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The Morrison Slander

Date: Sun, 07 Jan 1996

[This question had been asked]

"do you think it's right for holocaust deniers to be sentenced to prison terms for their views?"

[Mr. Morrison's response] "Not on your life."

[Mr. Moran replies] "This is what Morrison puts out here, but if we should go by his posts and responses we could the idea that he's not saying what he really thinks. Sort of like the ADL saying they are the `staunchest supporters of free speech'.

[Mr. Morrison objects]

"Go by my posts. Find everyone I've ever written and find one statement I've ever made that people should be jailed for their beliefs or opinions of any kind. Find one sentence where I have approved the arrest and trial of a revisionist for merely stating an opinion. Provide one single iota of evidence that I have ever condoned legal prosecution of belief.

"Go on, do it.

"Just to save you the time, I'll make some rather simple statements here that you might reflect on, before you decide to issue your apology.

"Statement of opinion, belief or thought should not be a crime, not prosecuted or subject to constraint except when it can be objectively proven to directly cause physical harm to another person. Saying "All blacks are stupid" is fine, saying "All blacks are stupid so I think you boys should go out and string up a few" is not.

"Note that this restriction is widely recognized as a legitimate limit on freedom of speech, similar to the yelling fire in a theatre concept.

"And who deserves freedom of belief? I don't agree with Farrakhan, NAMBLA, creationists, holocaust deniers, neo-nazis, communists, ultraradical feminists, racists, misogynists, Quebec seperatists, Scientologists, pornographers, Satanists, and many many other groups and every single one of them has the right to freely and vocally state their beliefs as loud and as often as they want so long as it does no direct physical harm to another.

"I've never suggested that you be shut up even though I've had every reason to, this particular accusation merely being the latest example.

"You've demonstrated that you cannot read even text designed to be simple to understand from a dictionary, so I fail how to see how you have the intellectual capacity to read some secret meaning from my posts. And that freedom of speech I agree with also. The freedom to insult some ignorant and immature idiot who can't spare two neurons to rub together and if tracing his family tree back three generations would hit the invertebrates.

"Come to think of it, I don't expect an apology. You being you would probably not see what an asinine and unsupportably stupid comment you have made. Any moron who claims geological knowledge and then calls iron an amphibole is so far beneath contempt as to be laughable.

"And yes, I am insulting you. Deservedly so you sanctimonious little twit.

"do you think it's right for holocaust deniers to be sentenced to prison terms for their views?"

[Mr. Stein] "Absolutely not. Quite aside from the principal objection that it a violation of their rights, it doesn't even achieve its intended goal."

[Mr. Moran responds to Mr. Stein]

"What about being charged as "racist' and `anti-Semite'?"'

[Mr. Morrison] "Gee, Granite Boy gets one of his pet theories shot right to hell and now runs around desperately trying to rescue something from the wreckage.

"Still waiting for the retraction that I condone the jailing or prosecution of revisionists based on their beliefs alone. Or else for Granite Boy to supply the non-existant evidence that I do."

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