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From: (Michael P. Stein)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: It was amazing
Date: 11 Jul 1996 17:09:48 -0400
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In article <4rvh9s$>, Matt Giwer wrote:

Some holohugging idiot gave me the reverse of the "cider in your eye" challenge.

Were I looking for suckers, I should have said "I can prove the fire bombing of Dresden to standards that do not exist for massive gassings". But I did not.

Rather first some fool challenged me to prove WW II occurred and I ignored the foolish challenge. Next another (or the same) fool challenged me to prove the fire bombing of Dresden occurred.

First I changed the ground rules from proof to the evidence. Proof is for mathematics, not for the human condition.

Then came the asshole holohuggers playing their ancient games.

Here comes Matt Giwer, playing the ancient game of posting away from the thread in which he is getting shellacked in the hope that I won't notice.

The thread is "AN ADMISSION OF PERFIDIOUS GUILT" and there is quite a bit of unanswered mail piling up there for Mr. Giwer. Why doesn't he go answer it rather than huffing and puffing over here (and not showing any evidence to back up his claims)?

First they claimed with transparent falsity that Dresden was solely based upon testimony as is their holocaust.

Multiple falsehoods in one sentence, not bad. I certainly never said that, and Mr. Giwer has been shown physical evidence time and time again. The issue is not whether it is physical evidence, but whether it is sufficient evidence.

Next they claimed that one document of questionable origin was equal to thousands of documents and press releases regarding the raid.

Thousands of documents about that one raid? Making it up as he goes. And there he goes again, mentioning press releases when the subject is physical evidence and its sufficiency. No self-respecting scientist would ever make that mistake.

Finally they muddled down into mush of addressing nothing of any particular interest but still maintaining their garbage is equivalent to thousands of bureaucratic records documenting a never denied event.

Holohuggers are very foolish.

The only fool I see here is Mr. Giwer, thinking he can do some spin doctoring without my noticing. Check out "AN ADMISSION OF PERFIDIOUS GUILT" and see how well you think the status of that thread matches Mr. Giwer's description of it.

And the really ironic thing is that within the same day he told Jamie McCarthy not to change the thread name. But Jamie left the References: line intact; Mr. Giwer's professed inability to follow the thread indicates either a brain-dead newsreader or a brain-dead user of the newsreader.

Not only did Mr. Giwer talk about the thread with a different thread name here, he removed the References: line to guarantee it was disconnected. A sure sign that he's running scared, hoping to get in his licks without my noticing. I guess that's the best a 163 IQ type can do. And it's so feeble that he couldn't even get a job in the Clinton administration.

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