Alabama: Declaration

Whereas, a long string of terrorist incidents from Oklahoma City to the Atlanta Olympics have been blamed (without one shred of proof) on the constitutional militias by the current federal administration and its willing lapdogs in the press; and

Whereas, agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Marshals Service have engaged in what are arguably “terrorist” operations against the American people at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, Waco, Texas, and other diverse places without punishment or meaningful condemnation by their superiors, the Congress or the courts; and

Whereas, the bulk of the constitutional militias of the various United States have formed as a grass-roots response to such government-sponsored terrorism as well as the continued degradation of our Constitutional rights at the hands of the current federal administration; and

Whereas, agents of the ATF and FBI have engaged in unconstitutional entrapment under the guise of so-called “sting” operations such as that against Bob Starr, a militia leader in Georgia, where ATF “confidential informants” provided the explosives and buried pipe bombs on Starr’s property without his knowledge or approval, a “crime” for which Bob Starr languishes in jail without bond, in vain attempts to tie the constitutional militia movement to “terrorist” bomb plots; and

Whereas, the Wilburn private investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing has revealed that:

** That incident, which involved the mass murder of at least 168 innocent Americans, was the result of just such an ATF sting operation gone bad; and

** That the ATF (certainly) and the FBI (possibly) had advance knowledge of the bomb plot through the ATF-paid informant and German ex-army officer Andreas Carl Strassmeir; and

** That the probable bombers, assisted by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, were a mixed bag of neo-Nazis and self-described “Christian Identity” racists and anti-semites from Elohim City, Oklahoma, who hope to ignite a civil war that will destroy the American Republic thus giving way to a Nazi American Reich; and

** That the ATF, FBI and elements of the Clinton Administration Justice Department (especially the Oklahoma City prosecutorial team members, past and present), have engaged in a coverup of the identity of “John Doe #2”, Michael Brescia, Andreas Strassmeir’s roommate at Elohim City, thus actively seeking to prevent the exposure to the American people of the government’s prior knowledge of the conspiracy; and

** That the murders of Arkansas gundealer Bill Mueller and his family as well as the string of bank robberies committed by the “Aryan Republican Army” have links to Michael Brescia and the Oklahoma City bombing conspiracy– facts which the FBI investigators have refused to reveal or pursue, apparently in furtherance of the OKC coverup; and

Whereas, in the Oklahoma City bombing and other operations, elements of various racist, Nazi and antisemitic groups (including Aryan Nations, White Aryan Resistance, the Army of Israel, the National Alliance, adherents of Louis Beam, and self-described “Christian Identity” Phineas Priesthood cells), have shown themselves to be willing terrorist footsoldiers of the advocates of government repression; and

** That the Turner Diaries predict Nazi terrorists winning an American civil war that they initiate by provoking government repression of American gunowners; and

** That Bob Mathews, neo-Nazi “martyr” and founder of Der Buders Schweigen (The Silent Brotherhood, aka “The Order“) issued a “Declaration of War” against the so-called Zionist Occupied Government, Jewish, black, Hispanic and Asian Americans and white “race traitors” who didn’t agree with white supremacist goals and tactics; and

** That as recently as 3 August 1996, Dennis Mahon of the White Aryan Resistance (a suspect in the Oklahoma City bombing conspiracy) proclaimed on a national radio broadcast that: “that Declaration of War has never been rescinded.”; and

** That the fortunes of the current federal administration have risen, begininning with the Oklahoma City bombing, in direct proportion to the number and severity of terrorist incidents; that now, after Dharan, TWA 800 and Atlanta, Clinton stands at his highest ratings in the polls and seems to be likely to win reelection; and

** That this resurgence of Clinton is celebrated in the neo-Nazi halls inhabited by William Pierce, Louis Beam and Richard Butler because they see in it the fulfillment of the Turner Diaries’ scenario; and

** That while racist and antisemites may spout their hatred by every legal means, and may hide even incitement to murder behind our Constitutional shield, they may not kill with impunity their innocent fellow citizens (even small children) and call it “patriotism” and

Whereas, while the white supremacists and the Clinton Administration may find common purpose in the exploitation of terrorism, the American Constitutional militia movement spontaneously mustered to combat terrorism from wherever it may appear– an out-of-control federal bureaucracy or slimy purveyors of hatred who coldly use mass murder as a tool to destroy our Republic; and

Whereas, when the white supremacists have attempted to infiltrate the constitutional militia movement they have been singularly unsuccessful; and

