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David Michael

The true face of Holocaust denial

"This afternoon a truly wonderful thing has happened: the oppressed of the earth have turned around and have shown that they do not have to be nature's eternal victims. They have shown that the poor, the downtrodden, and the powerless can strike back at the very heart of the dark forces that are oppressing them. This time it was not Palestinian children who cowered in fear as death came from the skies -- this time it was the very fat bankers and financiers who sustain the terroristic regime of Sharon. This time it was those very military men who mastermind the attacks on the women and children of Iraq. They thought they were so safe as they planned death and destruction from their comfortable offices in the Pentagon, and as they did their dirty deals in the World Trade Center. Now they have been given a bloody nose that they will never forget.

"Today was a glorious day. May there be many others like it."
(David Michael, on the terror attacks against the World Trade Center and Pentagon, September 11, 2001)

Books about Holocaust denial:

"Third, National Socialism was a revolutionary movement that was based upon a wonderful dream. Forget the stories of corpses for a moment, Mr G, and imagine a world very different from the world we inhabit today. Imagine a world free from the wars that have scarred the face of this tired old planet since the beginning of time; a world with no extreme poverty, with no disease, with no exploitation of worker by employer, no jolting financial crises (with the misery that such crises entail) -- a world united in a common purpose and a common vision. Imagine a world free from the old conflicts, where worker and employer strive side-by-side for the common good, where 'Left' and 'Right' are mere historical anachronisms, where nation works peacefully alongside nation for the greater glory of all the earth. Imagine, if you will, a world where, through a process of artificial genetic selection, mankind has been enhanced to heights undreamed of: when, year by year, mere human beings grow ever closer to becoming gods. Think of the beauty of those people, of their art, their music, their literature. Think of their levels of culture, their humanity, their nobility. Now contrast this with the world that has been bequeathed to our children as a result of that needless and miserable world war. Just pick up a newspaper and look around you -- look at what your 'liberals' and your 'democrats' have left to them. Look at the dull-eyed teenagers, drugged to their eyeballs, staggering around bleak housing estates, their stereos blaring drum-beats! What do they know of the glories of a Bruckner symphony, or the heart-rending beauty of Nietzsche? What good have 'democracy' and 'liberalism' ever done for them, Mr G? Answer me that! Look at Africa and Asia -- thousands upon thousands of square miles, characterized by war, starvation, famine, massacre, corruption, decay, filth. What good have 'freedom' and 'rights' ever done for the inhabitants of those miserable regions? Answer me that! What good is 'freedom' to a man who cannot afford to buy his daily bread? Tell me that, Mr G! Look at the legacy of communism -- the blood red claw that, even today, enslaves a quarter of the world's population. Think of the 200 million corpses -- people who died as victims of this evil claw, for no good purpose whatsoever. Now can you honestly put your hand on your heart and tell me, in all sincerity, sir, that you truly and without reservation believe that the world you and your kind have bequeathed to future generations -- the world that has given us Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and the pathetic figure of William Jefferson Clinton, who symbolizes all that is wrong with this earth -- that you honestly believe that this world you have left for us is better than our alternative? Can you honestly tell me that the dream of a beautiful new world that I have outlined above -- the dream that inspired countless thousands of young Europeans to flock to the National Socialist banner -- is not worth fighting for? Can you honestly tell me that it is not worth dying for?"
(David Michael, writing as "", September 11, 1998, alt.revisionism )

Mr. Michael complains of unfair treatment

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