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25 August 1995

ALoha again!!

Not at all...Actually, our well-stocked Research Library contains a veritable mass of information but unfortunately and quite ironically, the only things that we had ready to post up there was from SAMISDAT. I say "ironically" because it is probably the only source that we haven't yet had the time to fully check out . . . Yikes!!

We would like to post more diverse sources and documents but since we are unable to at this time, we are considering "scrapping" this section from our Web Site until such time as we can do a more professional job.

Please allow us to more fully respond to this and your first post when we can get a spare few minutes :)!!

After going back and re-reading this quote it does seem a bit fantastic even for us that he would have said half of 20,000 (10,000). However, might I point out that he still claimed "some"...were unreliable.

We have in our possession some rather interesting evidence along these lines, but as I mentioned above, we may scratch this as we are not yet prepared the way we would like to be. Don't get me wrong here, we are still interested in more of your information to refute what we have up there now...

Have you approached SAMISDAT about your information? From what we have seen they seem very open to dialogue. We would be interested in their response if you have...




The original email text is available for reference.

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