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Laura Finsten ([email protected]) writes:
> [email protected] (Sylvie Charbonneau) wrote:
>>Ken McVay, Overrated Bingo Caller ([email protected]) writes:
>>> In article <[email protected]>,
>>> Laura Finsten wrote:
>>> Now, it is true that Ms. Charbonneau did not *say* explicitly
>>> that she does indeed generalise to characterise all anti-racists
>>> in this way. However, to any reader with more than two brain cells
>>> to click together, it is clear that her response is in fact
>>> acknowledging that she does indeed do this. She did *not* limit
>>> her characterisation to *organised* anti-racists.
>>No, but it’s what I meant.
> Oh. But when you do this, it isn’t backpedalling???

Since when is clarifying a point backpedalling?

>>Face it Kenny, you just don’t want to admit that these idiots are on your
> I haven’t seen Mr. McVay deny that some anti-racists may appear as you
> describe, or act in a less than dignified manner. Nor have I.

No, but Kenny would have us believe that the large majority of VOCAL
anti=racists are just like the boy or girl next door. Not true.

(long rant deleted)

Sylvie Charbonneau

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Red ([email protected]) writes:
> NA’s large ftp directory was deleted last year with the conclusion of
> that email denial-of-service hack.
> Where’d it go? Can it be uncensored?

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Sylvie Charbonneau

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