helicopter shells are an acceptable form of crowd control.


The figures speak for themselves. On February 23rd, CNN reported

that, “[Today’s] shootings raised the toll of the dead in five months

of clashes between Palestinians and Israelis to 441 — 367

Palestinians, according to the Palestine Red Crescent Society, and 61

Israeli Jews and 13 Israeli Arabs, according to Israeli officials.”


Numerous sources have termed Israeli tactics at these demonstrations

to have been excessive, including the US State Department and Amnesty



Having lived in the Palestinian West Bank from 1994-98, I regularly

was treated to the spectacle of Israeli soldiers shooting

stone-throwers out of stone throwing range.


Indeed, with 100 Palestinian children killed in the present clashes,

and many of the total number killed outside even the context of

clashes, it would appear that the presentation of Israel as a country

“responding” to Palestinian violence is at best inaccurate, at worst

in blatant contradiction with the AP Managing Editor’s Code of Ethics

(1995) which states that newspapers “should guard against… bias or

distortion through emphasis… [and] …omission.”


Perry’s article actually states that the deaths took place during

“fighting”. In fact, the daily clashes (as opposed to the nightly

activities of the very different Palestinian armed groups which could

perhaps be termed thus) have almost exclusively been the site of the

overwhelming majority of killings, apart from, as I mentioned above,

the occasions where bystanders far from any conflict have been



The article notes, quite correctly, that, “The 1990s interim accords

left the West Bank and Gaza a jumble of fully autonomous, jointly

controlled, and Israeli-occupied areas.”


However, Perry continues on to say “Most Palestinians are under some

autonomy at least…”, and refers to the Israeli military occupation

as a thing of the past: “…and leave Israel where it was before: in

a costly and internally divisive military occupation over 3 million



Who is really “exasperated” here?


Post-Oslo, many human rights indicators took a nose-dive, which is

the clear and obvious reason that we are seeing a Second Intifada,

something that still eludes much of the media, as does mention of the

Israeli military occupation. Speaking as one who lived in Ramallah

both pre- and post-redeployment, the reality was simply that the

occupation took a couple of steps backwards to around the towns.


Since Oslo, every time Israel had an opportunity to break with its

abusive patterns in the past and choose to work with the Palestinians

to build a new reality, it chose instead to fall back on the old

models of repression and collective punishment.


After Oslo, Israel doubled the number of settlers from 109,000 in

1993 to nearly 200,000 in 1999.


After Oslo, until March 1998, 629 Palestinian homes were demolished

in the West Bank including East Jerusalem.


Surely AP is aware that Oslo’s “Area A” accounts for only 5 percent

of the West Bank land, which conveniently houses 95 percent of the

Palestinian population? Patently acting  to hand over its crowd

control problems, Israel subsequently began regularly sealing off

these areas if an individual Palestinian attacked Israelis in

Israeli-controlled areas.


On the Ramallah-Birzeit road, this happened first on 12 February

1996, just over a month after redeployment, and continued to happen

regularly throughout 1996. Birzeit University was forced to

reschedule one-and-a-half months of lost time from its academic

calendar in 1996 alone.  And that was just year one.


This small selection of statistics from the much wider range of

available statistics do not paint a picture of a reasonable

government doing all it can, that can fairly be described as



Since the start of the current Intifada, Palestinians in these Area A

enclaves have been living under a state of siege unprecedented in

pre- or post-Oslo Palestinian experience, with almost all movement

between Palestinian towns and villages prohibited.


Today, it was widely reported that this siege was tightened, most

notably with over 70,000 residents from the area around Birzeit

University, where I worked during 1994-1998, cut off from the

university, with a new semester scheduled to begin in 10 days. Water

pipes and telephone lines have been cut to these areas.


It’s doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why any sense of

goodwill from the ‘Peace Process’ evaporated quickly, as the

occupation seeming rolled on uninterrupted by a obsequious media that

by and large failed to report on these measures until as late as

Autumn 1996, when the September Clashes caught their attention.


As a result, although Palestinians had greeted the redeployments with

flags, the reality on the ground meant they were always going to be

replaced by stones. Meanwhile, the land confiscation and settlement

expansion carried on, essentially ‘covered’ by a media that has

always preferred pictures of stone-throwing to any meaningful

reporting on the hardships faced by Palestinian civil society.


When AP or other media reports on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict as

if the ‘poor Israelis’ are trying as best they can to find peace in

the face of violence committed by amorphous Palestinian masses, this

mocks reality on the ground.


To not report the conflict in its correct context of a relentless,

ongoing military occupation is no different than if your reports on

South Africa pre-1992 had failed to prominently acknowledge the

context of the Apartheid system.


