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In His Words
The Mouth and Mind of "Reverend" Ronald Schoedel III

September 1995

I would like to introduce the "Elder Ronald Schoedel III," that you may all come to know him for what he is. The following excerpts are from a random selection of his UseNet postings of September, 1995.

I think it is appropriate, when dealing with the mind of Ronald Schoedel, to keep the following assertion foremost in one's mind:

Being a Man of God is not all drab and boring as you seem to want to make it. I believe you folks are just a tad bit miffed, because I do not fit into the mold of what you expect a "reverend" to be like. I have said before, I am unlike any other Reverend, except for Jesus Christ Himself, whom I seek to emulate in everything I do.

---------- What do you mean USED TO, kike? HYMIE-BOY. GET A FRIGGIN' LIFE, YOU WORTHLESS KIKE. *


Hey Loser,

Checked out your weenie of a web page. What a loser scum you are. Damn wigger, why don't you get out of our midst.

There ain't nuttin' worse than a god-forsaken WIGGER.

Go to Africa if you love dem africans and their "culture" sooooo much. You are such a disgrace to the Anglo-saxon race, Scallon.


Hey wigger-boy, the answer is NO. NO NO NO NO NO. Such a thing IS akin to having relations with any OTHER member of the animal kingdom.

I know you don't like to hear this, but it's the truth. Negresses are not of the same species as Human Males and Females, thus, not to be engaged with in sexual relations. WHy is it always you libs who have to bring everything to a question of bestial sex? What is your fascination with it?


Oh puh-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeez. Of course I would expect you -- who fanta- sizes about sucking negress feet -- to say something so absurd. This is just as ridiculous as that great liberal line that we don't have White blood or black blood, but we all bleed red. What a joke. I could care less if negresses were WHITE on the inside. Oral sex with a negress, or vaginal sex with a negress for that matter, are no different than such activities with any other member of the animal kingdom. Suck any ape toes lately, Beaver?


To make it even more exciting, we could sell souvenirs...such as jew-skin lampshades with the event name scrawled across it, eh? Oops, the cruelty to animals folks might not like this either I suppose.


Only Aryan peoples are descended from our father Adam. Not blacks, not jews, not chinese, not hispanics, nope. Just us Aryans. We are one species -- homo sapiens. negroids are in the species classification of homo afer, which has many VARIETIES such as the Mozambique negro and the Guinea negro, as C. H. Smith demonstrated in his 1851 work, "Natural History of the Human Species".


Once again, Rev. Ron gives you crazy libs and jews something to THINK about. Sorry gang, you're wrong. Aryans and nigras are no more the same species than whales and kitty-cats are. You say that negroes and Aryans can mate. So what. Not successfully, as the bastard offspring of such mating is always deformed and genetically deficient and defect- ed.


Crazy are right. If being called a jew is not the worst insult, it is pretty darn close, you pathetic big turd.


..In anticipation of the Whiter, Brighter Day to soon dawn over all of humanity!!! Keep up the good work comrades! You all are the best, the few who have been chosen for the task ahead of us. Let us never become weary in well-doing. Much work remains to be done, but for strong men and women such as yourselves, my White friends, the labors and efforts that will be required of you will surely be no problem. May the God of our Folk bless you and strengthen you all. Sieg Heil!


I don't know your fiancee', but I would not wish marriage to a jewess upon my worst enemy. Are you SURE you know what you're getting into here buddy?


Actually Joe, I'll betcha he won't look at all...these people KNOW the Bible says no such thing, and they KNOW better than to spend their time searching for such a thing in the Bible...such a search would be in vain. SO instead, they just sit there and accept anything the jews tell them, and whatever they say must be gospel truth.


Thank you for asking, Mr. Rosenburger, but the answer is no in each of these cases. I prefer to spend my weekends and such with beautiful female members of the Aryan race. No dogs, no sheep, no short, no animals whatsoever.


This introduction to the "Reverend Ronald Schoedel III," in his own words, has been brought to you courtesy: schoedel.0995, where the above can be found in context.

The original plaintext version of this file is available via ftp.

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