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Ron Schoedel on Copyright

The "reverend" Ronald Schoedel shares his feelings with Don Black's Stormfront mailing list on discovery that his writing has been archived at Nizkor:

From: (Ronald Schoedel)

"CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! :-) For the helluvit, I ftp'd on over to McOyVay's site, and whaddaya know? I'M THERE TOO! Man, this is TOO exciting. You know, these cockroaches (Hi Ken!) really ARE scared of us. We must be doing something right. So guys and gals, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! We've got 'em on the run, DON'T LET UP!!! They wouldn't bother with such stupidity like archiving us if we didn't pose some kind of threat to them. If you're name AIN'T in McOyVay's ftp, you better get to work!" (October 8, 1995)

"Ken McOyVay is some whiny jew who thinks he's doing his side some immense good by giving folks like us free publicity and advertising. He's a real keen guy, really. He's one of our best promoters! Thanx Ken!" (October 8, 1995)

"Actually, I went even deeper (and boy does it get deep!) into McOyVay's FTP site, and if you want a good laugh and a good look at what someone with WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much time on his hands does, check out his FTP site. Leads one to wonder: what does mcOyVay do for a living? Does the jew have a real job? Is he a productive member of Canadian society? Or does he just sit on his butt all day surfing the net for 'nazi hatemongers'????? So how about it Ken, drop us a line and tell us, would ya?" (October 8, 1995)

"I just wanted to say y'all are being MERCILESS toward that poor lil' oppressed jew McOyVay (you know, the POOR OPPRESSED jew who had a brand new computer system given to his `work'. Nothing like all us hard-working White gals and guys who pay for our own machinery). Anyway, you're doing a damn good job of it! keep it up...heh heh heh heh :)

"I checked it out, and would ya believe, this lil' ol' racist has his very own entry in McOyVay's useless FTP site. Aw shucks. i don't know what you're trying to prove with that stuff, Kenny. As though everything you collected of mine isn't ALREADY public knowledge. What am I doing, trying to talk sense to a whiny jew...silly crazy me...

"Rev. Ron

"P.S.: I wonder if an ad slogan would allow people to take your nazi-hunting work more seriously, Kenneth. Something maybe like `McVay's: Six million Served", y'know, something catchy.

"P.S.S. does this post make it into my `file' Kenny? ooooooh." (October 9, 1995)

"I hate to give the scum free advertising, but the Secret Files (snicker) of Ken `fill 'er up!' McOyVay can be accessed at Enjoy!" (October 10, 1995)

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