DThomas' Diesel Retreat

Part 1 of 4

Some points I'm going to be able to reply to quickly,
others will require some research,
and this will determine the order of address.

DvdThomas, January 10, 1997


In the early 1980s, Friedrich Berg wrote papers claiming that nobody could have been killed at Treblinka, Sobibor, or Belzec, because the gas chambers used exhaust from diesel engines, and -- says Berg -- diesel exhaust is not toxic.

Mr. Berg appeared on alt.revisionism in 1994, and after some discussion, the flaws in his paper became obvious. These flaws have been exposed in a number of places, the best of which is probably Mike Stein's essay Friedrich Berg & the Diesel Issue.

Enter DvdThomas

On January 2nd, 1997, 'DvdThomas' posted to Usenet a 600-word reprise of Berg's work, defending him on many points.

He also made several claims which had not been seen before. One was that the "buildup of solids in the cylinders," which Berg mentions but does not mention a time limit on, "would occur within hours, or at most, days." Another was that, if the engine was run under load, the means would have to be a "dynamometer type loading device." A third was that a producer-gas vehicle in use at the time could be "set ... so that its exhaust emits carbon monoxide in reduced but still deadly levels that would kill quickly without the risk of explosion."

On January 9th, DvdThomas was asked to present his evidence for these new claims, and to respond to a summarized refutation of Berg. This abridged refutation was based on Friedrich Berg & the Diesel Issue but focused on only four or five points, so as to facilitate discussion as much as possible.

Despite promising to do so, and despite an active presence on Usenet almost continuously since January, DvdThomas has failed to address even one point. Yet he continues to make the same assertions he did originally -- assertions which have been refuted since 1994.

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