Again, AP’s code of ethics states that, “The newspaper should serve

as a constructive critic of all segments of society… It should

vigorously expose wrongdoing, duplicity or misuse of power, public or



This article failed to achieve that goal, most shamefully exposed by

the fact that not a single Palestinian source was quoted, compared

with four named Israeli sources, one named American source, and a

whole range of unnamed Israeli “military officials and security



AP — as a wire service whose copy is used by international editors

in newspapers around the world, most of whom will not have set foot

in the region — has a special responsibility to ensure that its copy

reflects the realities on the ground. This article most clearly did





Nigel Parry

[email protected]


[address deleted]


Dan Perry, Associated Press


AP Online

DATE: March 6, 2001; Tuesday 4:18 AM, Eastern Time

HEADLINE: Palestinian Bombs Kindle Debate




BODY: With violence raging and a more hawkish government coming in, an

exasperated Israel is debating whether anything new can be done to quash


five months of fighting with the Palestinians that has left hundreds



Options under discussion range from retaking autonomous Palestinian


to erecting a physical barrier between the Palestinians and Israel, to

targeting higher levels of Palestinian leadership.


Incoming Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has warned he won’t hold peace


until violence has stopped. Sharon charged Sunday that Arafat is “taking


no steps” to prevent attacks such as that day’s suicide bombing that

killed four, including the attacker, in the coastal town of Netanya. “We


will work to bring security back to the citizens of Israel,” he pledged.


The question on Israelis’ minds is: How?


In the past year’s failed peace effort, Arafat has refused what Israelis


generally perceive as their best offer: a Palestinian state in most of


West Bank and Gaza, dismantling of many settlements, and a share of



The 1990s interim accords left the West Bank and Gaza a jumble of fully

autonomous, jointly controlled, and Israeli-occupied areas.


Most Palestinians are under some autonomy at least, and about a quarter


the area the quasi-sovereign “Areas A” are theoretically out of Israel’s


reach. Israel says militants plan and prepare attacks there with



Israel’s military chief, Lt. Gen. Shaul Mofaz, confirmed last week that

one of the ideas under consideration was an invasion of “Areas A” which

include all of the West Bank’s cities and most of the Gaza Strip.


“The possibility of taking part of the A area is a possible direction,”


said. But he added, “I’m not sure that we will be happy to do it,

especially in the built-up area.”


Indeed, such a move would likely exact a terrible toll on both sides, as


Israel could have to uproot armed militias and Palestinian police in




It would also obliterate what was built in years of peacemaking and


Israel where it was before: in a costly and internally divisive military


occupation over 3 million Palestinians.


Outgoing Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami warned against the idea, saying


it could “lead to total collapse of the Palestinian Authority.”


Some are warning that process has already begun. The U.S. ambassador to

Israel, Martin Indyk, said last week that “semi-anarchy and gang rule”


engulfing the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


The uprising erupted in September as street riots. But Palestinian


soon joined in, and in December armed units connected to the Palestinian


Authority took the lead in carrying out shooting attacks on Israeli

settlers, Israel charges. Now, Islamic militants are waging a campaign


bombings inside Israel.


Israel’s reaction has included sealing off Palestinian areas, blockading


individual cities, withholding tax money, and occasional targeted


of Palestinian figures believed to be involved in the violence.


Israel has been criticized internationally for excessive force in the

fighting, which has left more than 420 people dead, most of them

Palestinians. But to many Israelis it was insufficient; Barak was


in last month’s election.


Sharon has not detailed his plans, but interviews with military


and security experts suggest several other options under consideration:


Pinpoint strikes into areas A: “It’s certainly possible to hit the

terrorist infrastructure, microscopically or on a large scale,” said


Yatom, former official of the Shin Bet security service. “Area A is not



More strikes against Palestinian militants: Israel has gone after local

militia leaders, but not higher-ranking Palestinian figures. But that

would draw harsh criticism and, possibly, counterattacks.


“Separation”: Israel would draw a border and seal off the resultant

hundreds of miles of rugged frontier with minefields, electronic fences,


patrols or other means. It’s a huge job, but “there’s no comparing the

cost of erecting such a barrier with the damage” of endless bombings in

Israel, said Arab affairs expert Dan Schueftan. Critics ask how Israel

will defend remote Jewish settlements left on the Palestinian side.


Some believe the Palestinians will eventually run out of steam.


“The name of the game will be who has more perseverance,” said Brig.


Ron Kitrey, Israel’s military spokesman.


LOAD-DATE: March 6, 2001


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Subject: Zionism-as-racism furor threatens to engulf UN : Globe & Mail

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Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2001 23:12:41 -0600


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Zionism-as-racism furor threatens to engulf UN




Thursday, March 8, 2001


A decade after the United Nations repealed

what was arguably its most troublesome

resolution — the 1975 equation of Zionism with

racism — Arab and Muslim countries are

threatening to put it back on the UN agenda.