** That while the constitutional militia movement defends the Nazis’ right to hold whatever opinions they wish about other races and religions, we wish to make it plain that we do not hold such opinions, nor do we condone discrimination and violent acts against others because of their faith or color of their skin; and

** That the “Christian Identity” movement is comprised of a broad spectrum of adherents and beliefs, and that only a small minority engage in, or condone, terrorism; and

** That the ranks of the constitutional militas are filled with men and women of all races, creeds, colors and religions; and

** That we condemn racism and bigotry as antithetical to our belief that all are “created equal” as Thomas Jefferson wrote, and are entitled to equal protection under the law; and

** That, when they are not trying to infiltrate us, the white supremacists’ private opinions of the Constitutional militia movement is one of hatred and disdain, as journalist Jonathan Karl quoted “Pastor” Richard Butler of the Aryan Nations: “Richard Butler says he also hates the militia movement. ‘They are not for the preservation of the white race, which means they are in line with government policy. They’re actually traitors to the white race; they seek to integrate with blacks, Jews and others…I think they are a government-sponsored movement, maybe the CIA…A lot of people are white on the outside but black on the inside with a Jewish brain.'” and

Whereas, the Fourth Estate — our traditional media of newspapers and magazines (now joined by television news organizations) which were charged by the Founding Fathers as the watchdogs of liberty, have been unusually silent (through sloth or bias) on the brewing scandals of the Clinton Administration, of which the Oklahoma City bombing conspiracy is but the most egregious example; and

Whereas members of the present Congress have submitted a resolution purporting to convey “the sense of Congress” that shows no distinction between the Nazi terrorists and the Constitutional militia movement and calls for more repressive legislation to disarm Americans and further proscribe their fundamental, God-given and Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties; and

Whereas, the Republican majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate have shown themselves unable to resist the blandishments of an unscrupulous President (bolstered by a lap-dog press) and have concurred in the passage of fundamentally anti-freedom legislation whose stated purpose is “counter-terrorism” but whose main effect will be to strip innocent Americans of their Constitutional liberties (especially those codified in the amendments known as the “Bill of Rights”), and to enlarge the powers of the already ominously powerful federal police agencies; and

Whereas, the probable outcome of present trends is a Clinton re-election, which will likely be followed by an increasing point-counterpoint of terror incidents provoking government repressions, “ad infinitum, ad tyrannum”; and that this probable downward spiral of violence, unless arrested by the common efforts of all citizens, will lead to the death of our Republic.


1. We will oppose terrorism by every legal means wherever we find it: within, without or hiding behind the current federal administration.

2. As the current reign of terror has not been curtailed by federal or state law enforcement, and as the present crop of terrorists (who can be demonstrated to be hiding behind the inaction of the current federal administration, as in the Oklahoma City bombing investigation) continue to walk the streets unquestioned and unsought, we pledge to: a.) petition such local and state authorities having jurisdiction to bring these known malefactors before recognized grand juries; b.) assist state and local authorities in bringing suspected criminals before the bar of justice; and c.) shelter any witnesses who wish to testify against such terrorists but who cannot without great risk to themselves or their families.

3. We do hereby petition the Republican majority in the House and Senate, especially the Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by Senator Orrin Hatch, as well as Senator Spector’s subcommittee, to begin open hearings on the Oklahoma City bombing conspiracy, it’s probable coverup by the Clinton Administration, and the true nature of the oppositional dynamics between the Constitutional militias and the white supremacist terrorists.

4. We call on all members of the Fourth Estate to investigate the facts uncovered by the Wilburn private investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing and to print the truth as they find it, despite the pressure being brought to bear by the White House and the Justice Department to spike the story.

5. As Americans, we have sworn an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. Terrorists who murder innocent Americans are surely ranked among such enemies. As the neo-Nazi terrorists have reminded us of their “Declaration of War” against all those with whom they disagree (even to the killing of innocent children), we swear that we will fight such terrorists by every legal means.


*Col. John Hassey, Alabama Constitutional Militia.
*Mike Vanderboegh, Bvt. Col., 1st Alabama Cavalry Regiment, Constitutional Militia.
*Major Smith, XO, 1st Alabama Cavalry Regiment, Constitutional Militia.
*Lt. Jones, 1st Alabama Cavalry Regiment, Constitutional Militia, HQ Company.
*”George Mason.”
*Charli and Bill Gribble, Gadsden Minutemen.
*Sons of Liberty, Southern Command.
*Sons of Liberty, Birmingham.
*Sons of Liberty, Huntsville.
*Sons of Liberty, Decatur.
*Sons of Liberty, Montgomery.
*Sons of Liberty, Dothan.
*Sons of Liberty, Mobile.
*Sons of Liberty, Tuscumbia/Florence.
*Peter Salem Sniper Platoon, Birmingham.
*Dogtown Ranger Platoon (Psyops).

