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Lambda Report on Homosexuality, April-June 1995 Edition


Sexual Deviance Fueled Nazism
Response to Christine Mueller Reed College Oregon

By: Kevin Abrams

In response to Professor Christine Mueller’s “Still A Pink
Triangle,” I leave it up to the reader to judge whether there was any
intention on my part to either misinform or mislead as Ms. Mueller implies.
I was far more concerned than she that a few of her corrections were valid.

Mueller rightly notes it was not Hitler, but Stennes, who with
Roehm and Heines helped to impose Roehm’s exclusively homosexual clique
over the S.A. She is also correct about Hitler being labeled the vain
operetta queen in Munich by Goebbels. Vanity, as Ms. Mueller may know, is
a negative female characteristic and Hitler’s character has often been
described as effeminate.

Once again, those who promote homosexuality as a societal norm
have leveled bogus charges of homophobia against anyone who disagrees with
them. How is it that Ms. Mueller and her supporters, Professor Ed Segel
and Steven Wasserstrom, are not aware of the fraudulant political and
scientific basis upon which homosexuals lay claim to legitimacy? On behalf
of all those who reject the positive affirmation of homosexuality,
including the reputable National Socialist historians Konrad Heiden,
William Shirer and Samuel Igra none of whom can any longer speak for
themselves and who Ms. Mueller has the chutzpa to slander, I categorically
reject the label of `homophobe.’ Homosexualists have too long been
responsible for sickness, brutality, war and destruction. The record
clearly shows there is no such thing as an irrational fear of homosexuality
and its consequences.

Chronic sexual deviance brings about economic collapse, political
chaos and totalitarianism. Ms. Mueller supports this thesis when she
emphasizes “the presence of homosexuality in all parts of German society.”
Samuel Igra in his book Germany’s National Vice writes, “Untill the coming
of Hitler those unnatural vices so prevalent and so talked about, were
looked upon as evil things . . . but under the National Socialist movement
they have been elevated to a philosophy of life which is taught even by
university professors as the basis of the new political and social
structure in Germany.” It was not I who described the most warlike nations
as those who were most addicted to the love of male youths but historian
Eva Cantarella, in her book, Bisexuality In Ancient Rome. It must be
clarified, the Nazis WERE NOT Right-wing, Conservative, Creationists; they
were Left-Wing, Darwinian, Evolutionary Socialists. As a principle,
pederasty parallels a militaristic Hellenic revival.

[SA leader] Ernst Roehm, Gerhard Rossbach and Edmond Heines were
only the well known leading National Socialist pederasts. They corrupted
hundreds, if not thousands, of German youth into homosexuality. Without
the support of his close homosexualist friends, especially Roehm, Hitler
could never have captured the Chancellor’s office. Hitler did not have a
“distain” for Roehm’s homosexuality; rather he was more concerned with
adverse public opinion. In Mein Kampf, Hitler concealed two things, his
own sexual deviance and his participation in the black arts.
Walter C. Langer in his book, The Mind Of Hitler, developed a psychological
profile of Hitler. Prepared as a secret wartime report, Langer found that
Hitler was encumbered with a very volatile form of sadomasochism and had a
typical homosexual profile and background. Robert G.L. Waite in his book,
The Psychopathic God, came to similar conclusions.

Mueller’s ignorance about the origins of the S.S. symbol may be
understandable. The “SS” rune symbol was originally used by Guido Von List,
who formed the society bearing his name in Vienna at the turn of the
century. List’s society was accused of practicing of form of Hindu tantrism
which used sexual perversion in its rituals and substituted the swastika
for the cross. List was the leader of a blood brotherhood and a racial
occultist who wrote several books on the magic principles of rune letters
(from which he chose the “SS” symbol). In 1908, List formed
“Schutzstaffeln” (protection squads) of urban homosexuals. Members of the
list squad used the familiar Nazi “Heil” greeting. Ernst Roehm would later
adopt the name, the “SS” symbol and the protection squad concept for use
by the Nazis.

Heinrich Himmler did not declare a war against homosexuality but
condemned it within the S.S. because he perceived it as a hindrance to
propagating replacement Aryan Supermen. As Dr. Charles Socarides of NARTH
[The National Association For Research And Treatment Of Homosexuality]
explains in his article, “The Erosion Of Heterosexuality,” (Washington
Times,July 5, 1994), “Homosexuality cannot make a society or keep one
going for long. It (homosexuality) operates against the cohesive elements
of society. It drives the sexes in opposite directions, and no society can
long endure when either the child is neglected or the sexes war with each

Mueller’s use of a 1937 quote by Himmler in her Internet response
of October 1994 to my August 1994 article in The Lambda Report, `The Other
Side Of The Pink Triangle,’ fails to prove widespread persecution of
homosexuals. It does reveal, however, that between 1937-1945, inclusive, a
total of `90′ members of the S.S. were purged for homosexuality.
Considering the times and the brutality of the S.S., why would Mueller be
so concerned with this `massive’ persecution of Nazi homosexuals?

Mueller repeatedly quotes historian James Steakley as a credible
source. She will be interested to know Steakley was in British Columbia,
Canada, last December speaking at the new Vancouver Holocaust Center. He
is quoted in the Vancouver Sun as saying, “It was never the intention of
the Nazi regime to physically exterminate gay people. Instead it was their
intention to eliminate homosexuality” (amongst Aryans). Steakley pointed
out, “Gay people were never in the same situation as Jews and Gypsies.
They were never gassed in chambers, for example.” He estimated that
between 5,000 and 15,000 gay men and possibly only 100 lesbians were
killed in concentration camps; “by contrast, the Nazis killed about 5.8
million Jews.”

In his book, The Gestapo, Jacques Delarue writes, “During the
latter months of 1934 (after the Roehm purge) and the beginning of 1935,
unknown killers murdered nearly 150 S.S. leaders. On the corpses was
pinned a littlecard bearing the initials `R.R.’ This meant Racher Roehm,
the “Avengers of Roehm.” As Willi Frischauer points out in his 1953 book,
Himmler, The Evil Genius Of The Third Reich, homosexualist were at least,
for a time, identified with a brown triangle. The truth is that the S.S.
did arrest and incarcerate thousands of `Roehmist brownshirted
homosexualists,’ who understandably, were considered to be enemies of the
State. The pink triangle may have been introduced at a later date to
identify effeminate homosexuals, those who were framed on charges of
homosexuality, and as a catch-all category. The fact is, super-masculine
Nazi homosexualists like Roehm and Heines despised and exploited passive
effeminate homosexuals.

The author stands by his original thesis – that sexual deviance
fueled the National Socialist Revolution and gave birth to Nazi
imperialism and the Holocaust. Ayn Rand, in her famous book, Atlas
Shrugged, identified the concept of the corruption of virtue. Others say
evil has no life of its own and therefore must attach itself to good.
Does Ms. Mueller truly believe Thomas Jefferson would have approved of
her position and her use of his words? I think not.

Abrams writes frequently about homosexuality and gay activism. He is the
co-author with Scott Lively, of the recently released book, “THE PINK
SWASTIKA, Homosexuality In The Nazi Party.”

[The above reprinted from, Peter Labarbara’s, April-June 1995 lambda
Report on Homosexuality]

THE PINK SWASTIKA may be ordered by calling 1-800-828-2290 or by
enclosing 11.95 U.S. including postage and handling and a return
shipping address to:

P.O. BOX 5271
U.S.A. 97304

The authors would be happy to respond to any questions or comments.

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