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GROSVENOR FAQ v0.5, 11/15/96

This FAQ is an attempt to assimilate the Wit and Wisdom of
one William Grosvenor aka William Gruber aka Acumen aka
Echte Wahrheit.

This FAQ may be freely distributed. (In fact, it makes a
great .sig when replying to Mr. Grosvenor’s Usenet posts…)

So now for the questions. Quoted text is indented and
references are noted in brackets (e.g., [1] ) and are listed
at the bottom of this document.

Who Is William Grosvenor?

Let’s let Mr. Grosvenor start things off [1]:


Member Since: January 02, 96
Gender: Male
Age: 56 years
Address: Alberta, CANADA
Nationality: British
Birth Place: UK
Profession: International Management Consultant
Education: P.mgr., Fic, Fiaa, Cga
Hobbies: Stamp Collecting, Computers, Travel
Likes: International correspondence
Dislikes: Faggots, policical correct vermin
Wants to be
Friends with: Both Male and Female from Age 25 to 65 years
Relevant: Have lived and worked and owned businesses
throughout Europe, coast to coast in North
America, as well as in several countries of se
EMAIL: [email protected]

A few observations can be made at this point. First, while
he resides in Canada, he claims British citizenship
(although he has also claimed Canadian citizenship to a
different audience [24]).

Second, he claims to be an “International Management
Consultant”, but professional reporters have been unable to
find any clients of Mr. Grosvenor’s ‘firm’. [25, 26]

Third, his intolerance and bigotry starts to show, e.g., his
dislikes are “Faggots, policical correct vermin”.

He Dislikes “Faggots”???

As we shall see, he seems to hate just about everyone, but,
first a few select quotes from Mr. G on the topic of
homosexuality. This may eventually lead him to problems with
the Canadian Human Rights Act, which takes a dim view of
such public utterances as these:

You are obviously a diseased faggot, yourself dying of

Your lies will probably cause your diseased brain to
accelerate the death you deserve.[2]

AIDS is definitely one of Mother nature’s best ways to
only the fittest of the species of mankind to survive.

However, do not forget that AIDS is almost exclusively a
LIFESTYLE CHOICE of those perverts who indulge
themselves as faggots.

AIDS was deliberately spread worldwide by the Canadian
faggot with Air Canada. This is irrefutably documented
in the book “AND THE BAND PLAYED ON”. {note: this claim
has been refuted [4]}

Hopefully, all those diseased vermin will soon die, so
that the rest of humanity can go back to doing their
normal activities.[3]

As for faggots, they serve no useful purpose on this
earth, and only in cremation, will their ashes serve
some use as fertliser.[31]

Actually, I am very careful with whom I do
business.Fortunately, faggots do not seem to be
involved, yet, in the stamp business, so I don’t have to
deal with any.

Sorry, but I reserve the right as to whom I will deal,and
faggots are not approved by me.[5]

After all, nature created only two normal sexes – male or
female. If you say that you are neither, then you
obviuosly are not human.

As for the other terms used by and for the perverts, that
is their choice.[6]

It looks as though you have more than the normal share of
gall. But then, one must expect perverts to be
abnormal,and even subhuman.

The only good faggot, is an incinerated one. Verstehen

Just because there have been criminals, and perverts
throughout history, does not legalise these offensive

The best way to get rid of these perverts, is
extermination, by whatever method the state prefers to

Further, in many civilised nations, such as Singapore,
Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia to name a few, sodomy as
practiced by faggots is a criminal offence, with
punishments as prescribed by law.

In Muslim nations, the qu’ranic punishment is usually
stoning to death.

I would suggest that these perverts should be eliminated
in a more practical method for the needs of normal

Suggestions would include:

medical experiments for treatments using new
medical experiments for new drugs and treatments;

target practice for the military and police recruits;

target practice for victims to use, in preparing
warning videos to present to children, to show that
the penalty for crimes is death.These would be similar
to the Malaysia & Singapore programs “DADAH IS

These extra benefits for their faggot friends were
brought to you by Herr Stein/Rock, Gray/Graustein, and
Kaplan among others. They were strongly supported by
major members of the World Jewish Congress, who feel
that faggots deserve special rights and privileges, just
as in Sodom and Gommorrah!!![10]

The Jews Are In On This Too?

