DThomas' Diesel Retreat

Part 4 of 4

This is an article posted on May 22, 1997 to alt.revisionism by Jamie McCarthy and is mildly edited for the conversion to HTML.

DvdThomas wrote:

And, in summary, that a diesel engine versus any other kind of internal combustion engine would be an idiot's choice for a murder weapon, particularly given the ready availability of the wood burners. You know all this of course. Why then don't you want to share it with your readers? A bit biased, are we? Little bit of old-fashioned flim-flam, maybe? Sure as heck looks that way to me.

Oh, my. Deja vu!

I'm going to try to make this summary as brief as possible. Here's a record of the discussion so far. DT is "DvdThomas." JM is myself.

Jan 2 DT "Diesel engines are an extremely inefficient way to generate carbon monoxide." etc. Producer gas vehicles, support of Berg, and so on.
Jan 5 DT "Daniel, you know as much about engines as you do about other technical matters you attempt to address. [...] Jeez, get a clue guy."
Jan 9 JM "I'll go through your article point-by-point."
Jan 10 DT "Some points I'm going to be able to reply to quickly, others will require some research, and this will determine the order of address."
[a month of silence from DvdThomas on the subject]
Feb 11 JM "out of curiosity, are you still working on your reply to the diesel article of early January?"
Feb 19 JM "It's been six weeks now and I haven't seen any response from him regarding the diesel issues."
Feb 21 DT "Patience, patience. You jump too far with too little."
Feb 21 DT "I have not replied to your article yet because I do not wish to do so with off the cuff remarks [...] I will at some point, later rather than sooner, address the diesel issues you raise."
[two and a half months of silence from DvdThomas on the subject]
May 6 DT Repetition of false claim that diesel experiment tests killed mice only very slowly:

"Well I'll be! A highlight from a lowlight. [...] Can't you talk normal anymore? [...] Did you forget to tell the boys and girls that the animals killed were little rats and rabbits? And let's see now, how many HOURS did it take to waste the first mouse? [...] Try being honest in your presentations for a change."

May 20 DT Diesel engines are inefficient; producer gas vehicles; support of Berg; etc., followed by:

"You know all this of course. Why then don't you want to share it with your readers? A bit biased, are we? Little bit of old-fashioned flim-flam, maybe? Sure as heck looks that way to me."

I stand in awe, "DvdThomas," at the facile way you attack your opponents. You have utterly failed to address the points raised in January. You have been reminded several times, and each time you have said you will get around to responding eventually.

Yet, after all this artful dodging, you return to your original claims after four and a half months. You raise all the same old stuff which I debunked in January (and which Mike Stein et al. had debunked in 1994). You repeat all the same old errors as if they were still fresh.

And then -- this is the crowning touch -- you have the cojones to accuse your opponents of engaging in "flim-flam," and of not sharing pertinent information with the reader. Whew! There aren't enough os in the word smooth to describe that tactic. You must have nerves of steel to think you were going to get away with that one.

How about just addressing the subject?

Four and a half months ago, I gave a point-by-point refutation of the Berg-rehash which you posted. I deliberately dropped as many details as I could, leaving only the most crucial points, so that it would be as easy as possible for you to reply.

After promising a reply, several times, all you have offered is "get a clue," "patience," and "old-fashioned flim-flam."

And my guess is that is all you can offer.

Feel free to prove me wrong.

A record of this attempt at discussion will be archived at http://www.nizkor.org/ftp.cgi/people/nyms/dthomas/diesel-retreat-01. A complete record of the threads referenced above is available at http://www.nizkor.org/ftp.cgi/people/nyms/dthomas/diesel-retreat-04.

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