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28 August 1995

[...] ironically, the only things that we had ready to post up there was from SAMISDAT. I say "ironically" because it is probably the only source that we haven't yet had the time to fully check out ...


Can you give me an example or two of something of Samisdat's claims that you have checked out? I'm quite curious as to what research you've done on these matters.

Please allow us to more fully respond to this and your first post when we can get a spare few minutes :)!!

You are welcome to take as much time as you see fit, of course.

If you decide not to scrap the "revisionist" section of your web site, I can provide you with a number of other examples of falsehoods in the material from Samisdat -- let me know when you'd be interested in hearing these examples. I can give you a half-dozen corrections of falsehoods off the bat, though if you want explicit references (and I imagine you will), it'll take me a little while to gather them together.

It sounds like you're rather busy at the moment, though (and that's OK), so I'll hold off for now.

After going back and re-reading this quote it does seem a bit fantastic even for us that he would have said half of 20,000 (10,000). However, might I point out that he still claimed "some" ... were unreliable.

And I should point out that, therefore, there are twenty thousand minus "some" testimonies that are reliable. Even if he had been accurately quoted about the 10,000 unreliable testimonies, that leaves 10,000 reliable ones.

Also, think about how reliable we should expect 20,000 testimonies to be. Out of tens of thousands, should we not expect "some", indeed many, to be "unreliable"? I would be quite surprised if one hundred percent of the testimonies they have could be totally relied on to be accurate -- wouldn't you? What would you say if Shmuel Krakowski, the director of Yad Vashem, had stated that every single one of the 20,000 testimonies was "reliable"? I think that would probably be a falsehood, and I think Samisdat Publishing would point to that as evidence that something sneaky was going on.

I think Krakowshi couldn't win either way, as far as Samisdat Publishers are concerned.

Have you approached SAMISDAT about your information? From what we have seen they seem very open to dialogue.

No, I have not approached Samisdat. Have you had contact with anyone there? May I write to your contact and mention that you had suggested getting in touch with them?

I would be quite happy to point out errors in their material, if they would listen to me. My hunch is that they would not listen. However, if you think there's even a small chance that they would consider what I have to say, and especially if you can give me someone to write to and permission to mention that you sent me, I will indeed write them.

By the way, note that (1) as I mentioned in my original email, I'm posting our correspondence publicly, and the URL is; (2) my responses may be a bit slow -- I'm not only busy, I'm also having difficulties connecting to my service provider on a regular basis. Just to let you know, in case you were wondering why my responses are late.

The original email text is available for reference.

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