And then some:

Why are the JEWS allowed to break the laws of sovereign

Did they terrorise some government officials, or were
officials otherwise induced??[11]

So why should the JEWS be allowed to break the provincial
laws? Other religions, such as the majority Christians,
must obey the law, so why not the damn JEWS?[12]

And don’t forget that the forerunner organisation of the
KGB was set up by that Polish JEW Louis Dzerzhinski, who
helped elimiate all opponents to communism in the USSR,
including the mass extermination in Ukraine in the
1930’s!!!Ther NKVD/KGB were and are mainly

It seems that Ostrov just doesn’t believe in telling the
truth, which seems to be a failing of those of the
Jewish persuasion, and their lackeys.[14]

What special JEWISH ARITHMETIC is used to increase
several million dollars to SEVEN BILLION?

Is it this special Jewish Arithmetic that increased the
International Red Cross figure of 320,000 to the now
fictitious figure of six millions?[15] {note: the IRC
refutes this claim}

If being Jewish had nothing to do with the biggest tax
scam in Canadian history, then why is it the biggest tax
scam in Canadian history?[16]

Note that not all Jews fit the slimy description, since
there must be some good Jews.[23]

I suggest that you MUST consider the ethnic treatment of
Chinese by thecommunist Canadian government, vis a vis,
the white JEWISH BRONFMANs.[17]

Grosvenor’s A Racist, Too?

Yep. Racist and all-around bigot. For instance:

The JEWS think they control Canada, but I believe it is
now about time for the whites in Quebec and Canada to
start to clean their countries.[18]

In view of last night’s riots in Montreal,and the
comments of M.Parizeau regarding Jews and
natives,responsible travellers should seriously consider
whether it is safe for non-frenchies in Quebec.

If you must visit Quebec,be sure to bring your flak
jacket.Guns for self-protection are not allowed in
communist Canada,since our government wants only
criminals and natives to have weapons.

In other words,much of Canada is no longer safe for
foreigners who do not speak with a Quebec French

Cretin is kissing the asses of the frogs in Quebec,and
also those of the native homelands.[20]

Quite frankly,I doubt that it will have much impact on
North Americans.It will reduce the numbers of
Poles,Ukranians,Russians and the like who to many
Slovaks, were undesirables in any case.[21]

Yes, my articles are definitely racist.

You bet, the above points may seem racist, because the
JEWS claim to be a race, not that they are, and the
Chinese are now being victimised to make up for the
frauds of the JEWS.[22]

Is There Anyone Grosvenor Doesn’t Hate?

Surprisingly, there is. After extensive questioning, he
came up with this list:

Obviously I do not hate Chinese, Malaysians,
Singaporeans, taiwanese, Germans, Iranians and Iraquis,
to name just a few of the groups of people that I

However, so far he hasn’t come up with a rationale for this

Ironically, Grosvenor’s buddies, the Ghermezian brothers,
who we’ll meet later, are originally from Iran. Of course,
given what they did to him in court, Grosvenor obviously has
a lot of respect for them.

Anyone Else?

Mr. G also harbours an active dislike of immigrants,
especially those with criminal records, e.g.,

What about the almost 6,000 MINISTER’S PERMITS given out
last year to unqualified people,admitted as so-called

This included more than 1,500 convicted criminals, which
Canada apparently prefers to good workers or

As though Canada has not enough criminals, the communist
government of Canada wants to IMPORT MORE!!!

Many of these were of course from Russia,and many were
involved in serious crimes there.

Why should we be bringing in more criminals, when they
are already a serious problem here?[33]

Of course, the irony here is that Mr. G himself *is* an
immigrant with a criminal record.

He’s A Criminal?

Yep. Convictions in Canada for both assault and extortion
[26]. His criminal record before first immigrating to
Canada, if any, is not known, although he changed his name
from Gruber to Grosvenor not long after first arriving in

After First Arriving In Canada?

According to Alberta Report[26], Grosvenor first arrived in
Canada in the mid-1960s. Grosvenor himself has claimed the
year of arrival to be 1965, probably from Newcastle, England

Where he was in the 1970s is something of a point of
contention. For instance, Alberta Report quotes Grosvenor
as claiming to have been a consultant, “processed for top
secret and military security clearance,” to the prime
minister of Malaysia.[26]

Grosvenor has made a number of other claims about this
period, such as:

I am a former Consultant to the Prime Minister of
Malaysia in Finace, Planning, and Economic Development.

