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In His Words
The Mouth and Mind of "Reverend" Ronald Schoedel III

October 1995

I would like to introduce the "Elder Ronald Schoedel III," that you may all come to know him for what he is. The following excerpts are from a random selection of his UseNet postings of October, 1995.

I think it is appropriate, when dealing with the mind of Ronald Schoedel, to keep the following assertion foremost in one's mind, from September, 1995:

Being a Man of God is not all drab and boring as you seem to want to make it. I believe you folks are just a tad bit miffed, because I do not fit into the mold of what you expect a "reverend" to be like. I have said before, I am unlike any other Reverend, except for Jesus Christ Himself, whom I seek to emulate in everything I do.


Actually, this is not pornographic. Art down thru the millenia has oft times portrayed the necked female in a tasteful way. We are not asking for pornographic images. Pornogrpahy would be like images specifically designed to arouse sexual excitement, i.e. suggestive or seductive poses and actual pictures of sexual relations. THAT is pornographic.

We will leave that kind of degrading filth to you liberals and kikes to produce and distribute. But what the good Aryan Crusader is asking for is not in any way pornographic, or distasteful. His idea is to cele- brate and honour motherhood and family, while at the same time giving young Aryan boys reasons not to look at necked anthropoids.



Anyone ever teach you to treat women with respect? Take your jewish ass out of this NG and go verbally assail your own females. My guess is the battle-axe woman you're stuck with (if one was stupid enough to be with you) wouldn't take your crap...well, neither shall our Noble Aryan Women. Get lost, you gutless jackass loser. And I repeat, FOAD.

Nah, jews ain't chosen, 'cept for ANNIHILATION. The children of Abraham are you and I, the WHITE RACE.


Oh David, I can see I haven't yet introduced you to everybody's favorite kike...he won that award some time ago here in this newsgroup. Joel Rosenburger has a strange obsession with bestail sex and seeminlgy is pretty proud of it. He's one of the bigger jackasses around here, you will find him to be quite humourous...not that he is funny, but the fact that this kike demonstrates what we have known to be true for along time about their depraved disgusting sub-human race, THAT is funny. In trying to knock down we White folks, he demonstrates what an absurd jackass his race is known for producing...

David, meet Joel Rosenburger...jewboy, meet Elder Griffin, another of your SUPERIORS here on a.p.w-p. Go easy on the kike, Brother Griffin. We know he and his kind are not exactly the brightest in the world. In fact we here on a.p.w-p have concluded that this hymie can't possibly be a part of the world conspiracy, because he's too damn stupid. jews who publicize to thousands their obsession with bestial intercourse are not quite ZOG have to be able to shut up about that kinda stuff to qualify to be part of ZOG. This lame kike doesn't make the grade, he's even a reject amongst his own!!!

No jewboy, he's talking to you. Answer the question. You've shown us all how sexually degenerate and depraved you are, why should you be ashamed to further expound on that?

I'm running low on soap, jewboy. Watch your back or you may end up washing mine.


>that leaves the reader in no doubt
>that you are in fact advocating a second holocaust against the Jews.

Actually, a first holocaust against them would be a nice start....

The preceding "Christian" messages brought to you by the, er, "Reverend" Ronald Schoedel III; for a more complete examination of the mind and mouth of Ronald Schoedel, see the file schoedel.1095, where the above can be found in context.

The original plaintext version of this file is available via ftp.

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