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Three Questions for Mr. Raven

From: (Michael P. Stein)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Welcome back, Mr. Raven - any answers yet?
Date: 25 Jun 1996 12:46:54 -0400
Message-ID: <4qp55u$>

In article <>, Greg Raven <> wrote:

In article <4qf1a2$> "Michael P. Stein" writes:

"Excuse me, but I must be missing something. Other "revisionists" have posted here - Greg Raven, Tim McCarthy, Fritz Berg, Bradley Smith, Ross Vicksell, et al. And their claims have been addressed. They seem to have given it up. The only other ones currently left on any regular basis are J. F. Beaulieu, Tom Moran, Jeff Roberts, and Al Baron."

"My claims were addressed? This is news to me. I have repeatedly posted a couple of simple questions to this newsgroup, and virtually all the responses were personal attacks and long digressions on matters almost totally unrelated to my question."

There was also a dissection of the method of analysis proposed, which was to look at one piece of evidence at a time and decide if, all by itself, it constituted sufficient proof. I know of no criminal case which has been proved on one piece of evidence alone.

"The one or two "substantive" responses were laughably silly.

I found Mr. Raven's rebuttals to be laughably silly, except for the ones which were blatantly dishonest and deceptive paraphrases and editing of source material. The comments of Pressac on the testimony of Bo"ck comes to mind.

"Or did someone post proof for the existence of a Nazi gas chamber when I wasn't looking?

I have repeatedly posted a couple of simple questions to Greg Raven, and he never gave a direct, unequivocal response.

What standard of "proof" are you looking for? Beyond a reasonable doubt, preponderance of evidence, what?

What do you consider evidence?

There is a third question I would like to explore but cannot until I have the answers to the two above:

Are you consistent in your application of the two answers above?

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