A senior UN official said yesterday that the

Zionism-is-racism issue is the most explosive of

several incendiary matters threatening to derail

the UN World Conference Against Racism in

South Africa in August.


“Thus far I have not seen it come into any

official document, but it’s obviously an issue in

the background [and] there are some people

pressing for that kind of language to be used at

the conference,” the official said.


A resolution that “condemned Zionism as a

threat to world peace and security” and “a form

of racism and racial discrimination” was passed

75 votes to 35 by the UN General Assembly in

1975, against a backdrop of conflict about oil

prices and with heavy pressure from the Eastern

Bloc and Third World supporters of the


The resolution stayed on the books — and was

one of the prime reasons for the erosion of U.S.

support for the UN — until 1991, when it was

repealed by a vote of 111 to 25.


Generally, Zionism is the belief that Jews have

the right to a state of their own in Palestine.

Those who believe it is racist argue that Judaism

is a religion, and that to give Jews, regardless


where they are born, an intrinsic right to a

homeland in what is now Israel discriminates

against Palestinian Christians and Muslims

indigenous to the region.


The argument that Zionism is racist has popped

up in UN circles periodically since 1991 —

pushed by Lebanon and Syria, for example,

when they opposed giving consultative status to

Hadassah, the women’s Zionist organization,

last year at UNESCO, the UN cultural agency.


But the fighting that has raged in the West Bank

and Gaza Strip since September (killing at least

360 Palestinians and 65 Israelis) has given it a

new lease on life.


It resurfaced at a recent meeting of Arab

non-governmental organizations preparing for

the conference. It was also discussed at official

preparatory meetings in Tehran. Conference

organizers are hoping it stays in the margins in

South Africa.


“It becomes a question of whether people are

so angry with unfolding events that it would be

put on the table,” the UN official said, adding

that any country or bloc that did raise it would

do so conscious of its “destructive force.”


Jewish groups are already bracing themselves.

“Without a doubt, there will be at this

conference a strong lobby to raise this

resolution yet again,” said Karen Mock,

president of B’nai Brith Canada and a likely

Canadian delegate. “There is a large Arab

lobby at the UN; a number of countries and a

number of votes.”


Certainly, the issue remains sufficiently divisive


— utterly condemned by Jews and many

Western countries, but supported by some

extremist groups and developing countries —

that it could derail the gathering.


“Any equation of Zionism with racism would be

catastrophic,” said David Malone, president of

the International Peace Academy in New York

and a former Canadian ambassador to the UN.

“No single measure adopted by the UN . . . has

done the institution more damage than



He said any introduction of the idea to the

conference would have a similarly harmful

effect, turning a potentially constructive global

push against racism “into an ugly and ideological

slugfest. . . . This deserves to be suffocated

near birth; to be killed early.”


He thinks it is unlikely that many countries

would be willing to formally advance the

resolution, even in the context of frustration

over the recent fighting in the Middle East.


A spokesman for Hedy Fry, Canada’s

Secretary of State for Multiculturalism who will

lead the Canadian delegation to South Africa,

said Canada would condemn any move to

equate Zionism with racism, and that Ms. Fry

believes most participants in the conference

sincerely hope to see the meetings succeed.


The last two world conferences on racism — in

1978 and 1983 — were considered failures,

producing no consensus statement and stalling

on issues such as race-related refugee crises

and compensation for slavery.


The compensation issue threatens to loom large

again at this conference; both Afro-descended

peoples and indigenous peoples around the

world are organizing on the issue of monetary

compensation, which seems certain to be a

major source of North-South tension.

Immigration has dominated discussions at

European preparatory meetings, while the

question of caste is being hotly debated in Asia.


David Matas, a Winnipeg human-rights lawyer

who has attended many global conferences,

said he did not think a Zionism-is-racism

resolution would make it to the conference in

South Africa.


“But a resolution against racism will condemn

every kind of racism [except] anti-Semitism,

because of anti-Israel bias,” he said. “To

acknowledge the existence of anti-Semitism is

to acknowledge the need for Israel. The big

problem in South Africa will be to discuss

anti-Semitism at all.” <end>








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Subject: Dr. Sumaya Farhat-Naser denied right to travel to US

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Thank God for a written constitution.  In this country the right to


is written into the constitution.  Of course, Arab rights in Israel

are contingent on the whim of the Jewish majority in all cases.

Dr. Farhat Naser was to speak at a conference in the US.

And, of course, Israel would be embarrassed by the truth

coming from Arab mouths.  So….








