Admits again to lie, Giwer Matt

On 22 Dec 1996 20:15:09 -0500, [email protected] Michael P.
Stein wrote:

>In article <[email protected]>,
>Matt Giwer ([email protected]) under the name
>Tickle Me Adolph wrote:
>>On 22 Dec 1996 02:01:48 -0500, [email protected] (Michael P.
>>Stein) wrote:
>>>In article <[email protected]>,
>>>Matt Giwer ([email protected]) under the name
>>>Tickle Me Adolph wrote:
>>>>On 13 Dec 1996 10:37:21 -0500, [email protected] (Michael P.
>>>>Stein) wrote:
>>>>>case, I would say that seeing a relationship between Mr. Giwer’s sudden
>>>>>departure from Netcom, and the mailbomb complaint filed shortly before
>>>>>said departure, is _not_ a “post hoc ergo propter hoc” fallacy.
>>>> However it is not only a fallacy but a lie as Netcom gave the
>>>>reason as the harrassment they received.
>>> Since Colin McGregor of Internet Direct in Canada says Matt Giwer lied
>>>about what Mr. McGregor said (see first URL below), it is difficult to see
>>>why anyone should believe a proven and confessed liar such as Matt Giwer
>>>when he reports what was said by any other ISP.
>> I have not quoted Colin McGregor in this matter.
> You have most certainly made a paraphrased claim about what Mr.
>McGregor said. The subject was Marduk’s identity, not the reason for your
>termination, but then I did not specify the nature of your lie in my
>previous post. DejaNews gives us the physical evidence once again.
>Subject: Re: Giwer-troll is not droll
>From: [email protected] (Matt Giwer)
>Date: 1996/04/26
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>[email protected] (Gord McFee) wrote:
>>In article <[email protected]>, [email protected] (Matt Giwer)
> Honk your nose on someone else’s phone.
> Were it not for MacGregor admitting you are Marduk there might
>have been a problem with identifying you.
>6,000,000 are a tragedy, the other 6,000,000 a footnote.
> What kind of truth is it that needs protection?
> This is the second time I have caught you lying about the above post.
>You are certainly not a very fast learner.

You caught me at nothing. That was a bluff for the boy. After
all, he initiated the lying set the ground rules. It is always
appropriate to set liars against each other so they no longer trust
each other, that they get into who betrayed the group first.

And as was later discovered, Idirect employees or possibly owners,
created which was another personal defamation of my
character and again proved that all of the claims of Idirect not being
involved was a lie. That the people from Idirect are congenital and/or
paid liars is not in question.

The organization has no integrity whatsoever. That you insist upon
believing anyone from that organization calibrates the level of what
is beneath you but does not set a zero.

>>I cited the
>>statements of the CEO of in his conversation with the CEO
>>of Combase. I did message Mr. McGregor my sympathy for having to
>>front a story that he knew nothing about and was told to tell.
>> If you would make the effort to get the CEO on line for comment
>>then you have something related to what I have said. Until you do
>>that, you have only the word of a flunky without direct knowledge of
> Since I am relying on your own post for what you claim Mr. McGregor
>said about Marduk’s identity, it would appear that you are either lying or
>you are admitting that you are a flunky without direct knowledge of
>events. Would you care to tell us which one it is?

And of course you failed to find the “whois” that gave the idirect
addresses of its owners. Sure you did.

If history has taught us anything it is that history will be revised.

Revisionists are sneaky bastards, always relying on facts and figures.

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