Further, in the past I was an official of the Governments
of Indonesia and Taiwan,in Indonesia.[28]

I was a Senior Official of the Government of Malaysia.
Further I was an Official of the Governments of Taiwan,
and of Indonesia.

As a consequence, having lived and worked in S.E.Asia, I
have some feeling for residents of these areas.[29]

yes, I have been an official of the Governments of
Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan.[30]

By the way, I am NOt a student. When I was in Malaysia, I
was a professor, trying to instill some knowledge in
capable students.[31]

So “professor”, just how _does_ one spell “finance”? (Note
that Grosvenor has refused repeatedly to give details of
these positions.)

According to Alberta Report, Grosvenor then reappeared in
Canada about 1980 in Edmonton, where he has resided until
the present. [26]

However, Grosvenor disputes this record. For instance:

More lies from the damn JEWS. Since I am a Canadian, I
did NOT immigrate tqice, as the liar claims.[24]

If he didn’t immigrate twice to Canada, he must not have
left in the
1970s as he has claimed. Also:

I have been a professional accountant in Canada for more
than 30 years,including consulting on Canadian

If we are to believe Grosvenor when he says he came to
Canada in 1965, and if we believe when he says he has spent
“more than 30 years” there, we must come to the conclusion
that he has been in Canada continuously from 1965 until now.
So, how could he also have lived in Asia, as he claims:

First, I have lived and worked in S.E.Asia, in Malaysia,
Singapore, Indonesia and Taiwan.[35]

Who knows? Maybe he’s soooo schizophrenic that one
personality remained in Canada while another chose to live
in Asia (and who could blame it for wanting to get as far
away from Grosvenor as it could…).

Hold On Now. He’s a Foreigner, Yet Complains About Canada?

Uh-huh. Here’s an example:

If you have any sense, you should seriously consider and
AVOID CANADA has continued to show that the risks, and
costs of going to Canada will result in a much reduced
lifestyle, compared to living in Hong Kong, Malaysia,
Singapore or other civilised country.
AVOID CANADA details the fact that now in Canada faggots
have special rights. This means that if you do any
business with the government, you MUST hire faggots,even
if with AIDS,no matter about the risk to the lives of
yourself and others.
AVOID CANADA has been presented from the perspective of an
immigrant,since I am one.I lived and worked in SE Asia, in
Malaysia,Indonesia and Taiwan,and understand the important
values of those who succeed.
AVOID CANADA is concerned about traditional family values,
while Canada being communist(have you already forgotten
that former PM Trudeau studied in Moscow), wants to
destroy the traditional family.That is why they give
special rights to faggots and similar perverts.[36]

One thing to note is that even though Grosvenor claims here
to have lived in S.E. Asia (supporting the theory he
immigrated twice to Canada), he also claims that living in
Canada “will result in a much reduced lifestyle”. One
wonders why he moved back, in that case.

In any event, Grosvenor’s unhappiness with Canada has led
him to lay out plans for his own country, “Canada West”, or
more commonly called “Grosvenor-Reich”, details of which can
be found on his homepage [37].

Setting aside the issue of whether this foreign national
lobbying for the destruction of Canada is an act of treason
or sedition, it turns out that Grosvenor-Reich would not be
the paradise Mr. G expects. For instance, from his
“Immigration Policy”:

IMMIGRATION will be strictly regulated. Only persons
useful to the economy of Western Canada will be admitted.
Criminals, so-called economic refugees, those unable to
support themselves, those with AIDS, and those expected
to be a drain on the taxpayers will not be admitted.
Sponsors of immigrants will be required to deposit a
substantial cash bond with the Government for 10 years,
to cover any costs should the sponsored immigrant ever
become a cost to taxpayers. In fact, those costing
taxpayers while not yet a citizen should be deported to
their country of origin.[37]

Note the part: “Criminals, {…} will not be admitted.”

As a criminal immigrant, Mr. G would be the first deported
from his personal fascist state. To paraphrase Groucho
Marx, William Grosvenor would not live in a country which
would have him as citizen…

If He Hates Canada Too, Why Doesn’t He Leave?

