Letter to Stormfront

21 August 1995

The Stormfront site includes a form for readers' comments. I emailed a comment as follows:

Subject header: Diversity of opinion
My state: Michigan

If you feel confident about your readers' intelligence, Mr. Black, you will provide them with the opportunity to read opposing viewpoints. One such viewpoint is provided at <http://www.almanac.bc.ca/>. I specifically recommend that your readers browse the URL <ftp://ftp.almanac.bc.ca/pub/people/b/black.don/>.

Since we at Nizkor are providing a link to Stormfront, it seems only fair that you return the favor.

Thank you.

Jamie McCarthy
Co-webmaster, http://www.almanac.bc.ca/

Please print my name and email address.

No reply was received to this letter; to see if they have printed it, visit their reader comment page at http://stormfront.wat.com/stormfront/letters.htm.

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