The message consists of two parts. In the first I provide some minimal

biographical details concerning Professor Sumaya Farhat-Naser. The


part speaks for itself.


xxxxx xxxxxxx


PART I: Biographical details


Dr. Sumaya Farhat-Naser / Jerusalem Center for Women director; professor


of botany at Birzeit University; honorary doctorate from University of

Munster, 1989; recipient Dr. Bruno-Kreisky prize for human rights, 1995




Die Mount Zion Foundation ist eine kirchliche gemeinn?tzige Stiftung mit


Sitz in Luzern. Ihr Zweck ist die Auszeichnung von Personen, die sich

entweder im juedisch-christlichen Dialog oder im Trialog der drei

Abrahamsreligionen Judentum, Christentum und Islam Verdienste erworben

haben. Der Preis wurde zum ersten Mal im Jahre 1987 verliehen.

Bisherige Preistraeger  waren:

1987: Dr. Mahmoud Abassi und Sr. Rose-Therese Sant

1989: David Grossmann

1991: Elisheva Hemker

1993: Dr.  Kirsten Stoffregen-Pedersen (“Schwester Abraham”)

1995: Dalia und Jeheskel Landau  und Elias und Heyam Shakur

1997: Sumaya Farhat- Naser und Yizchak Frankenthal  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

1999: Shmuel Toledano und Asscad Araidy



Subject: [neah] Palestinian Women’s Voice for Peace Silenced


Palestinian Woman’s Voice for Peace Is Silenced on International Women’s




Sumaya Farhat-Naser, the director of the Jerusalem Center for Women (Bat


Shalom’s Palestinian partner in the Jerusalem Link) will not be

traveling this

week to San Francisco.  She was scheduled to keynote the Global Fund for


Women’s Celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th.   Having


denied a travel permit (the current situation for all Palestinians),


accepted an offer of assistance from members of Bat Shalom’s board of

directors to intervene with the Israeli Foreign Ministry on her

behalf.  After more than a week of negotiations with Israeli officials,

the best they could offer Sumaya was travel to San Francisco for one day

March 8th – followed by an immediate return home.


Needless to say, Terry Greenblatt, Bat Shalom’s director and Sumaya’s

co-keynote speaker, did not face such obstacles to traveling abroad.

Terry will be in the United States for two weeks – without restriction.


Should not the host country – in this case,the United States – make its


decision as to who should enter its borders,and for how long? Evidently


It is hard to comprehend how, even according to I.D.F. security


Sumaya would pose a “security” threat.  A married women with teen-aged

children, a university professor in the sciences, a Global Fund for


board member, she is the recipient of many international awards for the


she does on behalf of peace.


However, the real issue here is not “security” but rather the desire

by the state of Israel to extend the policy of “closure” and

intimidation beyond the cities and villages of the Occupied Territories


the entire world.   In Sumaya’s words, “Restriction on my movement and


my very being? This is something I can never accept. It is a matter of

principle, and thus a part of my struggle towards

liberation. Enough is the occupation in my own native land and in my

home, but

never can I agree to an Israeli occupation that extends all over the

globe. It is insulting and goes beyond all sense of human dignity!”


Sumaya’s talk on March 8th was to have been on the theme “women as

peacemakers.”  While we are still trying to exert whatever influence we

have, the prospects for an unrestricted travel permit for Sumaya are

negligible.  It seems appropriate on this International Women’s Day to


Hanan Ashrawi’s inspirational call to all women working in peace


“We share the feeling of personal responsibility and accountability


those who support each other.  There is no big boss to reward you with a

pat on

the back.  The reward is the woman who tells you, ‘You have spoken on my


behalf, you were my voice when I was silenced.  You protected my

rights.  I

trust you.”


Bat Shalom suggests that you commemorate this International Women’s Day

by raising your voice as an ally to a woman and an organization of


Whatever resources are at your disposal, wherever and however you do


work for social and political change – do something on March 8th that


silence will not prevail.


For those who would like to send messages of solidarity to Sumaya,

please direct

them to the Jerusalem Center for Women’s email address:  [email protected]




Bat Shalom is a feminist peace organization working toward a just

peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors.  Bat Shalom, together

with The Jerusalem Center for Women, a Palestinian women’s peace

organization, comprise The Jerusalem Link.  Visit our web site for

more information and our latest activities:


We gratefully accept contributions to help support our work.  Checks

in any currency can be mailed to Bat Shalom, POB 8083, Jerusalem

91080, Israel.  Tel: +972-2-563 1477; Fax: +972-2-561 7983.  See our

web site for information about tax-deductible contributions or bank



To subscribe to Bat Shalom’s newsletter, please reply by e-mail with

the word “Subscribe” in the subject line.  To unsubscribe, please

write  “Unsubscribe” in the subject line.

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Subject: Gush Shalom ad March 1 :  STATE TERRORISM

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Subject: Re: Web hate on trial as Zundel case nears end

References: <[email protected]> <[email protected]>

<[email protected]>

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