Oh, he has promised to:

Feel free to get back to me directly,should you wish more
info about the problems of Canada.I will be there just
for a short while longer,before I relocate with all my

I will not allow any faggot-loving government to tell me
whom I should deal with, and sooner than allow these
vermin, I am closing down businesses.[38]

Professional, 56 years old wishes to emigrate/relocate.

Skills include professor of accounting & business
management, have owned many businesses around the world,
could also teach English.

Hold British passport,and would prefer relocating to
country where English spoken, such as Ireland,Central
America, or perhaps South America, or S.E.Asia?[39]

Sadly, although lots of people would gladly contribute to
purchasing him a one-way ticket to someplace
else, Mr. G is not a man of his word. One theory is that
his wife, who owns the house he lives in, would cut off his
allowance if he left, forcing Mr. G to find a job.

He Doesn’t Have A Job?

While he likes to pretend to be an “international
businessman”, e.g., as on his homepage [40]:

group of businesses operating worldwide, presently based
in northern Canada. Some of our prominent activities

International Management Consulting. It has done
assignments in South East Asia, including Malaysia,
Indonesia and Taiwan.

GROSVENOR STAMP CO. is an international stamps dealer and
auction firm for stamps for collectors. (APS#D138099) We
now do LARGE TRADES / EXCHANGES with dealers and
collectors worldwide. As a service to collectors in
countries where dollars are scarce, we also offer

UNIQUE COMPUTER DISTRIBUTING has been an importer and
dealer of computers for more than 16 years.

William Grosvenor , P.Mgr., FIC, FIAA – C.E.O.

It turns out that all of Mr. G’s businesses are run out of
his wife’s house, a modest three-bedroom bungalow in the
Dickensfield neighborhood of Edmonton. Furthermore, with
one exception, none of his “businesses” have phones or can
be found in any business directory [41]. (The phone listing
for his bookkeeping business appears to be the family

Of course, Mr. G has an explanation for this:

I keep my businesses private, as the law permits,and it
is none of anyone’s business how I operate, as long as I
do so legally,as I do.[43]

Another breakthrough from the “INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF
MANAGEMENT INC.” (Mr. G’s bookkeeping business): Stealth
Marketing — how better to keep away those pesky potential

To get an idea of the holdings of the “GROSVENOR
INTERNATIONAL GROUP”, we can examine the case of the
Motherboard Upgrade. Over the last year or more, Grosvenor
has been trying to trade an old parachute for a new
motherboard for his computer. Picking up the trail, we

November 5, 1995:

Will sell for best cash offer,or trade for something
useful. Items I am seeking include loaded Motherboard for
DX100 or Pentium; stamp collection;guns; or what

May 25, 1996:

Want Pentium 133 system or similar such as S86 system, IN
TRADE for items I have,including some extra high res
scanners, etc..[45]

August 12, 1996:

Am looking to TRADE some of my items for a fully featured
Motherboard. Looking for S86 – 120 or 150 Mh board, with
32 Mb RAM.[46]

November 7, 1996:

I collect stamps, coins, starting on guns, but open to
proposals such as good Motherboard with P166 or

You will notice that Grosvenor’s requests seem to parallel
developments in the state of PC computing, starting with a
request for a 486 DX100 motherboard, and currently up to a
Pentium166. You will also notice that “UNIQUE COMPUTER
of companies, apparently only has one reasonably modern PC,
and is unable to spend a few hundred dollars to upgrade it.

When he’s trying to hustle cheap motel rates, Grosvenor also
claims to be “President” of “NORTHSTAR TRAVEL”.[41] For

Have been looking,so far without success,for reasonably
priced – i.e.low cost clean motels,or/and B & B in Maine
and New Brunswick for August.This is in connection with a
preliminary exploratory trip,considering possibility for
group tours of seniors from Western Canada.

So far,low cost,according to mail received,is over US$100
a day,up to $250.per day,per person.Out west we consider
$20 to $40 Canadian reasonable.[41]

$20 Canadian is about $15 American. This will give you a
feel for the financial acumen (!) of the “GROSVENOR

Grosvenor Is Not A Man Of His Word?