*Robert Ireland, Constitutional Militia Supporter and Activist, Mendocino County, Northern California.
*Alan Russell, Acting Chairman, Ojai Jural Society/Militia, Oakview, California Republic.

*Rick Kann, East Coast Command Unit, Constitutional Militia of Florida.
*Sons of Liberty, Pensacola.
*Sons of Liberty, Panama City.

*Sons of Liberty, Atlanta.
*Sons of Liberty, Macon.
*Sons of Liberty, Savannah.
*Free State of Nickajack Militia.

*Del Wasso, Commander, Northern Illinois Minutemen.
*Larry Vandewalle, Public Information Officer, Northern Illinois Minutemen.
*John Drinkard, Sons of Liberty, Midwest Command.
*The Normal Light Infantry Regiment (all officers and NCOs).
*Sons of Liberty, Chicago.
*Sons of Liberty, Springfield.
*Sons of Liberty, Waukegon.
*Sons of Liberty, Urbana.
*Sons of Liberty, Moline.

*Sons of Liberty, Indianapolis.
*Sons of Liberty, Evansville.
*Sons of Liberty, South Bend.
*Stan Wilson, Regimental Commander, 4th Brigade, Hancock County.
*David Costello, Commander, 4th Brigade, Delaware County.
*Paul Ziaz, Captain, 4th Brigade, Marion County.
*Rick Earnest, Captain, 4th Brigade, Marion County.
*Gary Porter, 4th Brigade, Hancock County.
*R. Bowling, 4th Brigade, Delaware County.
*V. Bowling, 4th Brigade, Delaware County.
*Thomas D. Fey, Brigade Commander, 4th Brigade, Marion County.
*Chris Bernatti, 1st Lieutenant, 4th Brigade, Delaware County.
*Ron Thomas, 4th Brigade, Henry County.
*D. Adams, Capt., 5th Brigade, Brown County.
*S. Wilson, 4th Brigade, Marion County.
*Wayne B., 4th Brigade, Marion County.
*Joan B., 4th Brigade, Marion County.

*Col. Wayne Yowell, 1st Kansas Militia.

*Lance R. Crowe, Public Information Officer,Southern Kentucky Citizens Militia.
*Lance R. Crowe II, Southern Kentucky Citizens Militia.
*Robert D. Baker.
*Sons of Liberty, Henderson.
*Sons of Liberty, Frankfort.

*Sons of Liberty, Baton Rouge.

*Sons of Liberty, Jackson.
*Tishomingo Rangers, Mississippi State Militia.
*Sons of Liberty, Corinth.

*Ken Bliss, New Jersey Militia.

*Col. Bob Wright, 1st Brigade, New Mexico Militia.
*Col. Strode, Commander, New Mexico Militia.
*Col. Nick Johnson, Commander, New Mexico Constitutional Volunteers, 1st Ranger Detachment, 191st Psychological Warfare Battalion.

*Sons of Liberty, Raleigh-Durham.

*Sons of Liberty, Columbus.
*Sons of Liberty, Cincinnati.
*Sons of Liberty, Cleveland.
*Sons of Liberty, Marion.
*Sons of Liberty, Mansfield.
*Sons of Liberty, Portsmouth.
*Sons of Liberty, Bowling Green.
*Sons of Liberty, Zanesville.

*Bill Vonbrandt, Guardian, Rednet One, Pacific Northwest.

*Gen. Terry Hicks, State Commander, South Carolina Civilian Militia.

*Sons of Liberty, Memphis.
*Sons of Liberty, Nashville.
*Sons of Liberty, Chattanooga.
*Sons of Liberty, Knoxville.
*Sons of Liberty, Jackson.
*Sons of Liberty, Columbia.
*West Tennessee Light Infantry Regiment, Tennessee Constitutional Militia.

*Richard Howard King, VOTERS Militia, Lubbock County, Lubbock, Texas.
*Bill Utterback, Volunteer, Comal County Unit, Texas Constitutional Militia, Past Commander, Southern Region, Texas Constitutional Militia.
*Ann Utterback, Volunteer, Comal County Unit, Texas Constitutional Militia, Past Commander, Comal County Unit, Texas Constitutional Militia.
*”Patrick Henry.”
*Col. Ray Smith, Texas Constitutional Militia.

*Arlin Adams.
*Sons of Liberty, Richmond.

*Thom Slape.
*Thomas Mick, 10 USC 301.