To put it mildly, yes. For example, take the case of Mr. G
vs. the Ghermezian brothers. The Ghermezian’s company,
Triple Five, develops shopping malls, including the West
Edmonton Mall and the Mall of America. In the late 1980s,
the Ghermezians also developed the ire of one William

What happened? As Forbes magazine recounted [25]:

Why does he do it? Grosvenor originally told FORBES that
he had been “swindled by Triple Five.” But in a more
recent conversation, he said, “They got several lots
rezoned so they could build a lousy strip mall next to my

Of course, this put Grosvenor on the war path. In his

Alberta Report story last month quoted Grosvenor
admitting he intends “to use all means at my disposal
anywhere in the world to put the Ghermezians out of

But wait, you’re probably thinking to yourself. Last time
you looked, both West Edmonton Mall and Mall of America were
still in business, thriving, in fact. Why aren’t the
Ghermezians out of business yet?

Well, once Mr. G reached the Ghermezian’s threshold for
stupidity, they took him to court, although they had some
trouble getting him there:

After returning from West Germany last week, Grosvenor
was holed up in his home in Edmonton’s Dickinsfield
neighbourhood, reportedly refusing service of the Triple
Five gag order. The company’s lawyers were preparing to
go to court again Monday morning for an order allowing
them to nail the injunction to the door of Grosvenor’s
home, which is in fact owned by his wife, Sario.[26]

After this point he caved-in completely, although, according
to Grosvenor, he scared those wimpy billionaires right out
of the courtroom:

An apology was requested, but the lawyers for the Jewish
Ghermezians refused to re-appear in court to finalise any
documents, so none was finalised.[48]

But what Mr. G calls their ‘refusal’ to re-appear was more
due to the Ghermezians having no need whatsoever to continue
action against him. A more complete story came from the
Edmonton Journal:

William Grosvenor has been found in contempt of a civil
court order not to speak against Triple Five Corp. or
interfere in its business.

Justice Russel Dixon reprimanded Grosvenor, Thursday in
Court of Queen’s Bench.

Grosvenor promised to cease and desist from further anti-
Triple Five communications, including any public
references to “Ghermezianville” – a term he used to
describe this City.

Grosvenor also agreed to prepare an apology to Triple

The next time Grosvenor mouths off about the Ghermezians, he
will face a *second* contempt of court citation which no
Judge is likely to find amusing. Neither would Grosvenor,
who’d probably be taking a lot of long, warm prison showers
after that.

In fact, there is no evidence that Mr. G has made any
negative statements about the Ghermezians since that time.
So much for his vow to put them out of business.

This episode led to international fame for Mr. G when Forbes
magazine labelled him a “roving fruitcake”. [25]

“Roving Fruitcake”?

Followed by an observation that “Grosvenor does make
occasional forays into sanity”.[25] The diagnosis seems to
be official, too. Alberta Report dug up that:

Grosvenor, 48, has a criminal record for assault and
extortion, that he was diagnosed at Riverview Psychiatric
Hospital in British Columbia in 1973 as suffering from a
paranoid personality disorder, and that his harassment of
the Ghermezians
is only the latest in a 20-year series of
vendettas against corporations and individuals, including
leading figures of the British Columbia legislature and

How Can I Tell If I’m Successfully Yanking Grosvenor’s

It seems that of all the people he hates (and there are
certainly a lot of them), Grosvenor hates Jews the most. If
you find he has corrupted your name to make it sound more
Jewish, you know you’ve got his working neurons into Rapid
Fire Mode.

So far the Grosvenor Kook-point contest winners are:

Ken McVay (aka “OyVay”)
Jason Kodish (aka “Kaddish”)
Tim Nye (aka
Cook (aka “Koch”)
Tim Brown (aka “Bronstein”)

(and more to be announced)

What’s Next?

Eventually, this FAQ will contain a list of Grosvenor’s
contradictions (such as the criminal Grosvenor demanding
execution of all criminals, the Grosvenor who hid his assets
to “defeat” creditors demanding that white collar criminals
make full restitution to all their victims, etc.).

As you can imagine, however, this list will probably be
longer than the current FAQ. 🙂

Anyway, onward and upward…

William Grosvenor e-mail: [email protected]
[address and telephone number removed]


For references, visit Grosvenor’s version of this document
at http://www.dejanews.com/getdoc.xp?AN=3D251280192 (page does not exist)

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